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  • CategoryMod, Strategy
  • Updated2020-08-11
  • Requires Android4.0 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity ()
  • Current Version1.50.1
  • DeveloperOutplay Entertainment Ltd,
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Castle Creeps TD Description

Core tower anti-play law-abiding, defensive tower is divided into physical and magic, respectively, against different types of monsters, guard soldiers play a role of resistance and consumption, the defensive tower to maximize the effectiveness and time of attack, the defensive tower can be upgraded to change the shape and value , Each off the defensive tower can be arranged in a fixed position, Castle Creeps TD's overall higher degree of difficulty of the game, all reached the Samsung is not easy.

In the game, the player plays the role of a commander, in the "Dragon Cross City" is surrounded by critically endangered, take on the mission of defensive elves monster, by building towers and control the heroes to kill the monster outside the city wall is The core purpose of the game.

The game's screen after careful design, modeling more sophisticated, weather and vegetation details are also thoughtful, character modeling, tower defense style, and even the mobs image design are more fit the entire game theme, the game music heated magnificent rich Rhythm, gaming experience is quite comprehensive.

Relatively stereotyped game story, probably about is living in a multi-ethnic continent, humans, elves, dwarves and the Mozu battle, in a battle, the other magician to destroy allied forces, the Allied forces were forced to fall into Defensive, the story begins from here. Although the plot of the old-fashioned, but always better than nothing, Moreover, this type of game story has always been to be seen by the players, teachers can be famous. But then again Xiaobian I'd rather like to play the dark wind TD, such as our side as the Mozu will soon be destroyed by human beings began to protect the devil's nest and the like. Castle Creeps TD is a well-established, tower defense tournament with a strong krypton-gold play. To the late game, how to make good use of the free five-range skill is a core play that needs to be prioritized. It is recommended that you experience as well as experience , Do not enter the pit, because the same excellent product without too much krypton really too much.

The game is done by finger click, which is common in TD games. It is worth mentioning that the game can control the heroes to move and attack in the scene. Clicking the hero avatar can release the skills and is novel. In general TD game will not appear any mobile we can combat effectiveness, because this may affect the overall bias of the game, making it more like RPG instead of TD. This does not know what the producer is going to do. But so far the hero system to Xiaobian experience is quite good, a bit like a "firefighter" Where need to go, it is convenient.

Defense tower is the protagonist of the game, the game can build four kinds of defense towers, namely, artillery, bow tower, infantry battalion, magic tower four, four infantry battalions of these four towers in the role of blocking the enemy, the other three Respectively, a light armor has a bonus damage magic, fighting tower defense can also be upgraded, but to consume resources. Because the defensive tower in the game can not be placed freely, so each defense tower are very precious in the case of resources are not nervous, pay attention to the enemy's armor properties at any time to change the type of defensive tower is also one of the game's strategic behavior .

Defense tower is also able to develop, through access to materials can enhance defense offensive and defensive properties of the tower, to develop a system can increase the viscosity of the game, enhance the sense of achievement of clearance, but the game is still relatively simple to develop systems to be strengthened .

In order to make the game not too high difficulty, while revenue, the producer designed the fifth defensive tower - the laser tower. The laser tower can not be built, the ammunition is limited, but the damage is huge and range attack, basically in the skills of a monster hit will be ashes. Ammunition can be crystal filled (equivalent to RMB), or waiting time, recover slowly.-apkAward.cOm

Extreme destruction of the balance of the hero system, compared with the monster and defense tower, the value of the hero system settings like BUG exist, in order to ensure the balance of the game, the corresponding monster properties and the number also strengthened, in some cases without the hero Help, no matter how hard defensive tower and guard soldiers, still can not stop monster invasion. As a result, the production side has joined the second group of skill building, when the hero can not stop when the release of the group seconds skills it, some people call it the game features.

In summary, this game from the perspective of experience, gameplay, strategy, etc. are considered a relatively good TD games, the game should be above average level of difficulty, interested students can try to challenge .

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