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  • CategoryMod, Simulation
  • Updated2024-01-19
  • Requires Android4.1 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (offline)
  • Current Version1.15.14
  • DeveloperBethesda Softworks LLC,
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Fallout Shelter Description

Whether it is not a radiation fan, this is a very sophisticated production of a simulation business class game - APKAwaRd.Com

Fallout Shelter is a mock-up tour operator. Instead of being a young man who fights against fate and flies, Fallout Shelter is a shelter manager who "fates" to others.

Although this player's position is very different from the original, but whatever the outcome is a "radiation" series of derivative games, "radiation" of course, ultimately. For example, Pipboy, thumbs up in the main menu of the game, guides the player in the game tutorial; the abilities of the asylum seeker are grouped into seven attributes according to the classic S.P.E.C.I.A.L system in the Radiation series. In addition, when the shelters are attacked, the emergence of a variety of enemies will certainly make the "radiation" old players excited, like a huge cockroach, mutant mice and the like.

Of course, the original works of all kinds of cool weapons and armor will also appear in this for, but to collect them you need to draw money card, take a look at the figure below the European administrator of the "radiation 3" commonly known "Fat transmitter" hand-held nuclear bomb it!

As a simulated business game, the gameplay is similar to many similar games, with control over resource balance, staffing, business expansion, and even handling emergencies. The game's resources are divided into four kinds, water, electricity, food is the three basic resources, and caps, it can be understood as the currency in the game, which is a small money. Three basic resources can be collected through the construction of production facilities, while caps need to be obtained through the completion of tasks, staff upgrades or sending people to go out to explore. In addition, facilities can be used for free to accelerate with the "Rush" button, but with a certain chance of failure, a fire or a massive cockroach attack can occur after a failure.

In addition to the basic resources of production facilities, there are a variety of facilities, such as drug-producing medical stations, radiation-resistant scientific laboratories, followed by radio stations that recruit survivors from the outside, Gym and more. Most facilities require personnel to work, and the efficiency of the work depends on the attributes of the personnel assigned to the facility, namely, the seven major attributes of S.P.E.C.I.A.L mentioned above. Different facilities require different attributes, so players must deploy the right people to the right facilities to maximize their human resources.

The higher the level of facilities, the higher the population of shelters needs to be ed, and the more facilities there are, the more people are required to work more smoothly. However, the survivors from the outside are limited, far enough to fill the vacancies, which led to the core of this play - to have children.

Having children, when players put heterosexual men and women together in the living room, they communicate, the atmosphere is getting more and more warm, and then the room will get a great harmony of life. It sounds terrible, but this is the setting. When a man and a woman get harmony of life come out, the woman's stomach is big (so fast!), But also need to live a few hours before the child, during this time, the player can still send pregnant women to continue before Work until the child is born.

Why do children say this is the core of the play it? Because this is the fastest way to expand the population of the shelter, with the population base, the follow-up advanced facilities can be ed. In addition, as the game progresses, more and more facilities will make the demand for resources higher and higher, Need a lot of labor to produce. However, this is not without brain to have children can play well.

The expansion of staff will lead to a shortage of food and water in the three basic resources that will cause you to have to build more production facilities, which will in turn lead to a shortage of electricity and the need to build more power generation facilities; the natural need to build facilities Labor, last resort and expansion of population. In this way, it formed a vicious cycle. Population expansion is not difficult, but it is very difficult to grasp the balance of population and resources. It can be said that this is a study of "when is the child more appropriate" game.

The problem arises when the player groping "the truth of having a baby," the game getting better, and the entire shelter in good order, the question arises: What did it do before?

In general, the simulation business game in the late development, there will be a great sense of accomplishment magnificent landscape. Such as the "Sim City" series, the entire busy city panoramic view of the city, sense of accomplishment arises spontaneously. However, this asylum, always just under the grid, there is no such grand feeling, then players repeatedly revival of children to expand, what exactly is for it?

I imagine some possibilities. First, perhaps in order to repeatedly give birth to children to create super-high-quality personnel. However, from the perspective of children born at present, there is no obvious correlation between children's and their parents' attributes. It seems that there is no genetic system. Second, people can be sent outside the sanctuary to explore, perhaps to find the Eden Maker? But maybe I face black, try for a long time have not found, the best time only found a weapon. As a result, still can not find the goal of the game late, only the endless cycle of production and expansion. Perhaps the only fun is that those unexpected incidents, suddenly broke into the shelter of the robbers and mutant monsters, suddenly disrupted the rhythm of the shelter, so you have to go all out to fight.

In general, this is quite good in all aspects, but the lack of depth of the game, players will inevitably lose the meaning of continuing to play. But as a fan-to-work piece, this hand-to-hand tour incorporates a variety of "radiating" elements into play, much better than many spin-offs. If you are a fan of the "Radiant" series, be sure to try this out.

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