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Bully: Anniversary Edition Description

Bully: Anniversary Edition version of this game, players will be transformed into Jimmy Hopkins, a downright bully! He was out of school by the major colleges and universities naturally born into bully school material. After entering this new school, he had to fight with various small groups and cooperate with each other in order to climb the top of the pyramid here and become the master here. So how can we get the power and fame at this school the fastest? Must rely on prank and violence!

The game itself attracts players point is that Jimmy's own motivation is not fully introduced, which requires the player to keep the game go on, fill Jimmy personality gaps based on their own understanding. In this strange new environment, no one can tell him why he did bad deeds in good faith. More unsatisfactory is that the entire storyline design so attractive, so coherent, the protagonist is actually quite cold people, and the environment is dog blood high school campus.

However, the wonderful part of the game is the design of the content plot is really clever. Tasks are fun to set up from start to finish, allowing players to not only explore the campus and nearby towns, but also learn about the privacy of students, teachers, and urbanites, making each one a flesh-and-blood real individual. Whether it is painting poison on fraternity plants, breaking elf statues in carnivals, or racing in tight-fitting sweaters to get the girl's favor on the roadside, there's really so much to do in the game and the game The story in a paragraph of these things can be naturally string together. The story itself does not start long-winded, the whole story will make the player feel full of quality.

Like the name of the game, there are a lot of fighting elements in the "Bully: Anniversary Edition", and fighting system settings are also designed very powerful. Fighting in the game is not like the other game about the attack, but a series of combo boxing combos, coupled with Xu Li and provocative moves, players will feel there are a variety of action-type operations to choose from.

Of course, there are many weapons to choose from in the game. Large-scale destruction of firecrackers, paralysis of the enemy's stink bombs, itching powder can spread to each other, upgrade the slingshot in physical education, so that the enemy slipping the ball bag and so on. But the most enjoyable or baseball bat weapons, a blow to the enemy after a pass, you will find them hurt in the same place rolling.

Fighting and exploration are two components of the game, after all, here is the school, and occasionally go to class. If you are free time outside the class Akira, the master grasping lesson teachers will chase you everywhere. One of the more interesting settings is that you have fewer moving and optional moves in the morning, just like in real life. Although you can not run around in the morning, it's great to take advantage of this time, so you can learn a variety of abilities.-apkaWard.com

However, Bully: Anniversary Edition is really worth playing in terms of the game's exciting content and quirky fighting style. This work opens up the characterization and setting of characters that characterize non-heroism. Said the game alone, really can not say good or bad, but before those games are also very good fun games than, this game is quite personal. Gang fights infighting such plot often around the protagonist's next move, but also to the game itself is full of greater potential.