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  • CategoryMod, Strategy
  • Updated2023-09-16
  • Requires Android8.0 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (offline)
  • Current Version1.2.90
  • DeveloperEditor's Choice, Subset Games,
  • Get it onGoogle Play

Into the Breach Description

"Into The Breach" is an innovative war chess game, fast fighting, simplifying the map to speed up the game rhythm, limiting the number of unit operations, limiting the number of rounds, and adding Roguelite elements.

Every battle takes place on an 8X8 small map, which does not require much initial preparation. After deploying the chess pieces, you can fight against each other immediately. This fast pace is more in line with the current use of fragmented time, and it is more in line with the core of the game. If a complex Roguelite game tragically dies after a few hours of wits and bravery in a game, starting over from scratch may be difficult for players to accept. Now the fast-paced method is adopted, and a game only takes about 10 minutes, which allows players to rediscover the fun of war chess games, and even if they die, they can quickly enter the next battle.

In the game, the player can only control 3 units, and each unit plays a different role. Attacking, assisting or defending, all require the player to deploy, and the number of game rounds is limited. There are only 5 rounds in each game. Even if you do not defeat the enemy, insist on You can automatically win after 5 rounds. In this way, it can be attacked and defended, and strategies are different for different purposes.

Initially, you can choose the team configuration recommended by the system, and you can also build your own team, whether it is full melee, full range, full support, or a mix and match team; whether it is no brain damage or challenge no damage, wretched development, as long as you plan out With good tactical use, you can fight a beautiful battle.

It is obvious that the game emphasizes the two elements of "protection" and "survival". In the case of only controlling 3 units, the most common situation is an outnumbered situation, which also makes it extremely important to decide whether to attack or defend.

Since there are as many as 8 sets of mechas available to players, and 24 mechas can be unlocked in the game, the combination of rich combat skills and various equipment systems largely determines the playability of the game. Roguelit is characterized by randomness, so each battle can bring new processes, which is very different from traditional war chess in the past.

The death of the mecha does not mean the end of the game. The POWER GRID is their health value. When the building is attacked, the power will be reduced. The value of zero will directly lead to Game Over, so the protection of the building is the highest priority. In a limited round, the player is not more to kill the enemy, but to protect the building from attack, and then survive. Since the enemy's actions are known, it is completely possible to make tit-for-tat deployments based on the enemy's actions, which requires careful thinking and demolition to resolve the enemy's offensive.

In this war chess game, it is equipped with a weapon equipment system. After conquering an island, you can use currency to purchase equipment to upgrade the mecha. The types of props refreshed each time are different. When the mecha has a certain combat capability, equipping weapons with different attributes in a timely manner may change the player's game strategy. In addition, there is another setting that affects the combat strategy, that is, the driver of the mecha. Different drivers have different skills and buffs. Driving a mecha that suits him can increase the combat capability. If the game is over, only the driver can be brought back, and other equipment skills will disappear in the battle.

Terrain killing seems to be an obstacle set up in every war chess game, and there are similar settings in "Into the Breach". You will see different battlefields such as plains, deserts, snow, volcanoes, etc. The forests on the plains will catch fire, and at this time, the mecha units in the forest will also be affected, taking a little damage each round. There are thunderstorms in the desert, you cannot use skills when covered by thunderstorms, and you take damage at the beginning of each round.

In addition, there is a special mechanism of "knockback". Most mechs have a knockback effect, which can make the enemy or our unit move one square in a predetermined direction. In actual combat, this mechanism is extremely important. When the total damage in the early stage is not high, the player can cause damage to both enemies by pushing the enemy to the adjacent enemy, and can also knock the enemy back into the water to cause direct death. These actual combat The application strengthens the strategy and maximizes the output cost performance. Since the knockback effect can bring many changes, and can even kill the Jedi, players need to consider the geographical relationship between units more. From these elements, the mecha, driver, terrain, and knockback mechanism are integrated to make the seemingly simple game have a difficult battle.

"Into the Breach" optimizes the traditional war chess type in terms of gameplay, bringing a new war chess experience. In terms of playability, it is undoubtedly a masterpiece in strategy games.

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  1. shade

    error 404 🙁

    1. apkaward

      Sorry, the link has been modified

      1. shade

        Thank you so much 😀

  2. Waqiburr

    Good day, download link goes to error page. Can i request for upload of vanilla game apk without netflix. No need for unlocked islands and pilots. Thank you

    1. apkaward

      Sorry, the link has been modified

  3. Jimmy

    Sorry ,download link doesn't work and please make a armeabi-v7a mod . Thanks

    1. apkaward

      Sorry, the link has been modified

  4. Asterios42

    You need Netflix account to play.

    1. apkaward

      no Netflix

  5. A3G

    can you update to the latest version?

    1. apkaward

      Thank you, update the latest version

      1. A3G

        Thank you, but there's a 404 error

        1. apkaward

          Sorry, the link has been modified

  6. Didan

    I never thought netflix games could be cracked , glad it's possible now i can enjoy this amazing game on mobile , hats off to the one who did it .

  7. HolArsehole

    Just here to say thank you apkaward for unlocking the full version, love this game

  8. BorgY

    Can i play it without a Netflix subscription?

    1. apkaward

      Update to unlock the full version, no Netflix account required.

      1. Bingus

        Update what?

        1. apkaward

          Full Game

  9. Mars

    Need netflix account don't download if u don't have it won't work

    1. apkaward

      Update to unlock the full version, no Netflix account required.

      1. Mars

        U guys are best

      2. SPHA

        Thank you. I am looking for itb since its android release.

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