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  • CategoryAdventure, Mod
  • Updated2023-03-08
  • Requires Android5.0 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (offline)
  • Current Version4.1.2
  • DeveloperEditor's Choice, Night School Studio,
  • Get it onGoogle Play

OXENFREE Description

The beauty of OXENFREE is more freehand, more abstract, and sometimes more "just right." This is a world of paper cutters, watercolors and clay villains. It may or may not have the high-tech edge to reveal.

"OXENFREE" also brought us some interesting small mechanism, the core of nature is the almost omnipotent radio in the hands of Alex. In the game, this tunable gadget is not only the key to launching the entire incident, but also the props for solving almost any puzzle. We usually can also put the radio in the hands of exploration, in different bands to listen to different styles of music or radio programs. In these bands also contains a considerable part of the hidden elements, such as the introduction of local history shows, as well as the mysterious Morse code.

The game's dialogue mechanism is also more interesting. Although Alex, whom we control, is the protagonist, Alex's speech does not always hold a key position in the conversation. When dialogue occurs, we are free to choose to remain silent or to add our own point of view when we feel right about it, just as we have in real life - the world does not always turn around alone. With this design, choosing whether to speak, when to speak, and what to say is more like (in most cases) a means of getting information in the game. If you feel your friends' conversations are moving in the direction you want, you can say no to your words.

But the conversation options can still decide what kind of "Alex" you want to play. You can show humor optimism in the face of difficulties, and you can play a horror movie star that you think will survive. More importantly, this dialogue system, which is more emotional rather than informational, gives the game a very strong role-playing attribute, and this is the second time that the dialogue choice will portray a little bit of how you are Kind of protagonist

Allow players to make a certain degree of choice on the story of the story is almost all the characteristics of interactive movie production, "OXENFREE" is no exception. However, it is worth mentioning that the selection mechanism of OXENFREE is much more subtle than some other similar works (such as interactive TV shows in T-clubs). Apart from a few key nodes, many stories often differ in their points of departure The accumulation of dialogue, or simply hidden in seemingly insignificant dialogue. The game does not give us the ability to provide a swivelable archive for chapters, in short, at least for the first time, it will be hard to predict how the plot will evolve.

Due to the existence of multiple ending settings, the value of this repeat play is indeed not small. Our choice will determine whether some of our characters will be able to run away and that the emotional connections we have with other actors on the island will also largely determine their relationship after this incident. You can play a selfless leader, you can also use every opportunity to sigh around everyone, you can choose whether to match friends and crush objects. Even if you come forward in front of all risks, the outcome may not be the direction you want.

Although there is no doubt that genre belongs to the category of horror, I personally do not think it is scary of "OXENFREE". But for many players who are less neurotic than I am, OXENFREE may not really be suitable for solitude at night. In general, the suspense value of this plot for the story to exceed the value of horror, and the latter mainly by scaring you jump scare to complete, handled is not particularly clever. This can not be a big drawback, but you may be disappointed if you want to see a "horror game" at the time of opening this book.

As a first attempt at this approach to creation, the "OXENFREE" does not stop there. In its relatively complete system, the most obvious problem is the consistency of narrative needs to be strengthened, based on the traditional manifestations may control the cost of the game, but its continuity in the narrative is still always difficult to do first-line interactive movie That's perfect. Compared with the current "interactive movie" games of the moment, "OXENFREE" may let us control the players when walking around may be a bit too much, the character's speed may also make some impatient player feel irritable, especially when you The wrong way.

Of course, if you are the kind of player who loves to flip through all the elements in the scene, you still find yourself spending a lot of time on the round trip On the road. Since this exploration is not always without real value, the lack of a quick way to get through the map has become a factor that can not be overlooked and affects the gaming experience.

OXENFREE is a new genre of interactive films based on classic adventure games featuring exquisite graphics, elaborate stories and excellent full-length voice.-ApkAward.com

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  1. Knight

    Hi please add Netflix Edition it has more language thank you

    1. apkaward

      Thanks, update 4.1.2

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