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  • CategoryAdventure, Puzzle
  • Updated2019-09-11
  • Requires Android2.3 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity ()
  • Current Version1.7.1
  • DeveloperPOSSIBLE Games,
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Poco Eco Description

If one world loses its voice, can you imagine how monotonous it would be? Puzzle game Poco Eco, the world will not have the sound of music, the earth lost its life, people are listless, live a meaningful life every day ...

At this moment, an elf emerges with a walkman with valuable music, picking the protagonist and leading it toward finding music and gods.

This game can be quite amazing, the role of childrens illustration style design, not careless and unique style of various scenes, comparable to the animation movie preview and cinematics, playful, so beautiful world of the game, do not go in to explore a Fan not waste it?

Open the journey to find music together. The basic conditions of the journey, that is, the game mode of operation is very simple, with a finger click on the screen you can control the protagonist everywhere. The game is based on puzzles, naturally not difficult for players in the operation. Players use this simple way to lead the protagonist to find you the ancient gods, the lost music back, this is the game's play.

The rules of the game are not difficult to understand - each deity represents a chapter, each chapter has different levels of different scenes, topography and design agencies. After the protagonist enters the level, he finds the scanner (a device with a large overhead light bulb) and activates it. It "awakens" all the organs, controls them with buttons, changes the terrain, and finally reaches the end of the level.

The authorities can be said that the game is one of the best places, divided into three types, one is the button control of the body, one is automatic, the other is a puzzle agency. Controllable organs are the key to getting the player out of the maze and must be activated before the scanner can be activated (some authorities are available before activation). The buttons of this kind of organism can be roughly divided into two kinds: circle button and square button. Both of them can change the terrain either temporarily or permanently. The main criterion is whether the red light of the button is off (the light is off) - The game scene is called "Organizational House". There are also many exceptions. In the end, which button should be pressed and which route should be taken first to reach the finish line requires players to explore, consider and summarize their own .

As the game does not have a tutorial level, the level scene is also great, the player is very easy to get lost at first, but please pay attention to the protagonist's elf companion, it will always lead the way. Although it does not tell you exactly how to get there, it will be waiting for you at a destination along the way, and you will find it easy to walk toward it - the game is really sweet!

Automated machinery is part of the complex terrain, the role is generally the protagonist from one place to another transport more distant place, especially when there are many local floating place, the role of automatic agencies can be very large.

However, there are some automatic agencies moving fast, many players will worry about when they first play a wrong foot, causing the protagonist fell from mid-air - do not worry, the game player at this time resorted to the second trick stickers set when When the player clicks on the automaton and the protagonist catches up before the authority moves, the protagonist will stop automatically and stop moving forward. Therefore, the player may feel relieved to go to the point where the protagonist may not die easily.

Puzzle agency is actually through the puzzle to trigger authority, but also the difficulty of the game, because there is no longer a wizard's tips, there is no thoughtful set to take you to jump over, but to rely on the player's own mind. But probably the game is designed for children aged 9-11, the principle of the puzzle is common and difficult are not high, such as the mirror reflection of Chapter VII, through the bottom of the circle button to adjust the prism until the light reflected from the altar It's fine

In general, the three organs of the game are not difficult, but the saying goes, "shallow water drowning people," accidentally go the wrong direction, will be minute card off Oh!

A good puzzle game, not only has a unique gameplay, from different sections of the background music to the scene decoration is very good sound effects, especially the theme music game creation, with the protagonist from home to every altar, light when Walking in the clouds marching in the air, dignified, such as the battlefield drum sound bursts of hearts, and sometimes you can play with the beat game, maybe you will find another way to solve the puzzle it!-apkaWard.cOm

In addition to good music, the game's scene design is also unique, the game uses a number of low polygons to create a unique visual style of the retro futuristic, and then decorated in the theme of the chapter, the production of sophisticated smooth transition animation, people have to indulge in this music world .

The only game worth the tucao is the process is not long, from the first chapter to the final chapter, if not seriously stuck, all clearance is but a matter of hours. Game operation and play difficulty are not high, subtle is the mechanism, terrain and the puzzle into the settings, mobilize different buttons, unlock all kinds of puzzles to trigger organs, change the terrain and the entire scene, witness This mysterious world gradually exposed its unknown face, this step by step into the secret, to explore the feeling of unknown mystery game is fun ah! Not to mention the world there are more than a dozen retro wind pop music, so you take the beats on adventurous roads, boarded the exquisite air palaces, broke into the dark altar ... ... so fun and artistic game, how can you miss?

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