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  • CategoryMod, Strategy
  • Updated2023-11-03
  • Requires Android4.0
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (offline)
  • Current Version1.7.0
  • Developer2K, Editor's Choice,
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XCOM: Enemy Within Description

XCOM: Enemy Within screen from scene to UI, from the character to CG are full of science fiction. Combat map or the wild or the ruins, everywhere traces of war; system menu uses a translucent design, both significant texture and organized; base within a thumbnail presented to facilitate the player to control the overall situation; warfighter from start to finish Was covered by cutting-edge equipment, elite extremely.

Unreal engine produced the screen showed a very high standard, whether it is static scene or dynamic effects are satisfactory. A large section of the plot CG and real-life voice in place to give the player a movie-like experience, deeply into the play. The sound effect of the game naturally also cater to the melody of the content, strong rhythm of music, electronic style of the sound reminds players not to forget the crisis moment; engine roar, movement of the time, the reverberation of guns, the communication between partners mixed Together, covered the torn land underfoot.

XCOM: Enemy Within audio-visual experience and game theme most consistent. The most imaginative creation with the most exquisite creation and presentation, even if not perfect, should be appreciated.

XCOM: Enemy Within is a rich strategy game. The player plays the role of a coalition commander in charge of a business from the inside out to the XCOM project. The so-called internal development or construction; the so-called outside, the fight against enemies.

At the beginning of the game, players need to choose a base to establish a continent. North America, Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa, each with 3-4 member countries on every continent, also have different levels of support for alliances headquarters. For example, siting in Africa allowed monthly increases in affiliate revenue, while landing in North America resulted in a 50% discount on aircraft and its weapons.

After the base is completed, the player has become the supreme executive here, but also need to shoulder the important task of maintaining the benign operation of the base. The entire base consists of multiple functional departments, the main interface at the bottom of the corresponding buttons to help players understand the function of each department.

Research: Researching its physical structure, mechanics and so on based on winning loot (all kinds of wreckage, debris, body, living body) in battle with aliens. Teacher Yi technology to self-improvement, and then control the system.

Engineering: responsible for the construction of the facilities inside the base and the production of equipment needed for the operations.

Barrack: Players can now manage existing soldiers, conduct officer training, view the list of dead, hire recruits, and distribute medals.

Hangar: Players can manage the air power directly on all continents, order new aircraft, or deploy existing aircraft across continents.

Situation Room :. Display of satellite orbital and orbiting conditions (satellite launch options are also included here) showing the panic of member states showing the union's monthly income and requests from member states.

Mission Control: scan around the world to deal with unexpected alien invasion.

It is not difficult to see that the content to be manipulated by the players is essentially a simplified part of the operation process of the strategy game. The core problem lies in obtaining and allocating resources. Except for the depletion of research and development departments, which are all resources for looting, engineering departments, camps and air combat departments all need substantial financial support. However, the access to funds is limited to monthly income and tasks. Although each member country covered by satellites will increase monthly income, building satellites and upstream systems themselves will require significant costs and everything will be co-ordinated and managed.

In addition to funding, talent is also a very scarce resource. Scientists and engineers determine the number of R & D efficiency and build capacity, so by launching satellites and to complete the task to increase the number of both become the top priority of the game. In the construction of the base, the relationship between energy supply and energy consumption must also be balanced. In addition, the construction of similar buildings in series can gain the bonus and the player layout will be considered.

Taken together, the internal operation of XCOM: Enemy Within is a post-harvest harvest. Various pre-game resources stretched, players need to carefully consider how to make full use of revenue. With the gradual control of the situation in the latter part of the steady growth of income, there will be more accumulation to carry out some major research and engineering. In fact, the main story of the game is not complicated, but to advance but it requires considerable patience, players must scan the world through task management, to complete the task and its reward as a supplement to support the development of the main line.

After experiencing the initial passive defense, stable development is the number one priority; obtaining information through small-scale fighting and then organizing a comprehensive raid on the counter-offensive. After the situation reversed, be careful to resist the dying almighty forces counterattack; eventually completed its service, but also the Earth in clear sky. Macro players need to pay attention to the global panic at all times to maintain stability in all regions; tasks, we must keep in mind the identity of firefighters, giving priority to listen to the verge of losing control of the area. This is the experience road that XCOM: Enemy Within brings. The direction of this road is clear, yet there are many branches.

