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  • CategoryMod, Strategy
  • Updated2023-09-12
  • Requires Android4.1 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (offline)
  • Current Version1.8.4
  • DeveloperEditor's Choice, Ironhide Game Studio,
  • Get it onGoogle Play

Iron Marines: RTS Description

"Iron Marines" is a 2D real-time strategy hand tour, the story of the human alien base for the alien enemy attack. Iron Marion heroic combat application of the Marines. Players control a variety of heroes and soldiers to fight fierce alien enemies, defend the base, occupy the enemy camp and fight for the ultimate victory!

Game world outlook into the future, fighting the stage moved to alien planet, all kinds of weapons and construction units full of science fiction wind, battle scenes are very exciting.

"Iron Marines" into the future! The game's sci-fi atmosphere, players control a group of anti-can play Iron Marines members, and alien civilization Skywalker, the war fell into the zerg family and the machinery Corps! Game interface and arms upgrade routes, will let you get started quickly game.

But after all, it's a RTS game! Once the fortifications have been built, a good yard waiting for a soldier barracks tower defense mode has been completely different! When interviewed with two of Ironhide's founders, they made it clear that although there are defensive towers in this game, this is indeed a real-time real-time strategy game in which you need to develop the economy, establish a reasonable force and achieve your mission goals. In the first ten minutes of the game, you have been able to select your hero, assemble your own army, capture enemy nests, build your own base, mine resources, build turrets, and upgrade shields in IronHide's unique interstellar world .

"Iron Marines" is definitely a stand-alone game of long-term entertainment - do not expect to finish much of the task in the first hour or even complete a small portion of the first chapter. However, players are still able to experience new heroes, recruits, new battle modes and stories within an hour. Students who play fast can even play in new ethnic groups, fight against new enemies, and new inflows fill the gap The early game, those who love RTS players, will be happy to stop it.

So at the very beginning of the level design Ironhide was particularly careful about creating some unique designs such as defending for 5 minutes after occupying a certain place, escorting the NPC to somewhere (some of the non-combat units were escaped and the NPC was very real) Find the enemy's nest within 15 minutes, etc., more rhythm to enhance the player's initial gaming experience.

Overall, "Iron Marines" is good at grasping the rhythm of how players feel when playing. After all, today in migrant workers playing online games flooding today, to have a want to play on the battle of a happy, do not want to play aside the stand-alone stand-alone masterpiece, is a happy thing, let alone from Ironhide so sophisticated production .

Real-time strategy games are about every second, but sometimes in Iron Marines I'm still not sure where my controlling role is going (lack of movement path instructions) and how separate superficial arms are to be commanded separately (missing Formation and avatar selection function).

In addition, in the novice guide, there are also players mentioned the skip can not be repeated after watching the problem, feel "Iron Marines" follow-up to do some novice guide optimization, after all, RTS is a relatively high threshold operating game category.

About three hours of playtime, Nine Spencer broke through all the main lines of the first planet (a total of eight) and special (a total of six) missions, from the abundant colonial Sagan, moved to the robot race fortress "Mechanical Day Fort ". The last of Sagan's epic battles against the Big Boss "tyrant" still had aftertaste. Players come to the science and steampunk style rich new planet.

Continuous new ways of playing are not limited to this, the game designed a number of upgrade routes, mainly technical talent tree and hero skills tree. Through the players' game accumulation, the arms technology has been continuously improved. The inter-arms match is even more handy. The hero also opens more special abilities along with the upgrade, and the functional differences among different heroes are also more obvious.-apKAward.cOm

Here is a special praise Ironhide hero version of this version of the design, different heroic design ideas vary, some skilled in sneaking and assassination (such as today's gift of fate of the woman), and some are good at fighting troops (such as a good treatment super Can Dr.), some longer than the tactical fire, and some dedicated to the firepower - to know that at present "Iron Marines" only opened up to 9 heroes!

The most important thing is because the design of the map is no longer confined to a continent, Ironhide can design different style of planet, an endless stream of enemies and levels. Currently only two open planet, I think for the iron man ironman could not stand a night, or to be more looking forward to follow-up continuous update

"Iron Marines" is indeed a rare stand-alone RTS category masterpiece.

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  1. Ian

    Cant play the game

    1. apkaward

      Thanks, game update, test runs the game perfectly.

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