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  • CategoryAdventure
  • Updated2017-12-20
  • Requires Android4.0 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity ()
  • Current Version1.70
  • DeveloperMicrosheep,
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Princess Curse Description

Princess Curse is an out-and-out puzzle game, gameplay style is more retro, the story is a witch took the princess and imprisoned her in an ancient castle above, knights need to step by step the mystery set by the witch Title, ultimately save the princess. But save the princess is not the only dog ​​blood Oh, the game also hides another ending, wondering Princess Curse is worth playing? Please join the number Jun into the world of witch it.

First of all, we have to understand the general story of the game, will be able to ease the puzzle for the rest, because the theme of the game is the witch puzzle, we also have a certain understanding of the witch's attributes, the game should pay special attention to the witch's These details of things, such as the witch is good at magic and collocation, the game will use the process of mystery brooms, elements, scorpion and other mysterious things, which can give us some tips Oh.

Second, although this is a plane puzzle game, the gameplay is more biased towards the type of room escaping, with a simple picture coupled with a sophisticated puzzle solving concept. The puzzle logic in the game is still commendable, all things can make the best use of the player when playing do not think of the surface of the object as the starting point, but more is to study the nature of the property is what . The entire game has only six floors, a basement, and two backyard, but not layers of customs clearance, but all places are closely linked together. Although the clearance can take just a few dozen minutes, it is also a great sense of accomplishment, especially if the game has two different outcomes. You can choose to save the princess (the witch becomes a princess) or you can choose the knight Become a witch, continue to wait for the next knight's choice.

If you have to use a few key words to describe the game's screen, then it should be simple, yellow, parchment and retro. The beginning of the game is to open a roll of yellowed parchment, parchment paper records the story of the game, the game is ended with parchment, I feel like reading a wonderful novel, there are many words to say . Tone warm picture, coupled with the castle, but rather more retro but not horrible. The room in the castle is also roughly used in this color, the props hidden in the room is also particularly interesting, very much in line with a witch living environment, a variety of strange symbols, locks and items can also highlight the theme of the gameplay Very interesting, such as the carved door symbols, the dragon in the room, the bear on the floor, the ancient well in the backyard and the basement, the bones in the tomb.

As soon as you open the game you will hear the voice of a witch smirking, a little gloat feeling, Xiao Bian forget to turn down the volume when playing, the results suddenly attracted the attention of colleagues, come up with a joke, it is recommended here players first Turn it down when the volume is still low. Formally enter the game, you will obviously feel a creepy feeling, chilly breeze, night when playing may be a little scared Oh. When entering the various rooms, click on other items there will be other more horrible Witch-style sound Oh, this is a small partner can enjoy this feeling Oh, if the timid friends can click on some of the more common The sound of the item, such as a small frog, clicks on it to make a noise.

The operation of the game is very simple, nothing more than click on the collection of some items, and then use it on it, or in accordance with a certain order to a variety of passwords, the operation is absolutely no difficulty at all, the hardest is how to find These things and use them too. If you want to touch the character chaos, then I am sorry, this operation is not effective, because some items are the need to collect other items before they can be collected oh. Therefore, ideological decision behavior, with the correct logical thinking, can quickly accomplish these tasks. Learning to think is the meaning of playing this game Oh.

"Princess Curse" in the puzzle game can not be regarded as outstanding, can only be said to be a good casual entertainment games, play games, mobile small hands and small head moves, you can add some bland life color. The biggest bright spot in the game is that the outcome is open, the game does not require you to behave as a good man, and occasionally when the witch over the "evil" addiction is also very good, of course, the outcome of good or bad has nothing to do moral judgments, because The option is in your hands, and we respect your ending. So come and rescue your princess or become a qualified witch!

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