Best Roguelike Android Games

"Roguelike" is an RPG featuring randomly generated dungeons, permadeath, turn-based battles, individual character operations, and more.
Roguelike games usually generate a random dungeon at the beginning of the game, and players need to go as deep as possible into this dungeon by exploring, fighting and using various items. In this process, the player must be careful, because once the character dies, it will disappear permanently, and the player must start from scratch.
Combat in Roguelike games is usually turn-based, and each character takes turns to act. Characters can attack enemies, use potions or magic, etc. This turn-based combat requires players to make smart decisions based on the situation at hand.
In addition to permanent death, Roguelike games have some other features. For example, they are often highly random, including randomly generated dungeons, items, monsters, quests, etc. Games are also often challenging, requiring a lot of time and effort from the player to master the various mechanics in the game.

Luck be a Landlord Mobile

This game is full of strategy and decision-making, you need to make wise choices with limited resources and opportunities. Each round is a new challenge where your luck and strategy will determine your success or failure.


Munchkin Digital

"Munchkin Digital" is a fun digital game that offers a whole new experience for players who like "Munchkin" card games. Some new elements have been added, and you can improve your abilities by unlocking new cards, weapons, and equipment.

Card, Roguelike


"Brotato" is a novel and interesting Roguelike game. Players need to control a cute potato character in the game, and complete various tasks by collecting props, avoiding obstacles, attacking enemies, etc.

Mod, Roguelike

Blob Hero

An action role-playing game with Roguelike elements "Blob Hero". Players control the jelly man in the game and face the siege of enemies from all directions in a fully open level. The experience gained from killing enemies can help players upgrade quickly and learn various wonderful skills.

Mod, Roguelike


Villagers in a small town were taken away by a monster, and the adventurers of the kingdom entered into the body of the monster to rescue the villagers who were eaten. Randomly generated dungeons and randomly obtained weapons. Interesting gameplay, nice music and bright graphics make Roguelike gamers extremely addictive. Uncomplicated map design and monster types make the game more random. Hurry up to a happy battle!

Action, Mod, Roguelike


Peglin is a marble-type RougeLike game. Use the marble interface to determine the damage to monsters and detonate bombs. Use marbles to defeat all enemies or bosses to win. Obtain attributes and effects through relics. Upgrade marbles as growth. An excellent game with both gameplay and fun.

Mod, Puzzle, Roguelike

Dome Keeper

A relatively alternative resource management game, with elements of action games, incorporating Roguelike mechanisms to bring greater random variables to the game, but it also tests the player's management strategy.

Action, Roguelike

Streets of Rogue

A Roguelike role-playing action game, the game has rich gameplay, a wide variety of props and characters. Players can randomly obtain props, and randomly obtain skills after upgrading.

Action, Mod


A very creative small fresh style simulation business game, players need to get enough food. Defend against monsters that come from time to time. Players create new resources by continuously stacking and combining various cards on the table. Players also need to continuously obtain card packs to explore the world and fight, so as to make their village grow stronger.

Card, Roguelike

Dungeon Squad

An old classic game style, from Heroes to Dungeon Siege are made in this style. Most of this type of games are in the dark and magical style. I believe that players who have played this type of game have a feeling that they can experience the feeling of being a hero from here.

Action, Mod, Roguelike


The cool action game allows you to experience an unprecedented 2D battle. The player controls the protagonist to take risks, collect and grow in randomly generated levels. Each death will cause the player to lose the props and equipment accumulated before, so he has to start a new game again. adventure trip.

Action, Mod

Rain World Mobile

Rain World is a survival simulation game. Story In the new ecosystem after the ecological demise of the entire world, the slug cat needs to deal with the torrential rain that can destroy everything, deal with all other creatures who are also fighting for their own survival, find the next shelter, find its home, and find it belongs to it. the truth.


20 Minutes Till Dawn

This work has also carefully prepared 3 modes. The 10 minutes in the standard mode and the quick mode are very suitable for fast-paced players, and in the endless mode, you can repeatedly cultivate the same ability, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the infinite challenges. .

Action, Mod

Hollow Knight Mobile

"Hollow Knight" is undoubtedly an outstanding work, the excellent setting and atmosphere shaping make it a beautiful work of art, many very in-depth content for players to challenge.

Action, Mod

Vampire Survivors

The gameplay challenge of Vampire Survivors is to find the best combination of weapons and upgrades that will allow you to survive waves of attacks to the end. For example, I prefer close-range attacks so I can dive right into the enemy pile and enjoy the satisfying experience of having their corpses all over the place.

Action, Mod, Play, Roguelike

Risk of Rain

Fan-made game, perfect restoration game, a rougelike adventure game, random levels, random bosses and random treasures, the game has as many as 10 completely different professions to choose from, the game difficulty changes with the increase of each game time, the game The feel is very smooth, the punch is full, the music is calm and beautiful, and it is a very good game.


Magic Survival

"Magic Survival" is an action-casual free-to-play mobile game of the wizard and magician type. The game is built under the background of a virtual world. Players must eliminate all kinds of evil spirits to survive in the post-destruction world and open more relics of prehistoric civilization.

Action, Mod, Roguelike

Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire is a Roguelike game with card adventures. Although card construction is an important element of this game, the biggest charm of this game is its randomness, including random routes and random adventures. Events, random enemies, etc., make people addicted to it to some extent.


Dead Cells

"Death Cell" is a horizontal action game. When the character moves, the layering of the screen is very good, and you can feel the speed when you sprint, fall from a height, and take the elevator.

Action, Mod, Roguelike

Death Road to Canada

Death Road to Canada apk is a pixel shooting adventure game in which the player will be in a world surrounded by zombies, and what the player can do is to survive as much as possible and drive the car all the way to Canada. Running wild, players need to go through countless dangers along the way, and in order to survive the player must defeat these horrible zombies.

Adventure, Mod, Roguelike

Hero Siege: Pocket Edition

Hero Siege is a Hack 'n' Slash game with roguelike- and RPG elements. Annihilate hordes of enemies, grow your talent tree, grind better loot and explore up to 7 Acts enhanced with beautiful pixel art graphics! This game offers countless hours of gameplay and up to 4 player online multiplayer!

Mod, Role Playing

Shattered Pixel Dungeon

Shattered Pixel Dungeon apk is a classic pixel dungeon adventure game. Players can choose different careers to enter the maze, and the maze is randomly generated to ensure that the player does not get bored with the maze. In addition, you can search for more than 150 different props. Different enemies and traps also require you to step by step in the maze.

Mod, Role Playing