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  • CategoryAdventure
  • Updated2018-12-24
  • Requires Android4.1 and up
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  • Current Version2.0.6
  • DeveloperDouble Fine Productions,
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Broken Age Description

Do you know the occasional idea that you do not know who the other person is and where he or she is, but there must be someone in the world who is going through the same thing as me, even though I do not Know each other, but can have a kind of feeling of similar feelings. The same is true of the protagonists in the Adventure Puzzle game Broken Age - Vella Tartine and Shay Volta, who are two separate story lines but with some connection.

The game has two main characters: the girl Vella and the boy Shay, although they experience completely different adventures in two different worlds, they are all pursuing freedom and escaping destiny. Players can switch between the two characters at any time, to help people complete their adventure. To say that this is a game is more like an interactive animation, there will be a lot of dialogue and choice in the process, some of which will lead to the development of the plot.

The first chapter of the game is divided into two main lines of actor and actress, the player can choose any one character to start, and now their story is independent. The game can also switch to another main line at any time. The story of the main character Vella girl more tribal atmosphere. In order to protect the village from being destroyed, Vella will be sacrificed as a sacrifice to the monster Mog Chothera. To escape this fate, Vella escaped at the sacrifice and began to look for ways to defeat Mog Chothera. It is an absolute honor for all in the village to consider being chosen as a sacrificial girl, and even her family believes that the other girls who were sacrificed with Vella were obliged to be spotlighted by Mog Chothera. And Vella can not accept such a tradition, her personality is strong, calm and clever, and sometimes will do a little prank, playing with you will not help but like this actress. The other hero, Shay, whose story takes place in a spacecraft, has never had real danger when Shay, who was "raised" by the spacecraft, was unusually cheerful and enthusiastic about the spacecraft, claiming to be his "mother ". Every day he woke up from bed to sleep, all computer-fixed procedures, and Shay could not stand such a life. Like Vella, he also tried to break the shackles of fate.

The characteristics of the environment and characters expressed in the game are very clear. Through the understanding of the story, we can try to touch the deep meaning of Broken Age. In Vella's story, everyone thinks that a sacrificial sacrifice should be made at the sacrifice of young girls for peace. Even the grandpa opposed to all these things is old and decaying, and can only sigh. Only Vella dares to break everything with real action.

Shay's story, the feeling is even more intense, especially the so-called "adventure" that begins and ends with repetitive repetitions day after day, is nothing more than doing a variety of heroic games with a group of dolls. If you do not break such a chain, players have to spit on their own blood, not to mention Shay.

The first thing that "Broken Age" appeals to you is the picture. This long-lost 2D fairy tale is striking in style and is really moving in today's high-definition 3D flooding quality. It is like a picture left in the classic era. It not only shows the beauty of the picture to the unforgettable moment, but also shows the warmth, clean lines and rich colors in the picture, You think everything at your fingertips, concise character design allows you to easily remember each role, their characteristics are also very clear, more importantly, seems casual under the brush strokes and yet full of humor and healing atmosphere, Combined with the plot and lines, it is almost sub-minute addictive.

Sometimes even if you do not want to play too fast, just watching these scenes, there is a kind of heart impulse to take a screenshot, not amazing, but it is pleasing to the eye. Background music is not as good as the screen color, but the voice of the lineup is quite praise, male and female voice dubbing sounds soothing and clean, strong ability to drive the script, passers-by super professional, wearing headphones to listen to dubbing can actually become a Enjoy, it is a rare experience.

The game's dialogue is full of personality and humorous personality, many roles of speech thought-provoking, not a shameless face player rumors, there is no popular moral choice and sadistic plot design, but unexpectedly full of the whole The game's description of loneliness, self-sacrifice, and growth. However, a lot of rich connotation are points to date, quite a few do not speak in the mood. Characterization, especially the two protagonists of the image, in such a natural and delicate description of gradually clear up, far-reaching impact on the players.

The puzzle element is a must have part of the adventure game, otherwise the player will lose a lot of participation and substitution. If you have played other adventure puzzle games, you'll be branded IQ puzzle with puzzle solving inside. For a story to AVG, the logic of the puzzle is more important than the challenge of the puzzle. In other words, the puzzle solving section should be well connected with the plot of the story and the scene change, but also a good guide Players find clues to keep the game going by thinking about puzzles.

It can be said that a lot of drama AVG are beginning to pay more attention to the logic of the puzzle, "Broken Age" naturally do this, the logic of the puzzle design can be considered excellent, as difficult, compared to the traditional adventure games that self-abuse The same brain-cave puzzle, the game's puzzle is really simple to no longer easy to find useful props, and then use it in the place to use it OK, and looking for and use are completely non-abusive, absolutely There will not be a combination of things that make you irrelevant, and then used in a place you can not even think of breaking your head, where the hint of the game is at a glance, A little bit of brain can jump out of ideas.

Too simple design of the game makes the game even more affinity, but also to some extent reduce the game to bring the sense of accomplishment to the players. However, relatively make up for this little flaw, the dialogue part of the game, some clues and props, you have to complete the character dialogue can be obtained, the dialogue options in the game is a lot.

The story of "Broken Age" is intriguing. The game's play is not about catching you down. Instead, it's about letting players get involved in the protagonist's story, sharing the same joy and understanding of fate. -

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