Wind-up Knight APK 2.4
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TIP: Wind-up Knight v2.4 Mod - Gold is infinite.

Wind-up Knight Description

Style crisp fresh horizontal version of the game, as has been automatically forward, need to manually hinder, can also be counted as Parkour. Beautiful 3d picture and easy music with the overall style of unity, the difficulty is moderate. I usually rarely play this kind of casual games, but occasionally try to feel good. -

You can continue to run forward, to jump, rolling, etc. to escape all kinds of obstacles, and the hands of the sword to overcome the enemy of the road, the ultimate success of the rescue of the princess. The game has more than 50 thrilling level, high-definition 3D game graphical interface and a variety of cool action.

Each level has a secret little level is hidden, find them you add more fun to find. The game has a gold coin number of 999999999.