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  • CategoryAction, Mod, Roguelike
  • Updated2023-12-19
  • Requires Android10 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (offline)
  • Current Version3.3.13b
  • DeveloperEditor's Choice, Playdigious,
  • Get it onGoogle Play

Dead Cells Description

"Death Cell" is a horizontal action game. When the character moves, the layering of the screen is very good, and you can feel the speed when you sprint, fall from a height, and take the elevator.

The details in the levels are also very rich. The style of each level is different. In some scenes, small objects can also interact. When passing through a chandelier hung with an iron chain, it can swing with it. The bell can ring it when attacking. Props or gems will also be hidden in the walls of some scenes. It is also a design that makes people laugh when they accidentally smash them. The game's light source is also very comfortable to use. When moving, the soft moonlight emitted by the distant moon will also change, and the light effect during the battle is gorgeous and not dazzling. Although the game uses the technology of the current generation to create, but the style still maintains the unique taste of traditional pixel style works, this is rare.

The biggest feature of this game is that there is no Checkpoint. After death, you can start again and the player can only hit one life to the end. And each death will reset the map of the level, only a few fixed facilities (time gate, treasure chest, etc.) will remain, and the terrain and scene will basically change.

Every time you die, the money, cells, weapons, and strengthening status of the player will be completely remade. Only the unlocked weapons, skills and absorbed runes are retained. Every time you start the game, it will be like a new game.

But with each death, although there is only a little, but the player has indeed grown, in terms of skills or technology, repeatedly learn from failures, and meet new challenges again, is the essence of this game. Although you have to start a new game from the same level after death, the terrain of the level will also reset with the death, and the game experience will change accordingly. In addition, trying different combinations of weapons and researching new ways of playing is also one of the fun of the game.

In the game, there are four BOSSs that can be challenged, and each BOSS has certain rules of action, which is also more difficult. Although the purpose of the game is to clear the game, but after defeating the final BOSS, you can get up to 4 origin cells, which are used to increase the difficulty and challenge of the game. However, if you are addicted, you can continue to fight the pain, no problem.

Because every time you die, you have to start from the beginning again. The character's cells, money, weapons, and strengthening status are reset, but some data is still retained, that is, the player's ability to strengthen with cells, unlocked weapons and mutations. Although the state of each strengthening will be reset with the death.

Through the cell players can unlock the number of blood bottles used, and the money retained at death. If you don’t want to continue to use the Rust Knife and Broken Wood Shield when you start from scratch, you can also use the cells to unlock the functions of the random initial weapon and the random initial wooden shield, so that you can choose the currently unlocked weapon at the beginning of the weapon selection .

Weapon recipes can actually be counted in the character development part. After the player obtains the recipes, if the cells are used to unlock these weapons, it is possible to obtain them randomly in the game or purchase them through the store. In addition to the weapon's inherent attack methods and attributes, weapons can also add special effects.

This one left a deep impression on me. Not only does he almost start over again after death, even the terrain of the level is randomly generated again, forcing the player to grow in despair.

"Dead Cells" is an action platformer. The game combines elements of exploration, platforming, and roguelike. Players will explore a maze full of danger and hostile creatures, progress by fighting, jumping, and unlocking new abilities, and finally challenge the boss of the level.

Game Features:

Roguelike elements: In the game, players can explore a maze composed of randomly generated levels, and each game will face different challenges. Once a player character dies, they lose most of their progress and need to start over, but can keep some unlocked abilities and gear to advance stronger in their next attempt.

Action Platformer Gameplay: Combat and exploration in the game is based on action platformer gameplay, including quick attacks, dodges and jumps. Players need to fight wits and courage between enemies and traps, and use different weapons and abilities to defeat enemies.

Diversified weapons and abilities: There are various types of weapons and abilities to unlock and use in the game, including swords, bows, magic and traps, etc. Players can choose and upgrade weapons and abilities according to their play style and preferences.

Beautiful Pixel Graphics and Music: The game features beautiful pixel graphics and unique music, creating a unique atmosphere and visual style.

