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  • CategoryAdventure
  • Updated2021-10-09
  • Requires Android8.0 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (offline)
  • Current Version1.043
  • DeveloperFireart Games,
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TOHU Description

The player plays a little girl, exploring the fish planet accompanied by his mechanical duo, Kubus. In a beautiful environment, we need to solve various puzzles to help the little girl and Cobbs solve the mystery of her life and uncover the mysterious truth of the sacred engine that supports her world. You can interact with many environmental creatures in the game.

TOHU game play #1:

Plot The little girl lives in the fish planet, and one day a man in black suddenly appeared and destroyed the engine. After the little girl learned of this, she determined to repair the engine, so she embarked on the road of finding tools, taking a spaceship to the surrounding planets to find tools.

After thousands of risks, he finally collected the tools needed to repair the engine, but he was snatched away by the man in black. The man in black smashed the engine, revealing a totem. The little girl found the missing totem and opened the way to find the totem. After all difficulties were overcome, she finally found the totem, and then revealed the shocking and mysterious truth.

Audiovisual performance The hand-painted style picture can be said to be super beautiful. The overall tone is pinkish, cute and sweet. When the little girl performs repeated operations, there will be a variety of different actions, which is full of fun. At the same time, all small creatures in the scene can also interact.

Puzzle This work has eight chapters, each chapter has 3-5 scenes, we need to switch the little girl and the robot to complete the puzzle content. In the process of solving the puzzle, you can learn what you need through the dialogue with the NPC. When encountering a stuck level, you can check the prompts to understand what kind of process the scene should be used to solve the puzzle.

In the process of obtaining magnets, it is necessary to change the little girl and the robot within the specified time, and it is necessary to move items, and at the same time take out items from the backpack. In this complex operating environment, the issue of interactivity becomes prominent. This series of operations cannot be completed smoothly, and there will be a stuttering phenomenon in the middle of each operation, which makes it impossible to complete the puzzle at one time. It is necessary to enter the room repeatedly and complete the puzzle through accumulation steps. Of course, some puzzles are also very interesting. You need to observe the scene, combine the items collected in the backpack, and continue to explore the world with music.

The flying fish planet where the little girl lives has lost its color because of the core being stolen by the black cloak, and is extremely dilapidated. In order to repair the planet, the little girl needs to go to different neighbors, obtain different props, and finally obtain a new core, restart the flying fish planet, and defeat the black cloak conspiracy. Then an egg came out at the end. It turns out that the black cloak is the future girl herself, and the girl who inherited the black cloak once again devised a conspiracy for her past self~

But as far as the story design is concerned, the details everywhere fill up the lack of game information. For example, the clock in the level that can be flipped forwards and backwards can control the passage of time, which just hints at the time reincarnation that the little girl in the last future will create trouble for her past self; for another example, the original purpose is to repair the flying fish planet, but When I went out to look for clues, I found that other neighboring planets also needed repairs, and this extended to the fact that once everyone was in a good relationship, but later the totem of Flying Fish planet was broken and split. The story naturally progressed to the point where the totem poles were to be put together again and everyone was connected again. These details connect the story well, make the logic complete, and give players more desire to continue playing.

It should be said that the character little girl has designed a forgiving room for the game. During the game, although the characters do not have corresponding dubbing, the pictures and texts are in line with the settings of the little girl. Various characters encountered along the way have repeatedly emphasized the friendly relationship between the little girl and other characters, making different levels connected in series for similar reasons, which is not abrupt.

From the storytelling point of view, it should be said that what is more interesting is the observation of the world from the perspective of a little girl, such as various tool animals that can fly. Helicopters are supported by four bees to fly and need to defeat oneself. The robot that can get out of the mirror...Too many small details show the brain in the whole story. It turns out that the world in the eyes of children is so colorful. In the process of the game, the process will be full of happiness by bringing such a perspective to explore, allowing the player to forget the troubles in reality for a short time and enjoy the happiness to the full.

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