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  • CategoryStrategy
  • Updated2024-06-27
  • Requires Android4.1 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (online)
  • Current Version6.11.0.1794
  • DeveloperNext Games Oy,
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The Walking Dead No Man's Land Description

The Walking Dead No Man's Land is a game of War Chess turn-based game zombies.

Players need to organize survivors in the game, to establish a base for normal human survival, and in order to make the entire base to work properly, the material is essential, players need to organize a three-man squad to collect materials elsewhere , But can be said to be very dangerous in this world surrounded by zombies, so along the way not only need to find supplies but also eliminate those walking dead. Do not think the base will be very safe, and sometimes the surrounding zombies will attack the base. So the content of the game is still very rich.

"The Walking Dead No Man's Land" uses a more realistic style, the main scene is divided into survivors camp and level scenes, survivors camp on a road surrounded by abandoned vehicles and metal skin, and collapsed on the road Of the utility poles and abandoned vehicles, a variety of tents and RV camp to build a work area, ubiquitous well demonstrated the end of the world under the frustrated atmosphere of frustration, fighting scenes as well, in general, the environment to create quite place . In addition, the character modeling in the battle scenes is also more elaborate, and the texture is still clear when zoomed in. Games sound quite satisfactory, the sound of the basic have, with music in order to highlight the atmosphere is gloomy genre.

Survivors in "The Walking Dead No Man's Land" are divided into three categories; investigators (melee, high attack low anti-low blood), hunters (long range shooter, high attack low anti-low blood), boxer , Low offensive and anti-high blood). In addition to combat levels, the usual survivor management are in the player's base camp - survivors, all the relevant character upgrades, recruitment, management of weapons and equipment can be carried out here, while the game also includes Some elements of management can bring about higher benefits by upgrading different facilities such as the production of higher-level weapons, more food and silver coin output, etc. Food is used to upgrade various facilities in the camp , Silver coins can be used to upgrade characters and weapons and equipment. Of course, these substances are still mainly obtained by fighting at checkpoints.

Although fighting the war game using the turn-based gameplay, but with the usual chess game, this set according to the TV view of the world and the characteristics of the zombie made a lot of great adjustments, making the game in the rhythm and ambience to grasp Very good, not because of the way the turn-based led to the lack of intense stimulation of such subjects. The first of these is the addition of a map shading. In the game, the player can only see whether there are zombies in the field of vision of the survivors, obstacles after or further away from place, although we can see the topography, but the shadow of the environment if there are zombies, not Got it. This undoubtedly allows players to be extra cautious in exploring new areas, otherwise an inattentive will throw themselves into the net, plunged into heavy encirclement.-aPkawaRd.Com

Another point is the impact of sound on the zombie, seen TV drama players know that the protagonist of the play often choose to use melee this dangerous way to get rid of zombies, rather than firearms this relatively safe weapon, is to avoid firearms more Large sound caused the attention of distant zombies. The game also extended the use of this setting, many distant zombies found nothing before the player will only be hanging or motionless, only when the player approached or fired with a large gun to make a larger sound, will notice the player And gradually gathered to the players here.

Through the above introduction, it is not difficult to see the situation faced by the players in the game is very dangerous and urgent, not only the situation outside the field of vision is very dark, we can run every turn and kill the zombies is also very limited , Once the operation error caused a large number of zombie's attention and surrounded, it is absolutely to pay a painful price. From injury to injury, he spends a lot of time on healing and at the cost of sacrificing someone to ensure the escape of other survivors. For players, the potential danger around them must always be cautious to deal with, but not too cautious and delay too many rounds led to a large number of powerful zombies, grasp the pace of the game is to survive and customs clearance Important guarantee.

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