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  • CategoryAdventure, Mod
  • Updated2022-04-26
  • Requires Android4.0 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (offline)
  • Current Version1.11.0b
  • DeveloperBroken Rules GmbH,
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Old Man's Journey Description

Old man's Journey's story begins with a letter from afar.

Letters are still the most romantic bridge connecting people, no matter you live in the world, he lives in a corner, a letter of paper can always make people the most intimate communication. The letters are a bit less clear than the phone, but a little more mysterious; no video call so hatchback together, but can avoid the relative shy eyes. Words are always more elegant than words and can contain emotions that language can not express.

Old Man's Journey game play #1:

In the "Love Letter", Koji Watanabe sent love letters to his late fiancomer Fujii and set off a period of tenderness; in the "untold lover," Kim Eun-ju and Han Hsien-hsun marvel through time and space through magical mailboxes In a letter from a strange woman, a strange woman wrote a long letter to author R, describing her long, painful life.

The moment when the letter is sent out, it seems that it has nothing to do with the person who wrote it, because their feelings have been poured out, no matter how happy and sad the person reading the letter is, and yet another story .

The letter was received by a white-haired old man, after opening the letter he embarked on a journey without hesitation, where is the destination? Who is the sender? What did the letter say? Nothing to say in the game, we can only follow the potbellied elderly step by step to the end.

At a young age, we always dreamed of conquering the mountains in our lives, as if we were able to prove ourselves only by crossing them. When George Mallory, a famous English mountaineer, was asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, he said: "Because the mountain is there." And finally he stayed there. So why the old man, who lives in solitary loneliness on the beach, stays here?

The elderly are getting old and decaying, physically exhausted, that mountain, that water, that steep slope and the cliffs are even more difficult to cross, but he gradually found that the steep slopes slow down, the mountains drooping, and even the water will be followed him And sent, as if the world he had been fighting with, urged him in his ear to move fast. "Old man's Journey" has a total of ten scenes. In the exquisitely crafted world of toner painting, we will light his memories one by one and unveil the old stories buried in his heart.

Just walked out of the house, walked over several hills of the elderly on breathless, resting under a tree. Next to the tree is an ivy surrounded by outdoor bars, scattered glasses, there are still warm lights connected to the tree above. Sitting on the roof of two couples clinging to chatting, the rising sun slowly emerged in the mountains over there, the thoughts of the elderly will also return to the same year.

It was at a reception with a bright night that the splendid fireworks released their fleeting life on the sea and shone even more beautifully on her compact face. It was at this very moment that the sailors who just came down from the boat knew they had found a love for their life.

Leave the seaside bar, the elderly came to the town over the mountain, and then no matter how people live in isolation, but also has some social needs. Here he saw the naughty boy tossed the folded paper plane to the sky, the old-fashioned white hair on the roadside house whining and the familiar music coming from the radio. Hotel in the high point of the town, restless elderly sit down again, a car through the door, together with the young people playing guitar go all out.

Fall in love with the young people always love adventure, from the boat retired sailors and beloved red-haired girl traveled thousands of miles, they drove to the beach, into the jungle, in the misty, in the face of the Gulf Mountain Hug together to enjoy the beautiful scenery. He looked at her pretty face, can not help but said: "If life is a period of ups and downs of the journey, then I have seen the most beautiful scenery."

Leave the lively town inn, the elderly met a young and old two are chess game board travelers. Everyone on the road is equal. No matter you are a prime minister or you are old and young, you will face the same hardships as long as you embark on a journey, and you will of course enjoy the same beautiful scenery. In shabby abandoned shipyards, workers salvaged the already broken ship, and the old ship, like the dark purple shipyard, gave away rusty rust and brought back the old man's time.-aPKAWArd.cOm

Although he has won the most beautiful scenery in life, but he was a sailor, he still can not forget the blue sea. "For the first time there are loved ones and there are dreams to pursue, and the two happy things come together, and the two happy ones bring me more joy and happiness in my dreams. Of the time. "So he thought of marrying her newly bought sailboat with the fragrance of roses and champagne.

Wake up from memories, the elderly riding a small cruise through the sunset shining into gold as shining ocean. It was the sunset, "the sun seems at your fingertips, but fleeting." Under the beacon of the pier, the old man looked at this wonderful view of exclamations. The bell sounded, as if back to that day.

It is also a beautiful afternoon, he and wearing a pure white wedding dress, pregnant belly wife affectionate kiss. The location is still in the sailing around the port, she knew he had a heart-searching adventure, but her marriage is looking forward to a calm and stable life, living in the seaside is the biggest compromise.

Leave the small town called Le Phare (French: Lighthouse) and take the old man on a roaring train. This is a short-distance trains, walking in the pleasant mountains, I do not know is not the illusion, the elderly always feel that the scenery outside the window is also changing with their own mood. The towering cliff slowly bowed, the bridge slopes are also not smooth, looks ups and downs, but after passing through the same as the plains. Only four guests in the only box, the elderly in front of the newspaper bald middle-aged can not carry sleep in the seat, showing the more front of the little girl playing with a toy plane.

