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  • Updated2017-11-24
  • Requires Android2.3.3 and up
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  • Current Version1.3
  • DeveloperPlaytap Games,
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Card Dungeon Description

The core of the game is a strategy card, and even characters and monsters are board-travel style paper models. All this hand-made looks very comfortable, thick dungeon environment and Smart card illustrations together to build a sophisticated art. Feel free to zoom and rotate the angle of view, players can view from any convenient point of view this not very dark dungeon, looking for the direction of progress, or safe retreat.

Card Dungeon's music is not intense, low, subtle tone is the portrayal of the dungeon environment, but also against the adventurer's heart out of blank and helpless. However, in addition to the floor and the stone wall slightly dull, the rest of the game uses a more bright color, the dungeon more than some vivid atmosphere, a change in the image of the abandoned and barren.

A warrior expects to purify the iniquity of the soul, without hesitation in the North to redeem the pace. As soon as you set out on a pilgrimage to the northern valleys, the air begins to become turbid, full of foul smells - the unclean creature from those underground. The Crusader can successfully reach the pilgrimage site? Or fate has long been doomed, was playing in the palm stock?

Card Dungeon kicked off from here, players need to manipulate the Crusader, the obsession as a driving force, through the cellar and mausoleum in front of.

Easy to play the gameplay and leisure, far more than the imagination of the simple. Players do not have to consider collecting, library, building and other trauma where only need to make the right choice to combat war. The dungeon is divided into four square grid, it is the tactical battle board; the protagonist and the monster is a piece of chess piece, each attack in the form of turn-based system or deal with. Each turn, the player can only perform one action, all the action options include:

1. Move to the adjacent cell of your cell.

2. Use a certain battle card to play its effectiveness.

3. Rest in place.

Movement is the basic operation of crossing the map or fighting walk, rest can reply to the character's current state. Only 3 battle cards are available, displayed sideways in the card slot at the bottom of the screen, one at a time.

So the truth came, Card Dungeon players from the beginning of the library has only three, naturally, there is not much complicated things.

When adventure begins, the protagonist appears in the dungeon, followed by exploration and fighting. Each dungeon is randomly generated, the monster in the face is also different, hidden in the dungeon are many interactive elements, such as treasure chest or trap. The protagonist, like all creatures, has only two attributes, Magic and Health, the former being the requisite cost of using a card and the latter being dead. When a player uses a nasty card to kill a monster, it randomly drops the package, which is the loot. If the player dies, he will leave a grave grave in place and re-enter the dungeon and drive there to retrieve the original props and cash.

On the map chest, stack of debris, etc., and loot packages are opened, they usually have random access to one of the life potions, magic potions, money or new cards. Combat cards can not be collected in large quantities, only an existing card can be replaced, or discarded directly. Therefore, the idea of ​​collecting cards here is not perfect, but refinement, each card replacement must be fully compared.

In addition to combat cards, Card Dungeon is also equipped with equipment cards. The equipment cards picked up by players can be equipped with seven types of helmets, belts and weapons by type to provide some gain to the characters.

All cards are divided into 5 levels from low to high, namely Poor, Common, Fine, Superior and Elite. Different levels of the same name card macros function the same, but specific values ​​ (such as damage, duration) has increased.

Note that the range of attacks on a weapon card requires some synergy with the combat range of a combat card. For example, a melee weapon can only add to a nearby spell cast on an adjacent cell, and has no effect on long cast spells.

Even worse, cards in Card Dungeon are also subject to endurance limits, and cards held by them are gradually damaged (visually) as the number of uses increases until they fail. So players have to find a replacement card before the old card is scrapped, otherwise it is easy to lose its combat effectiveness. Only the random "Holy Pool" in the dungeon can turn waste into treasure and energize the expired card, but from the rarest point of the "Holy Pool", count on a mighty card that cleans the whole picture , It is unrealistic.

A total of seven games in the scene, each of the three levels. The first two horizons in the scene have a Mini Boss guarded, will kill it will reveal the entrance leading to the next level. Of course, players can also continue to explore the current level after killing Boss, until all the property in the bag so far. The third level has two key creatures, one is the final Boss of the current scene, guarding the channel leading to the next scene; the other is a businessman, the player can use the harvest of gold coins in this consumption, enhance the property to enhance their own .

In Card Dungeon, the player's character does not occupy the distinction between occupations, but when creating characters, one must choose positive negative qualities to create a unique hero. Since then, occasional knowledge gems have been harvested while exploring the dungeons, the key prop for ing more character qualities.

And with the different cards they hold, characters also show different forms of combat, such as warriors in physics, mages in summon lines, or thieves in traps. Of course, more often is a variety of card skills mix and match, neither very comprehensive nor specialization. This is Card Dungeon's randomness, random dungeon generation, random card acquisition, and random Boss enemies. Hundreds of different types of cards, such as damage, healing, assisting, control, etc., seem complicated but in fact concise. Constant loss of card durability gives the player a sense of urgency, but also forcing players to constantly trade, so under this rule may be difficult to find the best combination of cards, but no doubt can withstand repeated attempts to move their brains Try character

The designer creates good recording conditions for many difficult and repetitive contingencies in the game. Players can keep a record of a segment of the current game at any time, share it with social networks, and save it permanently. However, after clearing all the monsters on the map still need a grid to move, unable to find ways to evacuate, it is somewhat unnatural.

Taken together, Card Dungeon is a casual work based on a chessboard strategy with random features as fun. Each level takes only 10 to 15 minutes, but has enough resistance to play. Just the rhythm of the game is too slow, it is necessary to move a lot of operations, I am afraid it is difficult to indulge one of the passion. The picture has the style of board game, exquisite and full of cleverness; music meets the dungeon atmosphere, the mystery is slightly deserted. Every dungeon adventure will make the Crusaders grow into a distinctive hero, follow-up will have more music, more cards, more levels and more surprises come, the hope is to keep improving.

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