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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Description

"The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth" is a re-enhanced version of "The Binding of Isaac". It did not take Steam for a long time in 2014 to break the sales volume of two million. In the same year, the mobile version was released and many players However, because of "child abuse" and religious issues later, it was only three years after the showers were seen and it was not disappointing to wait for everyone. "The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth" is a combination of religious RPG shooting game, the mobile version of the PC version of the series inherited the weird style, funny and rich religious metaphor design, play time will trigger a little thought, it may Will bring a little bit of discomfort. Even though the game takes the trouble to embed so many religious colored eggs (such as the seven sins and the crucifixion of Jesus), it is primarily gameplay, and its most preferential treatment is its operation because it is somewhat different from the PC version, Change the game habits of many old players.

The main game is to play the game, the test is the accuracy of the player operation. The key to victory is "walk + attack", PC version, ADWS four keys to control the movement, the arrow keys to control attacks and attack direction, or aiming directly at the launch. Mobile version is to give about the double joystick, respectively, control of Isaac's movement and attack direction, the bullets will be automatically fired continuously, that is, the player just need to move to the exact location, from the right direction launch on it. However, Isaac will not automatically target, firing range is limited to the same line, the shooting distance is only half the length of the room, that is, players want to move to a correct direction, the right range, have to be within range Effective attack.

Compare, you will find the basic version of the mobile version of the PC version is still a little simplified, the manual attack into an automatic shooting, should allow players to focus more on the go. However, the location of the game on Isaac each move accurately demanding, with the PC version of the keyboard, still can click with a little adjustment, the same direction of attack using the keyboard to adjust, or directly with the mouse aiming; but the mobile version Double virtual rocker are very difficult to control, move more, too much, move less, not enough, whether it is mobile or attack, are difficult to place in one step, leading many mobile phone players will play "acclimatized."

But the game changes to the content is the operation only, the rest of the basic use of the PC version of the set, including the uncertainty of the room and the enemy. Each room has a "always new" room, a roguelike feature of Isaac's most talked-about game fans, with each room having a different door that leads to different places like the Golden Gate To provide benefits, the curse of the door will cut off the life while providing benefits, the door is the standard BOSS, the game every time you start again, the contents of these doors will be randomly changed.

This design allows the player's "experience" completely lost its role, you can at most remember what different door represents, monster's action mode is like, but will never guess what will happen after the game reset. So whether it is the fans of this series or the adventurous new, can be in fast-paced shooting, to experience unexpected surprises, especially Meng new people, do not be afraid to die, anyway, whether you are dead or alive, etc. You always new, may not be able to cope with something, how often can you find out the door.

Matching the Rougelike gameplay is the random appearance of monsters in different rooms. They are a "surprise" every time you open a room, and it is also the "culprit" that increases the difficulty of your operation. They are "surprises," things that you can not control at all, and they may wait for you to go in and out of your ears. You may be trapped in one place and can not wait for you to kill. Their movement is sometimes straightforward, looking for a shelter can block their offensive; sometimes romp, where you hid where it jumps. Not to mention modeling non-mainstream BOSS, is just a collection of all the previous mobs.

But even though AI in The Binding of Isaac series is well-commended, monsters can still remember the patterns of their actions, such as the eruption, and when you dodge it, it leaps to the direction you are moving Drop it, you just have to advance in the opposite direction to dodge on the line; another example Gemini, the size of the child will have a short break after the sprint, which is your good time to attack it ... ... they really give players the test is to increase the The difficulty of operation.

Difficulty one: you move I move, want to aim not so easy. The Isaac series monsters, unlike other shooter-enemies, are smarter in their modes of action, they do not always stay on a fixed line, but walk around the pattern. So the last time you were aiming, the next time it was invalid, you had to constantly move around to deal with them. Once the monsters attack, it is also commonplace to take care of each other, the Handicap party here are estimated to live in three rooms.

Difficulty 2: You shot me also shot, bulletproof shooting is very difficult to hide. Since it is a shooting game, the barrage is essential, there will be a time bomb on the BOSS, there are combinations of the mobs on the mobs. Although the former blood thick, but it can rely on estimates of its mode of action to avoid the latter by the operation of the basic plus luck, mobs where the room more obstacles, mobs widely distributed, attack them, the barrage is completely dense, overwhelming Come in from all directions. At this time, you only have two virtual rocker, to find the gap to escape the precise side, one side to fight back, extremely difficult, the Handicap Party really live here but three rooms (important words to say twice).

In addition to meet the vast series of game fans, shoot the game fans content, PC version of a large number of religious symbols and the story have to be retained, such as Isaac was killed by her mother, hid in the basement; such as players defeat a BOSS can be a Isaac was Family abuse, bullying memories of outsiders, get through the whole floor can see more plots and ending (so the mobile version joined the three files, PC version can only hit the end of a file) - although the game is known for its outstanding color play , But to plots, basements, monsters, props to map the protagonist Isaac's life and inner double dilemma is also a game of spectacle, and even the level of the toilet, bricks, nine whip and other material, looked a little "nauseous Meng "However, it corresponds to the suffering of Isaac's life. This adventurous secret of the Secrets of the Chamber of Secrets is the inner play of Isaac, which may lead to a bright future or to a more brutal reality.

As a transplanted work, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth has done quite a good mobile version, Rouguelike elements (including random rooms and monsters), monster combination, BOSS of the original game are all in the mobile version Be reproduced. In addition to the players need to spend some time to adapt to (so egg pain) double virtual rocker operation, the basic feel no sense of violation, and even more than the PC version to play more convenient.

This is definitely a fun, depthy game worth spending.

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