Deep exploration and unlocking system: There are abundant levels and rooms to explore in the game, hiding various secrets and rewards. Players can continually expand the game world by unlocking new abilities, defeating level bosses, and unlocking new areas.

Challenging game difficulty: The game is characterized by high difficulty and complex combat and platform challenges, requiring players to continuously master skills and strategies to gradually increase the difficulty of clearing the level.

"Dead Cells" is a deep and challenging action-platformer with roguelike elements, players need to explore, fight and unlock new abilities in mazes, challenge difficult levels and bosses.

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53 Reviews “Dead Cells

  1. ansi

    is this safe, if not safe what should you do?

    1. apkaward

      The game has been tested and everything works fine. Safety

  2. Mohammad

    Update 3.3.13

    1. apkaward


      1. JAILSON

        A new version of coromon version 1.2.7 is out as quickly as possible, just like this without infinite money mod and thank you for making this wonderful application available

  3. Asif Al Masud

    Also you can upload the Netflix edition of this game

    1. apkaward

      Netflix edition makes no difference. Just like the original.

  4. Asif Al Masud

    Please upload the 3.3.13 version.

  5. iFiNi

    Hi is Castlevania DLC unlocked in the mod?

    1. apkaward

      yes, unlocked Castlevania

  6. shinta

    it is have mod menu?

    1. apkaward

      no menu

  7. Gxd

    Update 3.3.6 version

  8. Khaleel

    Update 3.3.6 please

  9. bruh

    Update 3.3.6

  10. Charbel

    What is Stable Version ?

    1. apkaward

      stable version: support more Android devices

  11. Ham

    Is there an up to date version with mods and unlocked DLC?

    1. apkaward

      no mods and unlocked DLC

  12. KrejvenRoud7

    Can you update game to v.3.0.11? Original + DLC, no Mods and etc?

    1. apkaward

      yes, update 3.0.11, Unlock DLC

  13. Bang Nolep

    This game is for phone 32 bit or 64 bit?

    1. apkaward

      64 bit

  14. Doom

    And PLS make it have music and sounds in it thé 2.4.14 version doesn't have sounds and music

  15. Doom

    Hi man Can you please update thé game to 2.7

  16. Manter

    Can you please update it.

  17. Manter

    Sir is the queen and sea dlc in here

  18. LTCO

    Can you please add a 2.4.14 version with just the unlock DLC? I like the challenge and don't want unlimited gold.

  19. Knight

    Thank you for the update can you tell how to update the game without losing my progress?please

  20. Pawn

    Will it work on android 10?

    1. apkaward


  21. King

    Update the game to version 2.4.14 please

    1. apkaward

      Thanks, update 2.4.14

  22. Pls update game

    Pls update the game to include the queen and the sea Dlc

    1. apkaward

      Thanks, update 2.4.14

  23. >>Melon>>

    Pls update game to latest version they just realeased the queen and the something Dlc

    1. apkaward

      Thanks, update 2.4.14

  24. Shadow

    Hey thank u for the game best website ever ❤please update the game to can update the game without losing my progress?

    1. apkaward

      Thanks, update 2.4.14

  25. >>Melon>>

    Hi pls update the game to 2.4 everyone is here update

    1. apkaward

      Thanks, the game has been updated

  26. ash

    how can I updated the game? should I download it again?

    1. apkaward


  27. Youssefbouakkaz47

    Oooh god thank you bro

  28. Cris

    Thank you for updated the game but if i download the game it stack to dowload waiting only.

  29. Youssefbouakkaz

    Pls answer for me i need Dead cells apk 1.17.5

    The bed seed pls

    1. apkaward

      Thank you, the game has been updated

  30. Artyoomm

    Update please, new version v1.70.5, and if u can unlocked the dlc too

  31. Cris

    Hi Sir update please to 1.70.5

  32. Meh

    How do I download this? Its says app not available in your country 🙁

    1. apkaward


  33. patz

    is this game work for 2gb ram

    1. apkaward


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