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  • CategoryAdventure
  • Updated2017-10-29
  • Requires Android4.0
  • Mobile TestingSecurity ()
  • Current Version1.1
  • DeveloperLast Chance Media,
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Aquaria Description

A castle standing alone in the sky, and the clouds around the clouds have been predicted that some unknown ... ...

A little boy is dedicated to draw his longing for the sea. Suddenly, countless hot meteorites whistling down, the little boy with the broken sky together into the depths of the sea ... ...

I do not know how many years after the day, our heroine, water wizard Naija came somewhere in the voice of the call to wake up, but how can not remember their own past, where the body, then began a section Looking for memory to explore ...

Game control is extremely simple, just click, Naga will automatically move to your finger in the direction of the past, and double-click, will accelerate. Some narrow places there will be rapids, and even can not flow back in the past, only for a route downstream. If Naga is close to the rock, it will automatically climb on the rock.

The upper right corner of the big circle is a small map, export, save the disk or the plot will be flashing tips, or really easy to get lost. Small map of the lower half of the green circle is Naga's blood, open to show the big map, has been exploring the place highlighted, you can see, very vast.

Deep sea like fantasy fairyland-like quiet, faint sound of melodious melody, all kinds of deep sea creatures floating in your side, but this quiet appearance is hidden murderous, although the vast majority of biological is harmless, some creatures are Fatal threat. See this big fish no? Far away from it! There will be a very funny way to deal with it, in order not to destroy the mood we do not play spoilers, their own exploration!

The red stone is the storage point, in the small map to flash the red dot said. Play the game must develop the habit of keeping the disk at any time, players remember.

The first plot point was triggered, a mysterious black woman will hand in Naga's forehead, let her see the memory of the long debris ... ... we also entered the battle scene for the first time, the memory of the protagonist is dead The plot needs ... ... we do not panic.

Learn to attack skills, will often encounter the need to fight the situation. Combat operation is also very simple, move the same mode, as long as the attack on the left click on the Naga will attack, attack the direction of automatic targeting. However, this game is generally a test of wisdom even more than the test action, so in most cases as far as possible, do not force the enemy.

Pointing naijia, her side will appear a halo, there are eight notes, shape, color is different, the fingers slide to the notes (can not leave the screen or will disappear), Naga will sing the eight notes of different tunes The In the course of the game, "Aquaria" to accompany us always, since the name of Aquaria, we can see that singing is the key to this game is the biggest feature. Late Naga need to sing a lot of difficult songs, so early in order to get the fruit of the luminous plants, only need to sing with the plant with a note of the same color is enough. There are three kinds of fruit within the game of blue plants, the role of blood plus a direct touch on it.

Behind the need to sing the song more and more complex can not remember how to do? Point to open the small map on the left side of the green small round button, Naijia learn all the songs will be displayed here, just click what you need to automatically demo singing. The beginning will only "shield surgery", singing is also very simple, orange - blue - orange - blue on it. This is the game function interface, in addition to singing, click on the Naijia picture below the four buttons can switch to the "cooking" synthesis and other interfaces.

At this point, Naia in the underwater world adventure, looking for their own past, to explore the mystery of Angela's journey has just begun. This is a map of the vast, high degree of freedom of the game, but also a strong literary atmosphere, very deep game. Even for the adventure game veteran, Aquaria is still very challenging, not only to clear hands, but also wisdom and spirituality, and even have a certain musical literacy, in order to fully resonate with the game. From another point of view, the game is simple, very high degree of affinity, as long as with Naijia in-depth exploration, even if never played the game, will be its fascinating story firmly grabbed, could not bear to let go. Compared with the above, its fantasy fairyland-like beautiful picture, melodious sounds of nature, but the mood is not so prominent. Of course, as an independent game of the classic, its distinctive but not without the shortcomings of the game, the pace of the game is too slow, will make the habit of seeking excitement players do not adapt; novice help is not detailed, especially for a rich content of a work In terms of; and do not support Chinese is bound to make a lot of domestic players difficult to fully understand its deep story. But it's all that can not cover Aquaria as a great game of light!

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