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  • CategoryMod, Role Playing
  • Updated2023-03-04
  • Requires Android3.0 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (offline)
  • Current Version2.5.17.0b
  • DeveloperBeamdog, Editor's Choice,
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Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition Description

When "Baldur's Gate" was released, it quickly became a favorite for players as it turned out. Rigorous system, well-built world, epic music, foggy plot. Gorgeous fantasy door since then quietly opened in the minds of a generation of players, until now.

The ancient legend of "Baldur's Gate" is presented again in a whole new look. As the same year as the story, the legend is still amazing, but time flies.

Nothing can resist the time, nothing can be immutable. Once players are busy with their livelihood, or stand out from the crowd, or have entered middle age.

"Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition" is also different from the PC program of the year, after strengthening the porting of transplantation, boarded a more diverse platform for the more demanding players.

Ten years passed, a little memory slowly dilute. Me, I am no longer me; it, it is no longer it.

Perhaps the biggest change brought about by time is growth, whether it is age experience or mood.

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition completely retains the original "Baldur's Gate" style. Picture, music, system, plot are all the perfect reproduction of the year, all of today's carved perfect.

Fort Candlestick, players and Imeon orphans, childhood sweetheart. Surprisingly, life is unpredictable. A beautiful childhood is relentlessly broken by the Wheel of Fortune - a signless day, Gorion, who participated in the assault on Barr Shrine, asked the player to pack up and leave the castle with him. However, the world outside the Candlelight but not so fortress so auspicious, sudden encounter, adoptive father Groion to protect the players dead. Players who have never listened to their adoptive father about their own life experience and who have no childhood memory, and Imeon, started this fated adventurous journey.

This is an extremely difficult and entangled struggle to grow the road; it is also a mystery all over, conspiracy numerous journey of exploration.

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition is a world of unparalleled freedom, in the main story of the radiation, the huge game layout in front of players gradually unfold. There are countless secrets hidden in this world. Each NPC, has its own story and belief; each branch has a deep causal and ending.

Players in this world to survive, but can affect the pattern of the world. Every encounter, every choice may bring different opportunities; easily move, a concept may lead to different follow-up between.

Extension of the second edition of AD & D rules, the entire game is built under the expert Dragon and Dungeon system. This is a very rigorous system, digital comparisons constitute the core; this is a very precise process, five dice decide everything.

Such a methodology of the world outlook at the expense of quick, rigorous and rigorous classic; raised the threshold, delineated fanatical minority.

The overall framework of the world, making the vastness of the game as sea, but at the same time, it also makes novice easy to start.

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition's graphics have been enhanced on the basis of the original, support for widescreen and high-resolution display. However, at the time of production standards in today's frequently 3D environment despite the original authenticity, but it has been somewhat simple. Looking down the static scene, slightly pixel picture, although after a certain modification, but still can not tell the visual enjoyment. Character modeling, the game interface reveals a thick nostalgic style, but no longer have a touch of stunning.

However, the elaborate production still leaves some beautiful and remake hand-drawn animations that are more in line with the theme of the style and charm of the hand-drawn animations. Although the dynamic of casting spells during the game is still gorgeous for years, Shock; Maps, logs and other UI interface on the old scrolls presented one by one, although the quiet passage of time, but still left some records between the pen and paper.

So epic story, so epic adventure picture. The same epic musical effect has never been far away here.

Gentle music teaser, magnificent music. All the original music with a small amount of fresh ingredients, this already very good area once again carved. Birds in the forest, the sound of high winds, the effect of the blow, the voice of the characters and many other sound realistic, just like being in this world between, understatement will be able to immersive. And walk through the floor crisp footsteps and soft blanket stepped on the details of the characterization makes the game sound system tends to perfect, expensive intentions, your fill in the mountains.

The game's core and external change is not significant, but the details have been strengthened; however, players have grown, the environment has created a more critical vision.

Unconsciously, I have been used now; it seems like that year, it is still the same.

When behavior becomes a habit, it is hard to change. When you think of becoming a story, it is hard to forget.

Older, calm, life tends to the law, the time tends to be nervous. However, although some things gradually restrained, but still active, such as naughty attitude, such as curPhoneity. Open equipment in leisure time, from this moment temporary real life, into the virtual world; fatigue into the game, from this moment, no longer tired of fame and fortune, only the pursuit of the ultimate, looking for collection.

With new elements, Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition boarded the cutting edge new platform. The new three figures - Orcs Black Dorn (to be ed), half-elf mad Master Neera (to be ed), human monk Rasaad will bring the player a 4-hour personal story experience; the new added The Black Pits (Survival mode) is able to provide 6 team more than 15 hours fighting more than 6 hours of challenge time;

In addition, enhanced version of the new 5 men and 5 women a total of 10 avatar package (to be ed), DIY system is also more abundant.

Go to the "Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition" story, select the profile page (9 in total) or create a new character to start the game.

Create a role Unlike most popular RPG games, complex and rigorous settings are the consistent style under the AD & D rules. Gender, Avatars, Races Seven, 11 Foundations, Nine Camps, Initial Attributes, Skill Points, Proficiency, Appearance, Name Once set, players can begin to experience the same world of well-established settings. Nearly a hundred hours of adventure to make players hooked, an endless stream of unexpected episodes to experience extremely rich.

It should be noted that the character set can not be simply arbitrary, reasonable allocation and empirical guidance in this world of powerhouses set foot on the right path.

The new platform, touch screen touch-ring box instead of the mouse operation. There is no difference between the menu settings and the operation of the class, which means that the mouse is easy to move freely. However, iPad9.7-inch screen after all, it is difficult to fine-grained operation and screen details accurately correspond to a smaller range of recognition to reduce the probability of misuse, but also reduces the accuracy of the click-lock operation.

Turn-based macro rules, real-time operation of the combat mode for the game's confrontation process, whether strategic or operational are quite full. Preparation skills, memory spells, easy to rest after entering the battle. This is not a personal heroism, the team with the strategy first, the best of the best output of their respective output. Pause button provides enough combat preparation and immediate thinking, but also makes complex operations can be accurately and orderly implementation. Intimate setting is made to suspend this feature can run automatically, to avoid the risk of sudden.

In contrast, exploring the details of the map is not so pleasant. Not a big on-screen search channel, picking up items, exploring traps, lifting agencies, prying locks and opening doors, finding things such as hidden objects that require precise clicks require an appropriate angle and also require a hand sliver.

New plots, new characters, new platforms and new spaces have changed on the basis of the current year and are advancing with the

That era, that story, that mood, that experience, I seem to find the kind of feeling once, aftertaste.

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition, a rage legendary giant. Thick content, fresh elements, classic core. Friends of the year are very familiar with this series, casually told that no special recommendation; the current players I am afraid it is difficult to accept such an era of work, only with a historical look at the view, to understand the original amazing. Once the blood, now can not always boiling, only to rekindled in the classic, blood is not hot, but not cold. Passion is still there, but used to being hidden under the appearance of life, occasionally broke out, perhaps more Sheng.

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