Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour APK 1.2.3e + Mod: Unlocked/Money

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  • CategoryAction, Mod
  • Updated2022-03-07
  • Requires Android5.0 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (offline)
  • Current Version1.2.3e
  • DeveloperEditor's Choice, Gameloft,
  • Get it onGoogle Play

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Description

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour's plot is also very hot: After the outbreak of the disaster, the global safety are tied to the hands of several elite soldiers, they must follow a familiar and terrifying terrorist organizations, the world's leaders will be rescued! In 12 missions, you can play both the righteous elite warrior and the opposite actor Edgar Page, to experience different stories and plots.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour - Fix support for Android 11, HD quality. Game Play:#1 (Android,IOS)

As for the storyline, the basic set of war themes has continued, and once again the player becomes a soldier who will save the country from distress and even maintain world peace. From the obscure soldier to the outstanding Marshal, this will reproduce this magnificent process. This time the trouble is bigger, because the president was kidnapped. The specific story is not here spoilers, players or personally experience more interesting.

In the gameplay level, simply put, players will use the latest and most powerful weapon to kill from scratch to the tail. The CCP has 12 levels, which can be closed within 10 hours in simple mode. Kill the enemy there are three main ways: long-range shooting, melee, the use of auxiliary weapons. Remote shooting is the game's fundamental, players can dozens of functions, firepower different weapons to switch between. When the player is closer to the enemy, the system will automatically switch to close mode, click on the lower right corner of the dagger can launch a bloody assassination. Auxiliary weapons play also comes from the call of duty, unmanned vehicles, vehicle machine guns, air strikes and other ancillary combat methods enriched the game content. The game interspersed with many slow motion, in some special scenes need to slide the screen to perform some actions, such as struggling, melee, also enriched the gameplay.

Two-line character set is made for a major bright spot. Players in the game not only to play heroic rescue of the United States President, but also to play the head of the terrorist organization "Page." This setting allows the player to better understand the story, even if you do not understand English, but also understand the core of the game context. It is needless to say that the fun of one person decorating the two corners also means that the game player can experience the pleasure of the game even if the evil spirits are substitutable.

Character modeling, environmental modeling, depth of field, lighting, color, detail, every one of the visual effects gives the feeling is realistic and shocking. The vast amount of rendering depending on the location of the light gives an immersive feel of immersion, and the placement of sunlight affects the brightness distribution of the entire environment, something that is otherwise unimaginable in other games.

The effect of the smoke is vivid. Whether it is the smoke caused by the burning of a building or the black mist generated by the explosion of an airplane, it emits a strong sense of reality. It seems that you can smell choking pungent smell after seeing the picture.

A realistic firearm, the blood that the bullet breaks through the enemy's jet, or the shards of other items, all send a message to the player - you're on the battlefield.

Realistic effects of the environment, the jungle or beach, military bases or building buildings and reality are the same, the proportion of buildings, trees, people, articles just right, without any feeling of incompatibility.

The effect of death is realistic. The game uses the "Havok" physics engine and creates a "natural sense of death," meaning that the enemy will not immediately fall when hit, but will make a series of painful moves. Players will appear after the shooting bleeding, red blood flowing down from the screen, the player will subconsciously find a place to avoid bullets.

Background sound, the game a lot of effort to make the entire mimicry environment appear real. The plane whistled past the sky, giving the player the feeling of flying overhead. Executive orders, the screams of the enemy, the headquarters of the task instructions all using live dubbing, full movie theater. Environmental music remarkable, each scene has its own unique melody, played a role with the plot.

Combat sound effects, different firearms will issue a different shot sound, authenticity has been reflected. The roar of heavy weapons can give the player a more auditory shock, grenades, grenade launchers, missiles, every blow is an

There are eight multiplayer modes, which are War Mode, Life and Death Battle, Team Life and Death Battle, Capture Flag Battle, Pursuit Match, Conquest Match, VIP Mode and Barebone Mode. Each mode has its own unique play mode. Up to 12 people at the same time competitive, which can bring complex fun. Different multiplayer modes require different tactics and co-ordination skills, which provide more playability beyond the stand-alone battle.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is a flagship first person shooter that represents the highest level of such work. If you want to play the first-person shooter game on your Android phone, then this is your best bet.

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22 Reviews “Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

  1. good game

    If the APK is not installed, it may be some kind of game from gameloft! Their package names are so long that the installer thinks the game is already installed. Try another file manager?

  2. Caleb

    Bless you guys "Apk awards"
    You're the best
    I feel I should do something in return...

  3. Adeel

    even mod version is perfect working in my XIAOMI MI 11 ULTRA Android 12

  4. Adeel

    thank so much best website ❤️
    perfect working in my XIAOMI MI 11

  5. Nouh

    It work on Android 10???

    1. apkaward


  6. Adolph

    Is it offline

    1. apkaward


  7. Yousef

    Thanks . your site is wonderful

  8. conner

    hey apkaward, just wanted to say, thanks for the free apks and mods

  9. Solomon

    Please when I open the game, they say licenses. What should I do

    1. apkaward

      Press the back button to enter the game.

  10. phenyo

    do I need to purchase something after installing the game and is this game offline?

    1. apkaward

      Hello, play games for free.

  11. Franz

    Is this offline?

    1. apkaward


  12. junio

    this game play online

  13. Hysonne Benjamin Miller Sr.

    How to install?

    1. apkaward

      1. Download apk and install
      2. Download OBB to the folder
      run game.

      1. DantaiEdwards

        Is this offline

      2. Joshua

        There are two apk's, which one is to be installed?

        1. apkaward

          Both the original version and the mod can run normally.

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