The Walking Dead: Season Three

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  • Updated2022-08-29
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  • Current Version1.04b
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The Walking Dead: Season Three Description

Telltale's "The Walking Dead" story has come to the third quarter, before the story clearly can not be easily abandoned. But it does not matter if you do not have a previous archive because at the beginning of the third season, players can rebuild their previous major options with a series of simple options if they choose not to inherit the archive, Make a background you want. But in spite of this, the game is again, for the protagonist.

However, this does not mean that there is no point in reconstructing the story of the past, because Clementine is still a very important character in the third season, and it is exactly the choice we made before. In short, if you shape Clementine into a vicious bastard in Season 2, Clementine will meet in the third quarter and vice versa. In short, the player's previous choices will be mainly in this way into the third quarter of the game, like watching their children or younger sister finally grow up.

Unless you are the first to meet with this newcomer, you'll surely feel Clementine's tremendous impact in the game (but if you're a newbie, I highly recommend starting the game from scratch in the first season). In the first two chapters, several important Clementine-related options are close to 90% on one side of the stats, which means that almost all players pay for this girl who has been with us for two seasons Spoiled trust In all of Telltale's games, no single character has even a slight approximation.

What's more, Clementine also has its own independent story line. Clementine, who reunited with us in the third season, did not come straight from the end of the second quarter, with a gap of enough ten centimeters between them. This passage is being shown in the form of reminiscences at intervals of the mainline. Moreover, this story line will be entangled with the story of the protagonist Javi in ​​a meaningful way. This is undoubtedly a new attempt at narrative, and making it all possible is formally due to the charm of Clementine's character. Although she grew up only a little bit, she feels more reliable and amiable than all the big game-based assault rifles.

However, after all, the protagonist is replaced. Under the new pattern of the third season, the background of the end of the world of zombies remains the same, but the visual angle of the works shows a very clear turn movement. The third season's protagonist Jaxi is a Latino guy, in which the elements of the story entangled in addition to this suddenly become extremely cruel to survive in the world, including some in the "The Walking Dead 3" game has not How to touch the family or even love elements. This makes Q3 games a lot like Family Ethics in a Doomsday (as in the first two seasons of a TV show), at least for the IP game series, a very significant dimension Broaden.

A brief review of the day of confusion and panic at the very beginning of the disaster. However, after a short time sequence, the plot immediately jumps to the later time clue, not far from the original comic and the first TV series. In the third quarter of the game, the small conflicts among various fighters started to gradually shift toward organized conflicts. Some of the larger permanent settlements began to appear, and although the world remains disrupted, the order has been re-established in many places. Of course, some crazy and exaggerated forces are also active on this wasteland, disturbing the expansion of their forces.-apKaward.coM

Choices remain crucial and will still determine the life and death of many characters. Some of these options are utilitarian, while others are morally more sensible. But many of the choices are the same as those made in our lives: it is hard to predict the outcome of the choices, and sometimes there are no real options. In this horrifying world, you are not the superhero that panties are wearing on the outside, you can never be victorious in this world, which is Telltale's most "poisonous" trick. In the vast majority of circumstances, we can only bite some of the things we think are the most important, then with the sensibility of shielding all the other options, the whole game is still nervous, any warm picture is likely to be the next second Xuepen Bullets or merciless bullets hit a smash. And, it's worth mentioning that in the third quarter of the game, silence as an option seems more attractive than any previous chapter in the game.

In completeness, the first chapter of the game is much better than the second chapter. If we follow the usual chapter by section evaluation method, then the first chapter at least one point more than the second chapter. However, from the overall structural point of view, the first chapter and the second chapter of the game is actually the upper and lower parts of the third season preface. Probably also because of this, Telltale will choose to put together a total of more than three hours of chapters on sale. Compared to the past chapter a long time, the third quarter of this episode began to be sure to be more enjoyable.

QTE part of the content in the game is still as dispensable "gameplay" component exists, it changes in detail follow the "The Walking Dead: Michonne" design, more expressive than the previous two quarters, Dynamic sense is better. The difficulty of these QTE is still not high, but as a gadget for developers, it is also effective to enhance the general sense of tension in the game. Because part of QTE's reaction time is very short, if the player did not focus on the game into, then it is easy to get GAME OVER sudden threat.

The Walking Dead debuted in two chapters and made considerable innovations in narrative methods and story themes. In addition to these new tricks, Telltale's The Walking Dead continues to represent a unique beauty of the game world and remains a well-deserved leader in the transition from classic adventure games to interactive narratives.

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      Just tested, the download link works fine.

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    How can i unlock the episodes

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      yes, Mod: Unlocked EPISODE 1-5

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