2020 Best Music Game

Music games are a type of game that follows the rhythm of background music and instructions on the screen, and enters operations at the correct time to get points. "Music Games" constantly appearing various buttons to synthesize a song, similar to playing music. This type of game mainly tests your grasp of the rhythm, as well as the flexibility of the fingers, personal reaction and eyesight. There will be a sense of accomplishment when completing a piece of relatively difficult music. And playing a song when you are in a bad mood will change your mood. Music games are a popular genre that combines interactive gameplay with music elements, allowing players to engage with rhythm, beats, and melodies. These games often require players to follow cues, hit notes, or create music, providing an immersive and enjoyable experience for music enthusiasts. Here are a few notable music games for Android:

Beat Legend: AVICII

This is a music game. The game method adds a sliding screen operation method based on the traditional percussion note gameplay, a large amount of music, rich song types, novel operation methods, and world ranking challenges. The rhythm master will let you experience unprecedented The fun of playing music!


Beat Blade: Dash Dance

This is a sci-fi music game. Players follow the rhythm of the music. The characters will hold a neon sword to beat the square notes. The rhythm is different from the melody. The characters will also make different dance poses. The visual effects are amazing. And each level is difficult. As the rhythm of the music also changes.

Arcade, Mod

Beat Fire - EDM Music & Gun Sounds

Do you like a rhythmic feeling? Still giving up for other rhythm games because they are too fast? Is there a musical dream? Your chance is here, this is a vertical screen music rhythm game. From one-handed operation, it makes you feel more simple, complete each rhythm point, this game is unique, when you slide to the rhythm point , Is the rhythm of shooting, ohhhhhhhhh, this is the feeling, the sound of pulling the trigger crisply and pleasantly, letting you relax, as if you are in a nightclub, nodding slightly with the rhythm, gradually increasing in amplitude.

Arcade, Mod

Muse Dash

When I first saw "Muse Dash", I felt that the style of painting had a familiar feeling. They were all protagonists of energetic girls. The colors of the pictures were very bright, and they used a large area of color blocks.

Casual, Mod

Piano Kids - Music & Songs

Piano Kids - Music & Songs apk is a casual game that simulates real-life instruments. Feel the joy of music by hitting or playing, and feel the beauty and texture of music. There are a variety of famous children's pop songs and nursery rhymes in the game for players to choose, so that the song of joy echoes in your memory.

Educational, Mod


Lanota apk is a music game that lets you play the wonderful world of music! Experience different music games in a lovely atmosphere! Players hit the falling notes with wonderful melodies, and precise and continuous tapping is the secret of high scores.

Casual, Mod

Dancing Road: Color Ball Run!

Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! apk is a casual game. The game has a rich track, a variety of colorful balls slide on the track, you need to control the ball that belongs to you in the track to advance rapidly, in the process of going forward will encounter various obstacles, you need to control the ball forward At the same time, you have to be flexible to avoid the obstacles ahead. Your agility and responsiveness are very important. Every level of the game is carefully designed, and you need to get a higher score.

Arcade, Mod


This game has a variety of different music, it will use music to introduce you to different stories, such as a blue-haired princess and red-haired princess story. The game has a wonderful art visual experience, layered story content. Let you experience the perfect fusion of art and science fiction in the intersection of sound and shadow.

Casual, Mod

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! apk is a pinball music game in which the player will control a small ball to bounce on a winding road, which is very interesting. The operation of the game is simple and easy to understand, but requires more precise and sensitive control of the player to achieve high scores, follow the rhythm and get a higher score to unlock more of the shape of the ball.

Casual, Mod

Magic Tiles 3

Magic Tiles 3 apk is a casual music game. The game operation is very simple, the player just needs to tap the piano black button on the screen, as long as you fast enough, you can easily get high scores. But remember not to make a mistake, otherwise it will end. The game also designed a battle mode that allows you to fully demonstrate your skills and compete for the championship.

Casual, Mod


Incredibox apk is a great mix of analog music games. Players simply drag the decorations of different colors onto the characters to mix your own rhythm and music!


Music Racer

Music Racer apk is a music racing game where players control the car to avoid obstacles to collect gems, choose the car they like and the style of the track, and use the acquired gems to open new cars and track styles that have not been tried.

Mod, Racing

My Singing Monsters

My Singing Monsters apk is a very interesting music game. Compared with other game-building games, he not only combines element collection, simulation and other fixed methods, but also adds unique music elements. Each monster will Sending different voices, combined to present a perfect music show, these singing monsters are each different, each looking forward to your collection.


Piano Tiles 2

Piano Tiles 2 apk is a game from the perspective of realizing the player's musical dreams. It is based on a large number of world-renowned piano music and incorporates the arcade game's challenging gameplay.

Arcade, Mod

Cytus II

Cytus II is a unique dynamic music game where the player follows the determined hitting beat to get high scores. Through five different characteristics of the beat and the judgment line with the dynamic change of the rhythm, the game process is more in tune with music and easily integrated into the game. Immerse yourself in music. This music collection covers all parts of the world, and leads players to play different musical styles such as electric sound, rock and classical music through several characters.



The world view of the game is dominated by the solitary pianist Deemo. Suddenly, a cute little girl falls from the sky into the world of Deemo in her lonely creation and day after day of loneliness.

Casual, Mod

Geometry Dash

The game's structure is very simple, all by the reality of the graphics, such as triangles, squares, diamonds, etc., and the game world is composed of these graphics, although the structure is simple, but the hierarchy is not simple, the game is horizontal Version 2D...

Arcade, Mod