Sonic at the Olympic Games 2020

Sonic at the Olympic Games 2020 APK 1.0.0 + Mod: Full Game

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  • CategoryMod, Sports
  • Updated2022-03-30
  • Requires Android4.4 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (offline)
  • Current Version1.0.0
  • Developershijia,
  • Get it onGoogle Play
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Sonic at the Olympic Games 2020 Description

Join the Olympic Games and experience 15 Olympic Games for free. In the game, players can choose from 16 characters, including Sonic.

Rugby Sevens: You need to choose four characters with three passers-by teammates, and the gameplay is simple and straightforward - running, passing, scoring touchdowns. The game is fast-paced, and offensive and defensive transitions are also common. After the special slot is full, you can launch a super sprint or super grapple, which is useful when the score is ahead or behind. Great for playing with friends.

Boxing: A small fighting game that is fun to play, especially when playing with somatosensory. Attack and defense are divided into upper and lower stages. After the special slot is full, you can use nirvana. After everyone is knocked down, you can press A to stand up before the referee counts to 10 (down to the ground 3 times will end the game). It feels like a simplified version of "ARMS" to play.

Karate: It is also a small fighting game with all the internal organs. The gameplay is 2D fighting, which can only be played with buttons. In the battle, you can use fast punches, slow but far-range kicks, throws, nirvanas, etc. With the different directions of the left joystick, you can also combine sliding steps and more powerful punches/kicks. The first player to score 10 points wins.

Badminton: Friends who like to play and watch badminton can give it a try. The game feels good, basically making various elements in badminton. Somatosensory and doubles are also supported.

Table Tennis: Both the novice and the veteran can have fun. The novice can play back and forth with the opponent just by pressing the X button. The veteran can use the A/B/Y/L button to play various spinning and charging attacks. . The game also supports somatosensory play and doubles. It is also very fun to play on the computer without friends.

Fencing: Simplify the complex fencing movement into an easy-to-play and professional mini-game. The operation is basically divided into upper and lower thrusts and shifts. The first to get 10 points wins. Very charming. The game also supports group battles, which can be played with friends during a party.

Archery: You can play with two controllers somatosensory or with buttons, which is similar to the archery game in Wii Sports Resort. It also includes group battles, which are suitable for heating up the atmosphere during gatherings.

100m run, 110m hurdle run, 4x100m relay, triple jump, javelin, swimming, 100m run (retro), 400m hurdles (retro), long jump (retro), kayak (retro): These games are put together because there is not much difference in essence, basically it is a competition of hand speed, and occasionally there are some places that require precise keys. Playing a few games with friends at a party should be almost the same. If you play too much, your hands will be sore, and if you play each game for 5 minutes, you can spend a lot of time.

Rock climbing: The person who climbs the highest within the specified time wins. In essence, it is a small game of pressing the button timing. When the hand icon moves back and forth, the climbing point can be grasped at the most accurate timing. The more accurate the button timing is, the loss will be lost. The less stamina it has, the more it will fall if it runs out of stamina.

Soccer: A relatively simple five-a-side football. The operations are basically only passing, shooting, stealing, tackling, and nirvana. If players who have played FIFA and live football play this game, they will find it relatively simple and easy to kick out. Big score.

Kayak: Push the joystick down to row. It requires two people to row at a consistent rhythm to have a better acceleration effect.

Discus: The gameplay is really about memorizing an angle of the left stick and getting as close to it as possible (but not more than), then tilting the handle to throw it at 35 degrees as far as possible.

Equestrian show jumping: operate the horse to run according to a fixed route in the field, and press A on the jumping line in front of the obstacle to jump over.

Surfing, Skateboarding: Both of these games require you to perform jumping stunts at a fixed location to get points, and finally compete for the score.

Floor Exercise, 10m Platform Jumping (Retro), and Vaulting (Retro): All three are command input mini-games. You can enter the keys on the screen in the correct order within a limited time.

Marathon (Retro): Running game.

Volleyball (Retro): When the ball flies over, it will automatically switch to the two people at the landing point. When smashing after a setter, you need to manually jump and then smash.

Judo (retro): Simply put, the game is to grab the opponent and push the joystick to break the opponent's balance.

Shooting (Retro): After the flying saucer appears, move the reticle to the corresponding box, then press the shooting button.

Fantasy Racing: The basic gameplay is the same as the carriage - racing, eating props, and using props to gain an advantage.

Dream Shooting: Operate the characters to shoot as many targets as possible in the field, and the way of somatosensory shooting is similar to Splatoon. After obtaining the multi-shot consumable item, you can fire multiple shots at one time, and you can get more points when attacking the giant target.

Fantasy Karate: A game of fighting and fighting for territory. After attacking and knocking the opponent up, you can turn the floor he is on into your own territory, and the number of territories will be counted after the time is up. There are a lot of attack methods and props in the game, just like the anime Super Smash Bros.

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