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Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty APK 1.0.5 + OBB

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OBB installation location -> /sdcard/Android/obb/com.oddworld.NNT/

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Additional Information

  • CategoryAction
  • Updated2020-08-11
  • Requires Android5.0 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity ()
  • Current Version1.0.5
  • DeveloperOddworld Inhabitants Inc,
  • Get it onGoogle Play
  • ReportReviews

Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Description

Oddworld is a rare action adventure class masterpiece, the game characters to skilled use of running, jumping, climbing, stealth, take the elevator and other kinds of action skills, and the brutal Grunts people to deal with. Otherwise, in the enemy guard machine gun fire and mad dog fierce chase, would like to survive is even harder, the game uses 3D engine background production! Magic style scenery is more strange to the game even more weird ....

Oddworld is a quirky planet, and at least the biodiversity here seems to be richer than the earth, for example, the protagonist is not the same creature as the boss of his company.

Rupture Farm, the main office, is a large meat company on Oddworld. Most recently, the company was having trouble operating. In order to develop new products, the management decided to hold a meeting. The company's next generation of new products will use the protagonist and its fellow citizens They as ingredients! (We can imagine how terrifying it was) inadvertently eavesdropping on the content of the meeting as the protagonist of the cleaners, and therefore became the object pursued by the company.

The main character in the game is to escape, in addition to occasional throw something dangerous (such as grenades), the protagonist has no worth mentioning attack. Compared with the protagonist in many other works, the leading role is not very agile. All in all, in the face-to-face fight, almost any enemy in the game can easily kill the protagonist. But our protagonist also has a strong special ability, is possessed. Through an inexplicable chant, the protagonist can exert mental control over an enemy in the line of sight, either to allow them to attack their teammates or to jump straight into the abyss.

The background sound of the show is particularly grandiose, which reminds me of the full rhythm of the mechanical dance, of course, at some times, this grand background sound will disappear, but will not disappear for long , So the background sounds seems to be based on this melody, drowsiness of my partner may not be suitable for this background music.

Of course, we control the protagonist, but also that we humans do not understand the alien language, and our English seems to be somewhat similar to the protagonist speaks strong and powerful nasal short, jumping will There are voices out all the stops, but the characters in general is still not very talkative, Mo Yan to fit the protagonist probably more appropriate.

A variety of scenes sound more alien voice than the relative abundance of floor sneaking sound when sneaking foot landing running sound crouching when the bombs will be full of power to explode the sound of mechanical operation The sound of pulling the valve crisp sound, and a bunch of birds flew to winch sound, these are very rich in the game show, so I said in the scene that the sound is probably the most abundant in the game .

In the above list of these blocks, I am afraid my favorite is the sound of a variety of scenes, so that when playing the game have increased the feeling of several grades, the scene is still very important piece of sound, at least the scene after the sound will not Do not know how to play with the end of play, but also close your eyes, you can know that the key is pressed on the keyboard is not really passed to the game.

The color of the screen is briefly mentioned above, with some beautiful colors, the color difference between the various objects in the picture is quite different, whether it is in the dark background, it touches not like I have played a game before Screen, close to staring at the screen to be able to see the difference between objects and objects, broken eyes.

In our protagonist, body color do not look at, and the similarity of the chameleon is already up to how much, for harmony, but also put on the brown boxer pants, the most obvious is the character of the head of a red sensory bar Although it is not possible to guess what is the use of a red organ on the head of an alien, it is also remarkably prominent.

When the meat was blown fly, the color is like cooked pork, really greedy. Explosion effects in the game for this game, it is already quite a shock effect, the smoke generated when the explosion fell in line with explosives explosions when a small explosion clouds.

The game is an action category, but there are also elements of puzzle exist, to give the game to determine the action games or puzzle games, I am afraid not too scientific, non-simple action, not simply solve the puzzle, but also action puzzle Can match the type of this game, so have to say that this game is more common complex.

The game is a gradual step by step level of the game, the game is based on the level as a whole, as long as in this level, sometimes seemingly can not go back to the road can also be backwards backwards, of course, after the time, can not go back, If you start from the beginning of a few back to play later, I am afraid this feeling will be more obvious, such as the door, the first few usually give the impression of illusion, after the door is over, and behind some of the levels The door can be re-started, and it really needs attention. Otherwise, it may suffer.-ApkAward.com

I am afraid that the fun of the game in this one is accounted for more, funny characters to us is a relatively more interesting image, and running, jumping, walking, stealth, tumbling are very interesting, it is a stealth The most funny, sneaky time is not the enemy to find, in the enemy's line of sight and can be run out wantonly.

The players have a lot of skills to master! High dependence on the keyboard! Players need to continually explore and explore the enemy to deal with and choose the best offensive opportunities! The game's sound effects and images give players a feeling of immersion!

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