Drift Legends

Drift Legends APK + OBB 1.8.1

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Drift Legends Description

This is a realistic 3D racing racer tour, full 3D to create a real track scene, cool racing system everything, you need superb racing skills to get higher glory and unlock the more advanced car .

At the beginning of the game, the player can drive only one seemingly ragged car, but from the point of view of the damage of the car, it is also a very car with a story, it seems this is used as a novice car To practice drift. The initial vehicle's attributes are not high, the player can first use the car familiar with the game's operating feel, and later lay the foundation for driving a luxury car. Players can get bonuses through a field game, re-use the hand bonuses to unlock more vehicles, of course, the performance of the car unlock more money, but also more difficult for the novice to master.

In operation, the player clicks the arrow keys to control the vehicle turning, with the brake accelerator and handbrake players can make a perfect drift, the game feel is still floating, may not be the same as other simulation racing game no matter how the player how Turning vehicles will be like sticking on the ground, at most, that is, slippery, but in the player as long as the turn when the speed is too fast or the turning angle is too large will lead to vehicle skidding or even direct rollover situation, so novice That may take a long time to adapt to the process, but after you master the game still can experience the fun feeling of drift. When the car in the corner, due to friction between the tire and the ground, will produce a lot of smoke, which is made for a few bright spots on the screen.-apkawaRd.com

In the game for the players to prepare two kinds of practice mode and game modes, the new map in practice mode requires the player to use the bonus to unlock, and in the game mode the player needs to drift within a limited time to win a certain score to win, And enter the next game to challenge.