Don't Starve: Pocket Edition

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Don't Starve: Pocket Edition Description

As mentioned earlier, this is a classic PC game "Do not Starve" hand tour version. The original game ported from the PC version, all content is reserved - in addition to the online part.

Since scientists were caught by the evil devil in different worlds, you have to start an adventure to "live" - ​​yes, it will not save you here to save the world or the Prince of Lashko, what you did Everything is for myself, is not it cool?

Like the PC version, the game uses a sandboxed game - this type of game is the most suitable for survival, because all resources require you to collect, all tools need you to create.

As you live longer and longer and explore more and more areas, you will find it almost impossible to imagine.

Survival class, although innovative but not the first time, dark people feel quite novel style. Sandbox game is the current trend, gameplay and other aspects are guaranteed. Explore, collect, find the truth, escape from life, all the significance of this collection. -

Have contact with the PC version of the classmates is very clear for how strong the fun, but also understand how to play for the heart of this play - so I wrote in the war card "bandit", according to his late obsessive-compulsive disorder, It's easy to talk to yourself either for a few days or get angry on the computer ...

The game is all about cycling through exploration, collection, and survival - people have fullness, conscience (psychosis index) and physical strength. Do not eat will result in decreased appetite, encounter monsters, no place to hide at night so that the value of consciousness will decline, and monster attack will lose physical strength.

So the first thing that goes into the game is finding enough food and finding enough supplies to get through the toughest first day - the darkness but with the weird stuff in the dark, if it's not dark at all Attack you!

As you slowly gather enough material and set up your own camp to get a firm footing, can you really start exploring the world - remember that there are seasons in the game and the length of daytime is different for each season, certainly Pay attention to time!

In the phone screen, the game's performance is very good, wide field of vision and operational space will not be misuse of the basic situation.

In general, the game is difficult to get started and can easily frustrate newcomers. But once you stop to play, you will find that the game is doing great and you can not stop it. This is probably the charm of the sandbox game where? At the beginning, "my world" also had the same problem ...

The game is rich in content, beautiful images, the operation of optimization is in place. The game does not have any sense of "novice tutorial", everything needs to explore their own players, the new people are not friendly. Although the theme of the game is "Survival," there is an abundance of games derived around this theme.

Every time you start a new game has a completely different experience.

To say "play-resistant degree", this sandbox game absolutely ranked in the top few. In the "Do not Starve: Pocket Edition" PC version of the continuation of the set: each time you open a new game, the map, the season, the environment is different, you may be born in the desert in the summer, may also appear in the winter In the forest - these are randomly generated and the game has been done in the "exploration" part of the game.

When you can stand firm and survive, the game is just beginning. You need to keep exploring to discover the truth and to escape the alien world. Players can find many portals in the game at this stage. These portals take you to new maps for new challenges - including BOSS.

Only one life from the portal can kill you and you will eventually escape from here. And there's a lot of content in the game that needs to be ed, all of which have to be played after a certain amount of progress has been made - like a new character.

Taken together, this is absolutely full play-resistant degree. No matter how many hours you play before the game, then go on to play hundreds of hours will not be bored, this is the most attractive place for this.

The game's overall design is in place, around the "survival" of the theme of various games combined with close and repeat playability super. Although it is a stand-alone game, Klei did not relax its update. Repair BUG, ​​optimized for the new and old models never stopped.

Hard psychological quality students do not play better. The biggest problem here is the overall environment, more oppressive style, and frustration in the game is very serious - often died, then, are individuals can not stand.

Therefore, students should not touch on the psychological quality of the best do not touch this, so angry fall phone. If you can look like life and death like me, each GAME OVER as experience accumulation, that this is very worth a try.

The biggest problem is that the player itself, not everyone can accept such a game mode and settings. Personal very much like this game, the only regret is that the PC-side online version did not ported to the phone, hope follow-up to follow up!