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  • CategoryAdventure
  • Updated2018-04-20
  • Requires Android4.4 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity ()
  • Current Version1.4
  • Developerns,
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Island Delta Description

All along, we all think that the action game is the main control, and the puzzle adventure game is a variety of brain burning, which is actually normal, after all, killing the beat and riddling the rhythm seems to be far behind. But the Island Delta to be introduced today breaks the shackles of this traditional idea and makes action-based puzzles that are not yet hardened. As for the overall quality, we may wish to in-depth understanding.

First of all, the game is based on a 3D view of the third person from a top-down perspective. The people and the pictures are still exquisite, although the cartoon style is quite good on the special effects and details. The story of the design is the more common type, tells the protagonist of an intelligent robot stolen by evil businessmen ready to take a bad thing, so the protagonist and friends brought their weapons, a remote control of the object gravity Gun to the rescue.

In fact, many games now do not emphasize the story plot, laid a background after the start of the indefinable, so that people have forgotten the progress of the plot. However, the design of this game is considered reasonable, with almost every level of the dialogue appeared in the plot, and are compatible with the mission objectives, quite carefree.

Next, talk about the most prominent, but also the most important gameplay and control problems. First of all, this is a puzzle game, players need to manipulate the protagonist in various levels using their gravity gun characteristics and various agencies to solve the multiple puzzles set up in the level, successfully find the exit and complete the task.

But this is also an action game, because the game players also need to face the threat of robots, guards, turrets, etc., if you can not use flexible control to evade their attacks, and find ways to defeat it, not only will be delayed You puzzle speed, but also let you dog.

Since the game has two very different types, how to combine the control is a problem. In this game, players can manipulate character movements by sliding the screen with a joystick. If you do not see the interactive functions, it is simply a third-person shooter game. This joystick control is also an important component of the action elements in the game.

As for the control of the puzzle component is the role of interaction with the object, this will need to use touch-screen click to achieve, and sometimes there will be some need to draw screen control of the small puzzle game, the control is still quite diverse.

Although the game in accordance with the characteristics of action games and puzzle games to do the rocker and click of these two control methods, but the actual control will find that when there are no enemies in the scene, this approach is actually no problem, because the player has Neutral enough to move and interact.

However, when there are enemies or fatal organs, players need to escape the mystery while fighting, and then trigger them to escape, but this time is not easy. The items clicked by the player may be on any corner of the screen, and the joystick can be triggered at any position. In this case, the user may easily make mistakes or increase the difficulty of avoiding or solving the puzzle because of distraction.

Games in the puzzle is to open the switch, looking for the card, loading and unloading of batteries and other more traditional forms, but also require players to constantly look for clues and methods in order to solve the mystery one by one, which ultimately need to spend more time To explore, but it is interesting that the game clearance method is not the only one! It's generally accepted that you have successfully found all the switches and booted according to the game's settings, but you can also try everything if you think it's a puzzle you can not open to a door and pull down a ladder Over the wall.

There are a number of levels in the game that require the player to reach the top to get items or arrive at the exit, but the authorities at the ground are quite hard to get started or simply can not find it. You can then try the stacker. Generally appear this obstacle next to a conveyor belt will be endless stream of boxes, you only need to put them on the ground stacked up, made of stairs, you can climb up one by one, so as to reach the height of the target, What triggers the switch, open the door of the kind of puzzle let them go to hell ~ But if you are a player like challenges, or are you going to find clues to solve it, after all, this game is a puzzle, not a stack of boxes .

Speaking of challenges, the collection of the game set is also very difficult, hidden in the level of 5 points around the door (which can be regarded as stars), all can find out the star, but not easy to find, especially a lot of When you walked past a door can not go back and miss, obsessive-compulsive disorder want full star can only start over. Sometimes, un-collected access is clearly in front of you, while the other side is the exit of customs clearance, do you want to spend more time to find agencies to collect it, or quickly pass things?

Overall, the game in the picture, plot and system design are quite complete and meticulous, as a puzzle game, it can play it into the action game that play is very special, quite distinctive. May be due to interaction and movement control more difficult, so the game in the authorities, the enemy's difficulty setting is fairly humane. Over the wall and the ability to push the enemy across the wall do not know is the back door or bug developers want to leave, but it touches the game process becomes more interesting. If you're a fan of puzzle solving games and looking for a novel game challenge, it's worth a try.

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