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  • CategoryMod, Strategy
  • Updated2023-10-17
  • Requires Android4.0 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (offline)
  • Current Version5.07.11
  • DeveloperPlayWay SA,
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911 Operator Description

Where is the place? what happened? When did the incident happen? Who is involved in the incident? Possible: Anyone possessing a weapon? - 911 Operator's answer criteria.

911 Operator Most of the simulations in this category are challenging and intense work such as medical workers, firefighters or police - it's these people who make sure the city is running behind them Unknown hero - they are dispatchers. Their work is simple but significant: that is, to send the right people to the right place, and this will determine the life and death of many citizens.

All the player's actions will be around a huge map.

This is what the "911 Operator" emulates, which opens out to the player with a map of the city and many icons representing firefighters, police officers and first aid workers. Once there is an emergency in the city (represented by a special symbol), the player needs to respond to the situation by sending the appropriate manpower: for example, if someone asks for first aid, you have to click on the ambulance icon; in case of theft, You need to send the police to deal with it. If there is a car accident or a fire in a high-rise apartment, you need the police, fire and ambulance departments to work together. In addition, since it takes time for personnel to get to the scene, the key to performing the task is to "send the right people" and ensure that they arrive in a timely manner, requiring regular adjustments to the area in which they are on standby - at least, to deploy Conveniently located or close to the main residential area.

In the game, a more sensible approach is to place the vehicle close to the main traffic intersection near the city limits. In the game, in addition to solving the emergency on the map, the player is also responsible for answering the help-seeking call. Like the real operator, the situation you face is either overwhelmed or stunned - it could be that a panicked woman has been robbed or a collective fight has taken place in the street, or it can be horrifying Attack, or ... Pet cat stuck in the tree.

During the conversation, you can learn more about the events by asking the appropriate questions, such as "how many suspects are there" and "where the events occur", all with the ultimate goal of - without taking up too much resources Under, to ensure that events can be properly resolved. In addition, the player can also give help to those who help, such as guiding their implementation of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or tell them how to control the fire - these are all helpful to the handling of the problem.

You have received a helpline!

I must mention that these calls quite people feel immersive, which also constitutes a game features. In fact, you can clearly feel the panic of the trapped people in the fire or the anxiety of people on the scene of a car accident; while others make people dumbfounded, especially when someone misses Dial the alarm call, or just to reflect the short moments in some parents.

When the professional arrives at the destination, the game is presented to the player in a somewhat abstract first scene (see below) - including the police, victims / criminals, and some items requiring special treatment Suspicious vehicles and fire). If sufficient personnel are available and all are in place, you will be able to resolve such matters as static. As in reality, the police will step in to inquire police officers, issue tickets and arrest criminals (during which time both parties may have wrestles and even exchange fire); as for medical care The staff will take care of the wounded and send them to the nearest hospital, depending on the situation; firefighters will be responsible for putting out the fire and cleaning up the scene of the accident. During the process of resolving the problem, whether there will be any injuries or even death - the decision will be based entirely on the capabilities and equipment of the field personnel.

At the scene of the game, on the right side of the screen, you can see the ambulance staff are treating the wounded, and this is extremely important to the player because each task is properly completed, determines whether you can pass the test, or Purchase more advanced equipment. In the case of improper handling, your men will be injured or even killed, and your reputation will decline, which will eventually affect your income or even cause you to be dismissed.

Some incidents, if not handled properly, can affect the reputation of the player or result in injury or dismissal.

So far, the "911 Operator" first impression of us seems to be "innovative" and "interesting", but the impression is very confusing: in fact, creativity and system design are not the only criteria for judging the quality of simulated games Another of the more important factors may be whether, as the game progresses, it continually adds new content and challenges to the process, giving the most greedy player satisfaction.

As you go through the game, you find everything you do, just sending the same color vehicle to the sign on the scene, in fact, the player feels bored after about five hours of experience because you will Found that various emergency situations are often the same. Later, you will even find that you do not have to even read the description, just follow the prompts for the color symbols (police go to the location of the blue icon, the fire brigade to go red icon location, ambulance to the white icon location), the corresponding vehicle That's it - then, the game turns into a color matching exercise, and the boringness is just as noticeable when it comes to familiar dexterity calls.

Between levels and levels, the 911 Operator has a staff management system that lets you build and run your own team, but with creativity and disappointment - the interface looks a lot like the RPG's equipment management bar , You can hire a new subordinate to buy more advanced vehicles and items. At the same time, your subordinates also have the corresponding ability values ​​ (such as first aid workers' ambulance capabilities, police firing techniques) - these values ​​determine their efficiency. As the game progresses, their abilities rise as their experience increases, but they may also be injured by accidents and temporarily leave the team. In addition, players can also purchase vehicles and equipment - such as fire trucks, shotguns and first aid kits (of course, most of which are included in the DLC), which will help deal with the event.

Game personnel management interface, but on the other hand, this made some flaws in the design - first of all, the game provides vehicles and equipment is still relatively simple, especially for those who do not buy DLC; In addition, for most Emergencies, the most basic equipment can be solved, which led to the lack of purchase of new equipment players the incentive. Even more awkward is the fact that even if you have a specific gear assigned to a person, there is almost no display of personnel in the game: the system displays the equipment only after they enter the scene of the accident - To put it in a nutshell, even if you have allotted professional equipment to your men, you are totally confused about where they are in the event of an emergency - a major failure.

Free mode There are many cities (maps of these cities need to installation) to choose from, such as Chicago, Beijing, Damascus, or Pripyat.

The 911 Operator offers two modes - Career mode and Free mode, both of which are also highlights and issues. In the former, you have to deal with an emergency in the city within a given number of days, which in turn increases your reputation, s the new map, and as the game progresses, players face more extreme conditions - such as earthquakes, At this point, the city will be almost filled with icons representing emergency situations. And in free mode, you can choose from more than 8,000 cities around the world - another highlight of the game. On the other hand, the judgments provided by the game are very rigid in these models: specifically, if you send assistance to a less urgent event, such as a car that requires parking, Will lower your prestige - which raises the question: If I have ample manpower, why not provide assistance to a citizen in need? This is logically hard to understand.

In general, "911 Operator" is a creative and promising game. Its structure is reasonable and perfect, play is very interesting.

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