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  • CategoryAction, Mod
  • Updated2023-09-17
  • Requires Android6.0 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (offline)
  • Current Version1.2.10
  • DeveloperAtypical Games, Editor's Choice,
  • Get it onGoogle Play

Radiation Island Description

An unknown sea area, a few mysterious islands, like Robinson on the desert island as self-sufficient, like the belly like grazing a variety of things, many young people have cherished this vision. However, the survival of an island is only dare to experience the dream thing, and now this idea in hand travel to be achieved. Radiation Island is a disaster-based survival puzzle game developed by Atypical Games. Players face and face the primitive creatures and terrible creatures on the deserted island, surviving and ridding the island of puzzles. Living is not easy, and the line and cherish, let us walk into this unscientific world! - APKAward.com

Some twists and turns of the story of the game bizarre, tells the story of the outbreak of World War II in 1939, the notorious 701 sub-unit of the Japanese Empire, the ninth technical department started operation in order to create a huge land transport devices for their invasion of high mobility unit Transport channels. Two years later, a transmission device that used electromagnetic effects to distort space-time and achieve quantum invisibility was built on a small archipelago and was subsequently tested for transmission, but the result was that the entire island, along with the inhabitants of the island, vanished out of thin air! Players play the role of a crew member on the USS Elderridge frigate. During the electromagnetic experiment, it passed through time and space to the island that disappeared due to the electromagnetic experiment. In addition to surviving, the player had to explore the island and resolve Open puzzle, restart the electromagnetic experiment, return to normal space-time.

The game begins with a movie trailer, the thunder and lightning in the non-stop conversion, giving a sense of time and space disorder. When everything is still, we can see the game exquisite picture production. Light and shadow effect of the use of very good, the details are also very well characterized, it is hard to imagine this is a mobile game. At the same time, background music filled with a weird atmosphere, huge island only a player living, can not help but make people feel nervous.

The game is full touch operation, feel very smooth, the player slides the left and right sides of the screen to control the direction and perspective, touch the attack button to attack, in addition, the game all the actions can be long press or Short press the object, the button to trigger, these in the novice tutorial will get a detailed introduction, so getting started is not difficult, but learning to operate is just the first step in life.

The game requires players in the open world for a grim survival adventure, horror and the changing atmosphere of reality is overwhelmed. Players need to hunt for food, looking for everything that can be used to survive props, but this place is full of crises, want to survive is not simple, collection and synthesis is actually the core content of the game. By collecting simple materials, players can create a variety of advanced props, such as weapons, traps, tools and clothes. As the game progresses, players can also create many modern items on this desert island, of course, all the tools need to be processed on the original resources, players can use the game cutting firewood, hunting, scavengers, mining and other Ways to get all the machinable resources.

In the game, the player's enemies are not only a bad weather, the primitive animals in the island and all kinds of monsters mutated due to radiation are a deadly threat. Some enemies move quickly, some enemies in groups, and some enemies will spray venom from a distance, even if the player is fully armed and difficult to deal with. Fortunately, many enemies find the player moves inexplicably stagnation for a short period of time, giving the player a full attack opportunity, then the player's weapons and attack means becomes very important, and some long-range weapons, including games Late guns can provide good security for players.

With all the skills to survive, we can try to explore the world. The story of "Radiation Island" is driven by diary documents found on the way. There will be one transit point in the game. Once discovered and marked, the player can Use maps to instantly move to these locations. There are also some interesting tools in the field that will help the player's travel, such as paragliding flying in the sky and canoes used to cross the ocean. It is important to note that players should not forget to wear a radiation suit and carry enough medicine apart from storing basic food while exploring, because radiation and infection are equally dangerous in the game.

Survival part of this game accounted for a large proportion, but also the greatest pleasure comes from this. As mentioned earlier, the game has a rich and varied tools, but also an endless stream of danger, hunger, cold, dark are not the only challenge of the game, players face more difficulties from the fear of the unknown. But opportunities and dangers coexist. Those dangerous mutant organisms can also provide us with the surviving capital. We can also take this step by step to find out the secrets of the island precisely because we have experienced various tests that will allow us to understand more about the fear of nature .

People are naturally born with fear and expectation of unknown things. Strangeness and curPhoneity make our heart agitated. Walking in the bizarre world of "Radiation Island" is even more unique. Overall, the game is one of the few first-person adventures in hand called rare masterpiece, the story of the game step by step, the story intriguing, whether it is free-style exploration or expressive picture are It is worth a try, not to mention the open world of the game so that survival challenges become exciting and interesting. The game is not difficult to get started, like survival game player if you installation this work, then the survival of the puzzle at the same time, do not forget to enjoy the charming scenery!

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2 Reviews “Radiation Island

  1. Naruto

    You should probably update this since the Devs actually updated this in February 2022

    1. apkaward

      Thank you, updated to the latest version 1.2.10 in 2023.

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