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  • CategoryAdventure
  • Updated2024-06-09
  • Requires Android4.4 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (online)
  • Current Version0.317.0
  • DeveloperEditor's Choice, Niantic,
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Pokémon GO Description

This is the very heart of "Pokémon GO". The game itself is not tricky to play. You need to find and capture the sprites in the Google Maps and use them to fight other trainers. Some well-known landmark buildings will appear on the map, the data accumulated by these landmarks benefit from the same "ingress" by the hands of Niantic. And what you have to do is collect as many rare elfs as you can and become powerful trainers. - APKAward.com

The game's settings are based on real maps, so the natural environment becomes an important element, which also makes it easy to find elves. Just as most of the water elves gather at the seaside, different genies have their own habitat, making familiar geography an important part of the game. In the game we need to actually move on the map to get to where the Elves are, perhaps this will completely change the way the game is going. While this is a good thing, it was a few hours or more that we used to play the game all day long before the screen, which is undoubtedly a double benefit.

Capture the genie is an important part of the game, when you reach the location of the wizard after we click the wizard on the map, you can find the wizard on the screen and a constantly rolling Elves. Hold down the elven ball is not let go, the wizard's body there will be a fixed white aperture and a different color (depending on the difficulty of the Elves capture different colors, from low to high followed by green, yellow, red) diminishing aperture . When the aperture is maximized, it is a good time to catch. You need to slide the Elf Ball with a different force depending on your position from the Elf. When the Elf Ball hits the Elf, it will capture the success.

Of course, the Elves will not be indifferent to your slaughter, will counterattack your Elf ball. Some of the more rare Elves escaped when you caught them, and you needed several seizures to catch them. Sometimes it did not give you a second chance to slip away. When catching the sprite, you can toggle the AR mode. This mode will make the scene look more realistic. Maybe there is an Ibrahimovic standing on your roof or a green caterpillar in your toilet.

After capturing the elves of nature is a more important part of training, after all, we need to discuss with other trainers, to challenge the Museum, even if you simply want to collect the book, some rare wizard to use evolution than to grasp Wild to the more convenient. When you catch an elven will get three of the wizard's "candy", send the extra elves sent to the doctor will get one again, this candy is a necessary prop for evolution and strength. General 2nd-order evolution of the elves need 50 candy, and 3rd-order evolution of the wizard, from the order to the second order needs 25, 2 to 3 need 50. But there will also be like the evolution of the king carp need 400 candy exotic species.

Of course, in addition to catching the wild elves, we can also get the elves by hatching the elves' eggs. In addition to the elves on the map, there are also scattered scattered pavilions and sites where we can get elves balls and A variety of props supply, of course, there will be a chance to get Elves eggs. Elf eggs need you to move over a certain distance on the map to hatch, and according to the need to move a different distance (2km, 5km, 10km), hatched sprite rarity are also different. If you move too fast, you will not calculate the effective distance, so trying to drive hatching trainers can wash and sleep, but you can choose to put the phone on your cat.

Since we have to challenge the Road Museum, higher than other trainers, we naturally need a powerful wizard, CP value reflects the wizard's overall ability value, CP value is higher, that your elves more comprehensive combat capability. Of course, the skills of the genie is also very important, each genie will have a small skill and a powerlevel skills, these two skills are random, so when you want to evolve an elite must choose the best skills and CP high As an evolutionary body.

After a certain combat effectiveness foundation, we can go to challenge the road hall, the role of level 5 can join the red, blue, gold one of the three teams. Just click the enemy team has occupied the Museum will be able to see the number of defenders and elves and other information. The challenge will automatically choose your highest CP value of 6 elves to challenge the mode for the wheel war, you want to keep all defensive elves off, even if the challenge is successful. After the challenge we need to respond to the elves, the recovery agent is used in the site where we get supplies, at the site we can get medicine, elves ball, cranberry and other props. Pharmacy can replenish damage received during combat, and Cranberry Feeding Elves in battle can reduce the difficulty of capture.

The game not only combines AR technology with Pokémon's theme, but also innovates gameplay in a historic and landmark sense. If the game's point of view, the disadvantage of this game is too much, but think about it, we have reason to believe that its future will get better and better.

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