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Fasten your seat belt, guys! Toca Cars time is here! In the Toca Cars game, there is no rule on the track, you are free to play, unrestrained


Free racing, memories of childhood -

You can go through the pit filled with ice cream, leap into the lake, you can also build a large house, parking lights, e-mail, etc., between these objects at random collision. Everything, prepared, starting!

Toca Cars's environment is made up of recyclable cardboard, including puppies that may be behind you! Want to quickly pass through the lake, touch the tree, and then hit the parking mark once again? no problem! Just press the resume button, you can come again!

Choose "edit" mode, you can arrange your own speeding, roads, trees, animals and houses. You can arbitrarily build the size of the speed point, put a tube in the lake, and even can get hold of a robot out of surprise ...

In Toca Cars, you do not have to follow the road and do whatever you want to do whatever you want! Toca Cars for children 3-9 years old, what are you waiting for? Quickly start the engine!

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Toca Cars APK 1.0.4
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