Last Day on Earth

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Last Day on Earth Description

One by one, you need to get into the crazy world of being caught in the virtual world and chased by the zombies and hunted down by other survivors. -

The game uses a partial realistic style of the screen design, originally thought that the game uses a single play, but did not think this as an online game, the player just entered the game, the game will let the player select a server to start the game , For the novice or choose a new server safer, after all, will not be chasing the back of other old players to play. The quality of the game server connection is still relatively good, in the experience of the process did not appear Caton or directly dropped the case, which for an online game is still very important.

Just entering the game when the player is still defenseless, and even a piece of clothing, a pair of pants are not, the player can first collect all the items and resources in the scene together, without these materials to survive is simply impossible to use to collect The material players can create tools, or construction, this can be made of more elements, as small as ax spears, big house can be built by the player, and the use of workbench, stove and so on tools players can enhance Your own quality of life. However, in order to create new items are subject to consumption points after learning, players can learn to build.

When the player sets up his house and has collected the elements of the birthplace, the player can start a new exploration, the player out of the edge of the scene to enter the world map mode, then players can choose to go to other locations, but according to The distance between the players need to spend walking time is not the same, but players can also choose to spend energy directly teleport to the destination. In other locations there may be some new supplies or supplies box to allow players to collect, but players may also encounter new zombies or other players, but the current experience of Xiaobian point of view, after encountering other players, if the other side of the straight Rushed toward you, if it seems that the strength of the difference between the two sides is not particularly disproportionate, or their own slight advantage of the case, please direct attack, do not be soft, the other will kill the players will be able to get their belongings.

"Last Day on Earth: Survival" topography of the world is divided into three types of landforms: a large number of vegetation covered by green land, scarce vegetation covered brown land, and the desert. One copy is divided into: a copy of the material, bunker copy, a copy of the limited time.

If a player is killed by a zombie or other enemy during the game, or if there is no way to replenish food and water in time, the player will be resuscitated at the place of birth. After the resurrection, the player's level will be preserved The items, including the house, will also be preserved, but the items in the characters and the items in the backpack will disappear, so it is safer for some of the more important items to keep at home. Be careful not to be overridden by someone else's own home. In general, the game is still more interesting, but also rich in content.