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  • CategoryAdventure, Mod
  • Updated2019-10-03
  • Requires Android2.3 and up
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  • Current Version1.32.6
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Wayward Souls Description

This game has very charming artwork that is reminiscent of RPGs in the Super Nintendo era specifically - APKAward.com

The game environment is a constantly generated by the dark world, players play the role of independence need to break through six scenes, the face of many dangerous demons. There are 13 different terrain environments in the whole setting of the game, with different monsters, hidden traps and special encounters. It should be noted that every scene or dungeon or tower level is numerous, and each time the role of death must begin to let the difficulty of the line straight up, and even some torture. For example, the first bronze dungeon has five layers, if the bad luck of each layer of the entrance and the next level of the entrance are far away, then ultimately, hard shuttle.

Action adventure as the main content of Wayward Souls operation is very simple. Left hand virtual rocker by sliding and long press control characters move, the right hand of the operation content is slightly more: click on the ordinary attack, up or down the use of character-specific ability, long press to the object surface flashing release release hit.

The overall feeling of the operation is sensitive enough to help the player to achieve some exquisite post moves to avoid and wait for an attack. Fighting the sense of fighting is also quite in place, and even the vast majority of the elements on the map can be cut melon cut vegetables like dismembered, if the player is really boredom may wish to experience one of the refreshing. But occasionally there will be no sense of operation with the sense of lagging behind, probably Mr.Three use of the soldiers themselves agility is not high relationship.

Warriors, mages, thieves, adventurers, swordsman, pagans, the existence of six kinds of career so that Wayward Souls play a lot of fun. Where the soldiers has the longest arms and the highest value of life, and has the ability to block and throw Feifu of; Master of normal attacks need to continue to consume magic, and can control the force of the wind and fire; thieves in the back of the body with additional attacks Of the damage and Stun effect, and can quickly dodge. After the three occupations need to successfully complete the bronze, silver, gold three dungeons in order to , and also have a different professional characteristics. In other words, the player can use six professional experience 6 times the map is not the same way of fighting is the difference between the obvious clearance process, the game is not low in the difficulty, I am afraid enough to provide hundreds of hours of game time.

Wayward Souls will probably give a strong sense of frustration to the players who do not work well, and the set of death is destined to have a very skilled skill to get out of the cycle again and again. Players must be based on the current professional characteristics of the appropriate tactics, the first to kill what to kill and even the use of terrain are called the key. The focus of the combat operation lies in the post moves and timing control, while playing the side of the kite is well known to win points. So they have to evade the cold to choke to fight the way, and constantly meditation "to hit me, do not beat me," and from time to time converted to "Oh I go, this did not escape" owe the face.

Beyond the battle, the biggest change is the growth, the player in the constant adventure treasure and fighting after the harvest will accumulate a wealth of resources. Consumable syrup, skill reel and exclusive props can only be used in the current game, its various effects also need players to choose. But only 4 grid backpack is a bit stingy, hard to get the baby can not take away really annoying. Life replies Potion is the only props to ensure the endurance, although every time through a layer of dungeon entrance will have a certain amount of life to reply, but how can this fixed point can be used at any time to carry the effect.

Gold is different from the above consumption of props. The gold coins obtained in Wayward Souls can not be used when the game is in progress, but is settled at the end of the current game. Players can use the accumulated gold coins in the next adventure before the start to enhance the ability of a career, each job has eight attributes to choose the direction. So Daguai save money to replace the Daguai upgrade process of growth, the same attributes can be increased and costly increase, the accumulation is also a surprising number. But the game does not have any purchase ingredients, each adventure about 200 to 500 gold coins, or more reasonable.

In addition, the dungeon will appear in the random some forging Taiwan. According to the occupation used by the different, respectively, to provide some weapons and armor forging processing and enchanting function. This promotion is random and irreversible, and it is not always better than harm. For example, the soldiers will be weapons forged into "Bane of Bones", although the power surge, but the attack and mobile efficiency will be substantially reduced, very detrimental to combat guerrilla.

As for the more part of the sense of accomplishment, is to collect different shapes and sizes of the hat. Each hat, you can let the player character to a completely different appearance appear appearance. The more the collection, the more funny the image, do not know whether the final look to see me seventy change. At the same time, the game also set up 25 achievements for the players to challenge, some of which need careful arrangements, the other part can be realized inadvertently.

Gloomy dark dungeon picture, dripping straightforward fighting wandering, 40M volume contains a lot of surprises. Six occupations, each with eight directions waiting for training; six scenes, maps and forging filled with random. This is not a can easily switch off the game, in the battle of the training to know ourselves in order to slowly find the opportunity to victory; this is not a Daguai upgrade boring works, every character of each step forward will reveal the hidden story, Reproduce their past. Achievement is a challenge, collection is also a pleasure, where is the next hat hidden?

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