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  • CategoryAdventure
  • Updated2024-02-27
  • Requires Android4.0 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (offline)
  • Current Version2.3.4
  • Developer3 Minute Games,
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Lifeline Description

Let's talk about several features of "Lifeline": First of all, the game is an interactive story that takes days to talk about. The whole session is conducted through chatting dialogues. There is no picture, no human voice, only Background music, and occasional sighs. Second, the game can be played on the Apple Watch, pushed directly to the watch via push, without having to enter the game. Finally, the hero, Taylor, talks to you and initiates a number of questions , And gives you two options to choose from, and your choices will also determine Taylor's actions.

Pure words make imagination more freedom, "Lifeline" story is about a science student named Taylor, a prize in a lucky draw, so to participate in the outer space travel. Due to the failure of Tyrrell's Weria Starcraft crashed into the unknown wilderness, when he woke up, he immediately picked up the communicator and sent out help to the outside world. on the phone. Next, I need to understand his current situation through his narrative, and to help him solve problems.

I just said that there are several characteristics of the game, one of which is the plain text description. No picture voice prompts, the entire player can only describe by Taylor, in the minds of creating scenarPhone. In understanding the cause of the process, you will also subconsciously build the environment in which Taylor lives: crashed spacecraft, surrounded by dust, smoke rose in the distance, a white mountain peaks, like the end of the world picture. Conversely, if the game gave the picture from the very beginning, it would inhibit the player's imagination. Therefore, plain text can be said that "Lifeline" the biggest bright spot.

It is undeniable that, rightly, the narrative rhythm, Taylor is a real word, every time he made a speech, he sent a few sentences. When you watched him grow tired of chatter, he disconnected the phone with great interest and let you put down your mobile phone Go busy with other things. A few hours later, when you were too anxious about the delay in his contact, he promptly called to inform you of the latest progress. After three or four simple plots passed, you would find another reason to interrupt.

Have to say that the narrative rhythm of the game to do just right, do not make people feel tired, but expect the value of unlimited upgrade. While waiting for a reply, you will start to wonder whether Taylor, who sleeps near the reactor, will spend the night safely, grieves for his injuries or illness, and scares him for crossing the craters. Even after making a choice, let the game run in the background, you will still be nervous, for fear of losing Taylor's unfortunate life completely lost.

In addition, there is a bright spot in the game is the authenticity. When Taylor sent me a question, "Should I go to a crashed mountain or go to a mountain peak?" I chose the crashed point and asked him to look for more survivors on the wreckage of the spacecraft. He took my advice and followed what I said, and the story evolved in my own way. He said it was about an hour away and at first I thought it was just a matter of moments before it really passed for an hour before he replied to me again. As the game consumes the same amount of time and reality, people feel real.

Chatting with him is like texting with a familiar stranger. In particular, the extremely grounded Chinese translation led to Tyler's way of speaking, as well as psychological descriptions very close to the modern Internet buzzwords, such as "Get out cold" and "I went out." It is not hard to see that the game seems to want to use straightforward words to players more easily into the play, into the script created by developers to go.

Unfortunately, this is not as developers wish. In the process of dialogue with Taylor, really can be "natural", but not integrated into the story set, but the reality of chatting with friends the same. In conversations, I totally can not feel that Taylor was a man who had suffered accidents. Logically, a busy survivor would not chat with outsiders by using an unstable communicator, and should grasp every A chance to survive for every minute.

And he said every word, the tone is not hurriedly, from time to time, he will send a few consecutive sentences, a language ridicule, there is a description of mental activity, watching this portrait is idle to do the same Somewhat suspicious, some funny.

What Taylor said feels like this is a man who can not take care of himself or is timid. There are many things that he can do by letting you decide, for example, "I am sleeping in a cold warehouse, or sleeping near a reactor, risking radiation to heat," but he knows that radiation reactors are irradiated at around 150 rad, It is impossible not to know the impact on the human body, but he was timid to let you help him find out the data to confirm 150rad radiation will not pose a threat to his life, I feel this is the same problem he is trying to test you.

In fact, his adventure is actually your adventure, every choice you make, will affect the fate of Taylor. Not so much the game player in the dominant game, as it is said that the player has become one of the game characters, in an ordinary day, suddenly received a stranger "Taylor" from life and death sent from space to help start a sci-fi version of the adventure, Taylor's life and death entirely in your hands.

In general, "Lifeline" in the story and the pace of the game are well controlled, the player's choice at every step, will open a different story branch, and some options may also lead to the end of Taylor's death, the player only to avoid these Option, in order to allow Taylor to continue to live; and the game rhythm, which is the narrative rhythm, though Taylor is a dialect but very understanding of the player's temper, that he would say himself more than a mouth, that players dislike him, to give up He, but this effect is often the opposite, so that players not only do not mind him, but also want to continue to pay attention to his dynamic, this is "Lifeline" the clever place.

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