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  • CategoryAction, Adventure
  • Updated2017-07-13
  • Requires Android2.3 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity ()
  • Current Version1.7.0
  • DeveloperHeadup Games,
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The Inner World Description

The plot is not innovative, as most adventure stories generally start with breaking the peace. The protagonist Robert is a naive bear child, quiet and harmonious living in Asposia's largest wind temple. What is unusual is that Asposia is a vast, hollow area surrounded by boundless soil. The air in this world is supplied by the three wind springs. Good time continued, but suddenly one day, one after another Fengquan dried up, the Aeolus thus arrived at the only surviving Fengquan to Asposia, and then our protagonist Robert was inadvertently even been involved in this A series of bizarre events to go. Unluckily, Robert, with the help of mystical thief Laura Laura, carries a good pray to restore peace of the past and turns his head on an adventure to find the secrets behind the exhaustion of Wind Springs. -

An open game, a slightly mysterious music preemptive, to the player to create a weird but not nervous atmosphere; the interface cute font slightly graffiti children feel, but people feel more cordial; the beginning of the story of ultra-clear The simultaneous dubbing allows the game to look and feel like playing a movie, plus super-long, super-fine story development that allows players to play almost like a movie (with subtitles included); after the tutorial has been started, the game includes many Scenes and props. The game screen is simple but without losing the details of the portrayal, vivid characters, there are many small props and objects on the screen you can click, players should patiently find the corresponding object, with the relationship between good objects to complete the task (the correct mix Really a highlight).

The game operation is very simple, basically done by pointing control. Click somewhere the player can walk somewhere, click on an object to investigate or pick up, or open the object's function. The right to drag an object onto another object can be combined with two objects, but also an object can be applied to another object, this is quite a test of the player's ability to adapt and adapt to the ability (you can imagine using alcohol irrigation Drunk a worm and use it as a rubber band for a slingshot? Impossible!).

Game screen style relaxed and relaxed, although not a high-definition high-definition series, but also with a thick European and American comic style. It's more of an animated feature than a manga-style game. The main game mainly to solve the puzzle, the development of the story but also in each task scene to complete a specific task, and scenes of each props may be the key to the next puzzle, set a certain clearance difficulty At the same time also provides intimate tips, so that players will not pass because of the mystery can not pass off and hurt.

There are a lot of scenes in the game, and there are a lot of props and people in each scene (at least 325 details are said to be excavated! Is not it eye-catching?) Plus a rich story Plot and character dialogue, is simply animated, and for a puzzle game, developers can be considered enough heart.

Quirky story twists and turns, witty and humorous dialogue content, a large number of tricky puzzles will make the story of game player love put it down;

Numerous hand-painted drawing details full of them (at least 325), comfortable atmosphere of the game, can be said that in a relaxed game to experience the charm of the arts;

Excellent cartoon production effect as animated cartoon, rich professional voiceover and lips dialogue synchronization, is simply the game animation king, cartoon game king;

A large number of screen scenes and characters to dazzle the player, and rich and varied, weird bizarre props portfolio is bright blind countless double-player titanium eye, warm multi-level game tips cross difficulty, so that each player can insist on playing to The last game.

Overall, as a puzzle game, The Inner World inherits the mystery of the traditional puzzle solving puzzle game, but also adds a rich and vivid story line, coupled with excellent cartoon production and dubbing, the entire presentation Out of the puzzle game can be said that a new generation. Although some players may feel that the game story is too long and affect the fun of the game, but we may wish to think that it is to give our players a cushioned rest time, after all, over-brain is not a good thing.

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