Terraria APK + Mod: Unlimited Items

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  • CategoryAdventure, Mod
  • Updated2022-09-28
  • Requires Android4.0.3 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (offline)
  • Current Version1.4.4.0
  • Developer505 Games Srl, Editor's Choice,
  • Get it onGoogle Play

Terraria Description

Pixel style of the wonderful world, "Terraria" mobile version of the game picture and touches the PC version and the same, using a very sophisticated 2D pixel images. Joined a lot of modern picture technology, such as soft lighting changes and so on. The most beautiful part of the game or different bPhonephere has a different color, every time you walk into a different bPhonephere, you will feel the obvious changes in the picture: some are sunny, some dark overcast forest.

Free Download Terraria Mobile GamePlay: (Android,IOS)

The same is true for music in games, with different sounds in different environments, but most of the time you should hear about that title screen and the popular theme song background music everywhere. No matter when the game rhythm is very easy and pleasant electronic tone, which is the game's biggest feature, the overall level of many games to be much better than many, each capital can give people a deep impression.

Ultra-high degree of freedom. The purpose of this is very simple, you can wander around aimlessly, build a broken house, living a relaxed life. You can also move toward the challenge BOSS, collecting resources, kill small BOSS, attract NPCs, build their own castle and village, embark on a brave adventure. In addition to acquisition and synthesis, the other characteristic of the game is of course the high plasticity, without any main lines, completely free-world development. To the left is the snow and ice, walking to the right is the vast desert, down is dark hell, up the sky island, the entire world can destroy and build, go to hell have to cut through the ground, to go to the island to put up heaven Tower ... The game world is also divided into day and night, in the end how to make the game by the players themselves decided to create their own.

You can get resources from a variety of places to build your own castle, synthesize your own tools, equipment, furniture and other necessities. Every inch of the game the land can be destroyed, as long as you have free time, you dig the entire map into a pit no one tube you. Of course, with the deepening of the game, the resources needed to find a more dangerous place. This is a great degree of freedom, but the main line is also very clear and outstanding game.

The core fun of "Terraria" is naturally acquisition and composition. In the world of "Terraria", almost everything you see can be shattered, and shards fall out as a material. As long as the material and conditions are sufficient, anytime, anywhere can be synthesized. And do not think this is a medieval fantasy story, as the game progresses, laser swords, circuits, bombs and other high-tech can also be used. As for how to synthesize, this is the core fun of the game, and constantly discover and create new things, everyone to explore it!

In fact, the only drawback of mobile version I think it is not nothing that shrink the content, but bad operation. Although the game was very thoughtful optimization, but still can not solve how to put items or elements in the desired location, as well as a full range of multi-angle good move, this also set the jump button on, this can be said to be The biggest failure on the operation.

However, this can still by virtue of its degree of freedom and extremely rich content, as well as a good grasp of the rhythm of the game, become a very fun rare works of excellence.

In addition to operating outside of the gaming experience and PC version is not much different. Even if the content is shrinking, but the game still provides a rich enough enough time to kill the huge content. There is no doubt that this is a work that should not be missed. If the conditional player can consider with a handle ... This touch screen operation really uncomfortable. - APKAward.com

24 Reviews “Terraria

  1. Earl

    How do i use the mod?

    1. apkaward

      Running the game is the mod

    2. Oni

      Just split the items bro

  2. Jason

    how do I use the unlimited items?

  3. メRUZち

    Does the the original apk works?

    1. apkaward


  4. Soniix

    But how do you get unlimited items?

  5. Adri

    No obb needed?

    1. apkaward

      yes, No obb needed

  6. H

    Running the game is the mod

  7. Shadow253

    This game cool.

  8. Gg

    Hello the game is good

  9. Peemawat kunlabun


  10. AikaYatori

    I really love to play Terraria, i'm playing Terrraia almost 3 years!. But can you add (TL pro) for us please

  11. Ubogin

    the game stop responding (won't open) after couple days of playing. i redownload and install it again, and it happen again, is this just a demo ? or maybe a bug ?

    1. apkaward

      I just tested it and the game works fine. Made a youtube video. in the game introduction.

  12. Gamy

    the game working

  13. Neon Genesis

    Terraria 1.4.4 is out please update

    1. apkaward

      Thanks, game update.

  14. Neon Genesis

    You are the best

  15. Ptbm

    Bruh is there one without mods

    1. apkaward

      Thank you, the normal version has been fixed. No modification.

  16. Yuno

    I downloaded normal version but it is modded

    1. apkaward

      Thank you, the normal version has been fixed. No modification.

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