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  • CategorySimulation
  • Updated2022-11-06
  • Requires Android4.4 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (offline)
  • Current Version1.0.11268p
  • DeveloperEditor's Choice, Nuverse,
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My Time at Portia Description

In the game, the player inherits his father's small workshop, makes his workshop bigger and stronger from scratch, and helps the small town of Portia become more beautiful. Players need to continuously receive orders, collect resources, make items, explore copies, help others, and be able to make friends with residents, fall in love, and even get married and have children.

The game has a long main storyline and rich side missions, as well as many festivals and a variety of small games. You can also collect furniture and decorate the house in the game. This game can be regarded as a time-killing tool, and players who like casual simulation business games are worth trying.

Keywords: simulation business, workshop, RPG, leisure

The story of "My Time at Portia" starts more than 300 years ago. The world at that time had highly developed technology, but a war led to the destruction of the world. It was not until a hundred years ago that humans returned to life on the ground. Portia is a remote town far from the center of the world. Residents live and work here, each operating their own shops. Now the protagonist, as a foreigner who inherited his father’s industry, joins the life of the small town of Portia. Players will complete various orders in the game, meet the requests of the villagers, help the town solve problems, and work hard to remove the abandoned workers. The square is bigger and stronger.

The game uses a fresh and cute cartoon fairy tale style, the picture is bright and warm, and every corner of the town is quite beautiful from the 3D perspective. The appearance settings of the NPCs are also fully recognizable. The fly People satisfied. The background music is soft and soothing, beautiful enough and not very present, so even if you spend hundreds of hours in the game, you won't feel noisy.

Game mechanics

The main content of this work is as a workshop owner, receiving orders and completing tasks to advance the plot. In order to make the required items, we have to prepare the materials in advance. The first is to cut down trees to obtain all kinds of wood, quarry to obtain all kinds of stones, and collect all kinds of drops. In addition, there are several relics in the game. We can dig copper ore and iron ore in it. We can also turn on detectors to dig out cultural relic fragments, special parts, and even special furniture. We can also brush dungeons in the game, fight monsters, and obtain a lot of useful items.

After obtaining these materials, they often have to be processed, and some require secondary processing to be assembled. Just collecting raw materials will take players a lot of time, and the process of waiting for processing will make the completion of the task seem indefinite. Therefore, the time in the early stage of the game seems to pass quite quickly, and players need to carefully arrange each day's schedule in order to produce more items in a limited time. Fortunately, as the game progresses, automatic resource acquisition functions such as logging yards, factories, and helpers will be gradually unlocked, and militia groups can also be hired to let them brush copies on their behalf. Tools such as the axe in the protagonist's hand will also be upgraded, and the protagonist himself can also gain skill points through the upgrade, thereby providing bonuses to all aspects of the workshop owner's life.

In "My Time at Portia", the main mechanism of the game is actually biased towards the industrial direction. Although the content of planting, breeding and animal husbandry exists in the game, they do not account for a large proportion in the early stage of the game. When the workshop is gradually developed, we can grow vegetable and fruit trees at home, raise chickens, ducks, cattle and sheep, and even raise fish. We can also catch and domesticate wild alpacas to make them our mounts.

Social system

In addition to the simulation operation, another important part of "My Time at Portia" is the social content with the NPC. A large number of NPCs in the game not only have a unique character, background story and daily actions, but each can interact with the player. Players can chat with residents, give gifts to increase their favorability, and they can also guess punches and compete. Completing various tasks and orders will also increase the favorability of the corresponding residents. From the first stranger, you gradually become friends. If you continue to develop, you can also marry your favorite NPC and have your own children. After the relationship improves, the protagonist can also enjoy the benefits of discounts on shopping, occasional small gifts, and so on. Most NPCs in the game can choose to get married, and each has a corresponding special task. Therefore, marrying different characters may also become the driving force for players to play in multiple weeks.

