Mr Future Ninja

Mr Future Ninja APK 1.65

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A ninja is hidden in a future skyscraper - it's an evil company's headquarters. They kidnapped your people and planned to experiment with them. The company's plan is to clone their own ninja, and then sell these called "Mr Future Ninja" without mind the servant!


Ninja and the future technology will hit what kind of spark -

Ninja can be said that many foreign game developers love the theme of the game, recently Huijaus Studios will announce a play unique ninja hand tour Mr Future Ninja.

Although the ninja theme game makes it easy to think of the type of action, but this is a real puzzle game. The scene of the game is made into a 45-degree angle of the form, to facilitate the player to quickly find the scene of the organs, so as to control the ninja to unlock.

And unlock the way the agency is also very consistent with the ninja style, hand sword, instantaneous step and other skills are controlled by the players manually, full sense of action. Of course, the role itself will be affected by the organs and the enemy's attack, but in the move, but to start from the past Oh.

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