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Additional Information

  • CategoryAdventure
  • Updated2023-12-18
  • Requires Android2.3 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (offline)
  • Current Version3.1.8
  • DeveloperAmanita Design, Editor's Choice,
  • Get it onGoogle Play
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Machinarium Description

For a mystery game that has been waiting for so long, what we see should not be a picture, but a mood; it should not be sound effects or feelings. Humans are good at portraying the world made up or dominated by machines, all of which stem from the reliance on machines and the insecurities that fear to be replaced by machines, so that such a world is always associated with eschatology, both in the movie Wall. E Desert in the desert, or the game "radiation" scattered in the rubble on the shelter, can not let us easily. -

"Machinarium" is also a machine-made world, the background is also a dusky sky, rugged mountains, disorganized metal buildings and abandoned parts, can give people the first impression is not barren, or even some thriving scene.

Because of the robots that live in it, as well as the robot cats, the dogs, the birds, the insects ... They never consider what they are and never care about what else they do, they do what they do , So live very happy.

There is a robot child, accurate to say that the child's head, one day was awakened, body and arm and leg do not know where to throw ... ... Yes! It is our hero, in my opinion, the whole story Morality is a story of how children can take risks in the world of adults, and this child obviously has outstanding ability, for example, it is good at observation, good at brains and courage to challenge. But the most important thing is that it can "flex its muscles". When your fingers sweep vertically, you can lengthen your body, swept it up and shortened again. Almost every level needs to use this feature to solve the puzzle smoothly.

As for the play, the better the puzzle game easier. If the game is an art, that puzzle game is the art of the game, the test is not your control and reaction, but your intentions of observation, and the game's resonance. The first scene of "Machinarium" basically explains all of the gameplay, in fact, two: point and drag, switch or props, props to the need to use, or to help the robot "a long time."

Here I suddenly want to talk about the puzzle game in China by the players left out of the status quo, how many wonderful puzzle games and we missed, in addition to the player habits, the most important or not Chinese version, a large section of the English dialogue and tips Players "reluctantly cut love." At present, "Machinarium" has not yet released the Chinese version (I heard that there is this plan), but in fact, do not understand English, can play well because the game almost no dialogue and text prompts, even where there is a need With a graphical display, it is no wonder, how do we understand the language of the robot? Of course, do not rule out because the developers from the Czech Republic, they translate a bunch of English is also troublesome, in short, Chinese players benefit so much right.

Children with the help of the mouse machine finally get the body aligned, the following to leave this place, but in front of the ditch how to spend it? Discovering, finding and using props is a must for solving the puzzle. Each scene is not large, in order to create an atmosphere, the overall hand-painted comic style is rather dull, the props generally do not make any special position, or more inclined to the experienced puzzle game more old players. However, this does not mean that this is a difficult game, on the contrary, perhaps some scenes will spend some time thinking and looking, but even if new players take it as a puzzle game entry are all appropriate for any gender, Any educational level, any age game player.

The combination of props is a mystery game essential skills, dragged together in the props bar on the line. Enron passed! We first realized, and began the adventure it!

Scene, beautiful! Not only to a high level of art, but to really hard to describe such a delicate and delicate and unique style of the picture. Although everything is inside the machine, but we always feel very warm.

Encountered the first problem before entering the city, children banned. Posing as adults? Or almost something ... ... the original lack of a bulb on the head ... ... smooth get! Every scene, are a great sense of accomplishment.

In all types of games, the puzzle game the most exciting, and most likely to be abandoned, because not by skill and proficiency, it is easy to be stuck in one place can not go on, but if you can easily teach the game to play, that game play Got no meaning at all. A good puzzle game must have a good help system, what a good help system, please refer to "Machinarium". The bottom right corner has a light bulb and a book with a question mark, the light bulb can give you a hint of the core puzzle element of the level, and the puzzles still need to be ed by themselves;

If it does not work, with a question mark of the book can tell you how to live here, but the premise is that you want to play a MINI air combat games, effectively curb the lazy hope on the answer channeling the whole close, in vain the producer's painstaking.

Is a magical place, the new adventure is about to start, I will not do too much drama, and have time to write a book Raiders for everyone. Incidentally, "Machinarium" music is very good, with the atmosphere of the game, mutual integration, rendering each other, sometimes ethereal, sometimes funny, even a bit strange, but never dark heavy, beautiful and depth, let us even more Like this world.

I can be sure that "Machinarium" is absolutely a characteristic game. It is also a game worth playing. Every time I see such a game, I will lament why there are only five stars.

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