The little girl smiled at the elderly with her dark red hair and innocent smile, reminding the elderly of her daughter. Like their own hair color daughter also like sailing, infatuated with the sea, they puddled in the rain after the simulation of the scene, the splash of water made him trance back or sailor's day.

The train arrived in a village called Roche Sureau, with rolling hills of lavender fields and silently grazing flocks of grass, and outside the village there was a small dock by the sea, as if there were very few ships coming. In the pier above the cliff has a lush tree, the elderly under the tree overlooking the sea and sky scenery into the gods.

In the city where he once lived, the seaside city where he married, gave birth and spent most of his life also has a pier, but there are many voices in the city where he lives. Many ships return every day, and many sailing boats go to sea. But he can not travel because of family reasons, so for him and the forgotten pier again? His wife worked hard in the kitchen and her daughter refused to let go with her hand, but his eyes were inseparable from the sea. His heart was not here.

The weather is getting gloomy, a rare in front of the pier to a large cruise, the elderly take it across the quiet but deep ocean. Without the sun, the sea is dark and deep, and people familiar with the ocean weather know that this is the calm before the storm. "It should be coming." He thought of it, but the road suddenly struggled. Peaks and waterfalls are no longer bright and soft, more and more like those he climbed in the peak and the jungle rapids, an inattentive silently disappear in the mountains and forests.

Just as you were preparing for the days before traveling, it was said that pre-departure was the most difficult phase of the journey and that you need to think about the route, consumption, and risk budget, and above all, you need to have a restless heart.

"Why should this be the case?" His wife's strong opposition and ignorant daughter made the family fall apart. He knew it was time to leave and stay, and he would not have been able to ride out That step.

At this end of the road he did not go back, at the end of the road was blankly watching the daughter of his departure, leaving the day the weather like a storm before the ocean, calm, dark and no retreat.

Tempest has never come, in the misty valley, the elderly saw numerous colorful hot air balloon, slowly drifting in the clear sky. He did not know where the hot air balloon went, just follow the heart's desire to take one of them. When looking at the calm sea from the azure blue sky, he had the illusion of navigating in the sea, and the memory reappeared.

Is that the first day or days when he just started out? It has been remembered not too clear, sailors remember themselves through this mountain, when the snow has not yet melted, colorful balloon flying in the mountains, as inadvertently swaying in the colorful dots on white paper. "Really worthwhile trip ah, but unfortunately ... ..." Unfortunately, the final beauty, beauty is no longer.

Among the jungle in the waterfall, the elderly accidentally fell into a deep pool. Pouring the water into his internal organs, looking at the light floating in the water, he remembered that night in the polar region. Aurora slowly flowing in the night, but the elderly are no longer enjoyable. He hugged the picture frame silently, the red-haired woman in the picture still smiled. "The original is the most beautiful but once." Journey is not the end, be careful to go home, then go back strike.

The elderly made a long dream, in the dream he wandered in the darkness of the bottom of the lake, just as climbing in the mountains during the day in general, surrounded by dilapidated wrecks and quietly swinging red coral. "Is this the traveler's hell? Going endlessly on the endless sea?" The old man thought of returning home the day he came back from a torrential rain and saw only the empty courtyards. A VENDRE French: auction) brand exceptionally stingy.

Desperate to close his eyes in the rainstorm, and then opened before the eyes of the riverbanks and jungles, the original falls when the water was rushed to the shore, how long have not dreamed that day? The old man warming up by the campfire was calm down. He understood the meaning of the trip a bit. From the day he left home, his journey never came to an end.

This journey to find memories may be his last redemption. Think of it, the elderly strode energetically stride forward, riding on the clutter full of debris, he came to the last town. There are colorful flowers scattered all over the mountains, at the end is a vermilion brick roofed bungalows, like the memory of her waterfall like red hair. The courtyard in front of the bungalow is planted with huge roses, as vivid as the roses on the day of his proposal. The elderly sat in front of the house a moment, calm down the excited mood after knocking on the door.

Although her red hair was still gorgeous with silver hair, her pajamas were the aqua blue of the jacket she loved to wear while traveling, the white beds and bedding like the little sailing ship he had given to her, Leave her. When she saw the return of the elderly, she opened her eyes and gave a last-minute smile.

Life is a journey, sailors left their wives for their own adventures, but they lost their favorite scenery. Old man holding the envelope does not know how to deal with the grown-up daughter, but his daughter smiled and pulled out of that childhood toy boat.

This journey of life is not the end until the moment of death. The old sail again, this time he brought his daughter and grandson, the beauty of the way will no longer be lonely.

"Old man's Journey" tells a story that is not enough to get on the screen, but its exquisite detail, just-in-time musical changes and ingenuity play the story of Merrill Lynch. No matter how you manipulate the drag scene elements, they are seamless without any trace of abrupt.

This is the real journey of the elderly, or his death before a South Ko dream? We do not know. However, if you choose, will you stay beside Hua Mei, or abandon everything else to come back? - APKAward.com

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