The development of the internal base is to serve the external battlefield, XCOM: Enemy Within Another core content is to fight aliens, team-based tactics and tactics.

The game starts with multiple difficulty options, whether new or veteran can have the appropriate response. The tutorials in the Advanced Options give players considerable help, and the Ironman Option is the ultimate survival challenge. There is also a second wave of options for players to customize, each option directly or indirectly affect the difficulty of the game, you can play in the game again.

When the player scans alien forces activities at the Mission Management Department, they will need to dispatch air forces and ground forces to fight on specific conditions. The objectives of the combat missions are usually to explore the map, locate and collect Meld, locate and collect alien spacecraft wreckage, destroy enemy combat units, etc. Later there will be more special and demanding tasks.

Sweepstakes fighting is the essence of the entire game, turn-based tactical choices take place on a small map in turn. The initial combat team only four people scale, with the soldiers rank promotion and training programs to , up to 6 people can be expanded. What the player has to do is manipulate the various members of the squad to shield each other, work together, complete the mission of exploring the map, and destroy all extraterrestrial life. Need to pay attention to the full use of shelter, shelter and half-shelter protective effect is very different; players each round of action is very limited ability to sprint or shoot the camera to do it.

Recruits have a single, average ability to perform only four basic actions. After the task of the rank of promotion, not only randomly into Assault, Support, Heavy, Sniper four career, but also have different growth options for the player to decide. As a result, higher-ranking soldiers have a richer array of options per turn, changing their battlefield positions and increasing their tactical level.

Soldiers wounded in the mission will take time to recuperate, but willpower will be irreversibly depleted. Fortunately, the more critical upper limit of life, crit rate and the most critical hit rate will not be affected, fairly reassuring. If the soldiers were killed permanently removed from the barracks, only to pay tribute to the list of deadly honor. Injuries and deaths result in a reduction in the number of seconded soldiers, and once there are too many shortfalls, recruits are recruited.

There is no established way for the combat units to cooperate with each other's moves and actions, depending on the type of terrain and enemy units. In addition, XCOM: Enemy Within still many levels to be considered: the squad members of the occupational mix, with the different growth direction of professional soldiers, according to the map and mission requirements of the deployment of combat equipment, etc., require the player to find ways to move. The latter part of the game the main plot is the same battle mode, but a wider map, a larger scene, the enemy more and more tyrannical.

XCOM: Enemy Within Not only the number of maps and enemy species has increased (such as stealth units), our own units have more evolution possibilities. With further research on extraterrestrial biology and mechanics, players will be able to build Gen Laboratory and Cybernetics at the base. The former allows players to enhance the ability to genetically engineer the existing body parts of the soldier (brain, eyes, chest, legs, skin) while the latter allows the player to transform existing soldiers into Mech Warrior to evolve into A new type of powerful unit. It is noteworthy that both types of technologies need a new type of resource called Meld support, especially the Mech Unit can not be naked, but also need to be equipped with armor to play a role. However, Meld's access conditions are very harsh, not only in the mission map to explore it must also be included in the self-destruction device before it is triggered into the bag. Therefore, the rapid search to collect the strong demand of Meld and caution to avoid being besieged war mentality quite contradictory, players must be strategic choice and efficient tactics may be a win-win situation.

In the course of the game, the situation is precarious once the panic in member countries can not be checked and spread rapidly. Only by focusing exclusively on internal development can it be possible to gain time for one's own side and stabilize the people's hearts in an opportunistic counterattack. The final battle is a drastic one. The final result is to return to peace.-apkAwarD.com

To sum up, XCOM: Enemy Within is a top-notch work from any angle. The texture of the picture, the appropriate voice, rich strategy, solid content, from outside to inside highlight the producer's input and intentions. Although there is no intricate plot, but gave the player a heroic opportunity to intervene in soul-stirring rescue mission. Although the lack of Chinese support, but good quality will eventually attract different needs of players, whether new or veterans. The new elements give this for better gameplay, playability and balance.

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