Another very impressive point is that the game has a very good NPC ecology, as if every NPC is a real resident living there. During the shop hours, we will see residents walking out of their homes and entering jobs. We will also see Dr. Xu occasionally sitting under a tree and reading, Grandpa Isaac will practice Tai Chi in the central square, Geist likes to draw by the river, and the Calabash Brothers will have barbecue dinners on weekends. If we ask a certain resident to go out to play, we will see that person running towards the dating place at the corresponding time. In the process of playing the game, the player is not only mechanically accepting tasks and handing over tasks, but will feel that they are being integrated into the collective of the town little by little.

There are different festivals every month in the game, and each festival has a unique way to participate. During the festival, NPCs will do their best to participate. In addition to enjoying the joy of the festival, players can also obtain many useful items. In addition to eating in the game restaurant, you can also play darts, slot machines, and balloon shooting games. The badges obtained can be exchanged for items. We can also set cows on the ranch, play backgammon with the old man, and go on adventures in the haunted house. During the date, we can also swing with the date, play on the seesaw, draw on the beach, set off fireworks and so on. Although each one is very simple, a large number of small games have made a great help in enriching the game content.

It is worth mentioning that there is a very interesting mechanism in the game, that is, placing furniture in the room will provide various bonuses for the protagonist. This makes the furniture not only beautiful, but also a layer of practical meaning. Players can place corresponding furniture in the room according to their needs. In addition, the house where the protagonist lives can be upgraded, and can only get married after upgrading. After the upgrade, the upper limit of the bonus that can be obtained from the furniture will also increase, and you can also have more space to design the room into your favorite style. In addition to industrial machinery, outdoor yards can also be placed with decorative furniture. Even if there is nothing to do in the later stage of the game, designing rooms and courtyards will make players continue to spend a lot of time in the game.


I personally think that the most hip part of the game is the combat part, no matter who you fight with, you are very mindless. Not to mention the single attack action, the strike feeling is also very poor, the beating is like being blown by a gust of wind, and the stiffness after being attacked is too long. Although different monsters are played in the dungeon, they are actually the same, and the map design is highly repetitive, which can easily make the player feel bored. When fighting with NPCs, I don’t know if it’s caused by optimization problems. NPCs often don’t make moves, as if they are bullying a piece of wood. The experience is also very poor.

In addition, there are actually quite a few minor flaws in the details. For example, the character's action posture is too silly, such as the game content is too repetitive, such as the machine description in the manual is not detailed enough, such as the frequent stuttering, such as the smelting time is too long, such as the thing on the ground does not indicate what it is, such as The handle control is not very convenient, for example, the dubbing can be better, etc... There are a lot of shortcomings, but they are all very detailed and small problems, which have little effect on the game as a whole, so I won't go into details.


In general, the feeling that "My Time at Portia" gives me is that the production team of the game knows what they are doing and what they want to express, so they put the focus of the game (workshop order, main storyline, social) Emphasize that the less important parts (such as battles) are taken over in one stroke, supplemented by the addition of dressing, furniture placement, mini games, etc. Today's official version of the game is actually worth the price, and players who like casual and simulated business games are worth trying.

"My Time at Portia" is a simulated business game, and there is no risk of failure or death in the game. I personally think that there is actually no need to rush to the main task. Although the main task can be completed quickly through rigorous planning and efficient manufacturing, it will increase the pressure on us in the game. It is better to follow our own pace, stroll around, see the scenery, and enjoy the leisure and beauty. My Time at Portia.

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6 Reviews “My Time at Portia

  1. Emir

    Eger oyun günçellenirse silmem gerekirmi yoksa indirip kendi günçelliyomu çünkü oyunda yapdim şeyleri gitmesini istemem

    1. apkaward

      Oyun güncellendiyse, doğrudan kurulumun üzerine yazın. Arşivler kaybolmaz.

  2. Jordan cruz

    Why can i install my download time of portia?

    1. apkaward

      yes,Game update, tested to run the game perfectly.

  3. Silver Freed

    Everything was fine except the voice acting. Its not working at all. Theres no voice for all characters even player. Pls tell me what happen to this file?

    1. apkaward

      update the game~

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