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  • CategoryAdventure
  • Updated2021-01-14
  • Requires Android4.0 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity ()
  • Current Version1.6.132
  • DeveloperAlike Studio,
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Love You to Bits Description

The picture of the game first tone gives a very bright feeling, whether it is the fourth hurdle that has four seasons of the planet, or the tenth off that red tone of the twilight under the stone house, the performance of these scenes are difficult to make people think This is a game about alien war and salvation.

Although this comic lattice scene is not much, but the shuttle between the grid when it gives a very unique feeling. It is worth mentioning that the game's music arranger are more biased in favor of soft style, which is the game that colorful picture effect complement each other, so that players in the game process will not feel too urgent. Although for many players in terms of the basic sound will be closed to the game, but the opportunity may wish to listen to the music for it

In general, puzzle games will exist in the main plot, and the plot of the number depends on the theme of the game itself, the plot is part of the smaller. The story of the game to the alien attack as the beginning, as the hero of the robot Nova was attacked and was blown into pieces and scattered around, and the actor Kesi Mo in order to save her and set foot on the collection of the trip. So the overall view of this story structure is quite simple, plus the plot all use the picture animation form, there is no trace of text elements, can be said that players do not need to worry about their own do not understand the game story.

When the game is completed to a certain extent, the game will also provide the goddess of life experience and the young woman meet the small plot. Since the story is not the center of this, then the focus naturally falls on the play and the level of the contents of the itself. And the game is played using the traditional scene puzzle + props collection form, the player has to do is click on the screen any one to control Kesi Mo in the scene to move, and then from these scenes to find the key props to solve a variety of Organ conditions, and finally get Nova parts even after the success of the clearance.

Compared to similar games, the play can be said that there is not much innovation, custom puzzle game players naturally not too much pressure, but only a simple way to click the novice players can quickly get started. However, the real highlight of the game is not playing, but in the level of design. As mentioned earlier, the style of each level in the game is different, in fact, these points are contained in a small story, according to the story of the difference, the level of the property will have a corresponding change. For example, in the second off the players encountered is a contrary to the gravity of the crow, then the level will become based on the current direction to set the corresponding gravity. So that the puzzles faced by the players need to be anti-common sense to solve, play and normal gravity grayscale has a significant difference.

Of course, even in the normal gravitational level, but also because of the relationship between the terrain change and make puzzles become complex, and the most prominent point to the number of the ninth off. This level is due to the multi-dimensional maze of the reason, which is characterized by the scene of the display will only contain the location of Kesmo and before and after a total of three terrain. No matter how the move, the player can see only the location of such a point, puzzles and props location can not say a one-time to see a clear. It seems that these level design is not only focused on solving puzzles, but also the memory of the players have a certain test.

In addition to the game in addition to the need to collect the fragments of Zinova, each level there are at least two special props, these props contain Komo and Nova between the little memories, as long as it is collected Can be played back. But the collection of these props is far more difficult than the Nova debris, and some more players need to investigate the same place will get these props. It is easy to see all of these props to be gathered, then the first level of the basic structure must be well aware of the job. And if you think the main story is too thin, then the collection of props to watch memories is also a good choice.

Overall, this game, whether in the story design or play, have done a very traditional decryption game. And this tradition for the player is the game play up will not find too many problems, but it is difficult to find out what innovation, perhaps this is the bottleneck of the puzzle game it Of course, look elsewhere in the game, or be able to find some bright spots, such as the rich level of design and design, as well as collect more time-consuming memories of props play.

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