Peglin APK 2.0.1

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Peglin Description

Peglin is a marble-type RougeLike game. Use the marble interface to determine the damage to monsters and detonate bombs. Use marbles to defeat all enemies or bosses to win. Obtain attributes and effects through relics. Upgrade marbles as growth. An excellent game with both gameplay and fun.

The gameplay is simple and easy to use: launch a marble every round, control the marble to hit the nail through the interface in the middle, and accumulate damage according to the marble panel on the left. The more nails you hit, the higher the damage, with special effects at the same time. The selected monsters cause damage, and you can pass the level by defeating all the monsters; while the monsters approach a little each round, when standing in front of the player, they will cause damage to the player every round.

By constantly exploring levels, participating in events, defeating small bosses, etc., you can obtain relics with various effects, which have a direct or indirect impact on the game.

Participate in this collision of pinballs and nails, continuously obtain relics, continuously upgrade marbles, and find your own joy.

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