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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Description

As a commemorative product of the 10th anniversary, Rockstar showed full sincerity in the mobile version of "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas". The game enhanced the textures and lighting effects of the original porting game so that the game screen looked on the phone more than the host Version is more delicate, long-term perspective is very beautiful. But the characters in the game and the building model are relatively simple, allowing you to see the obvious sawtooth as you zoom in. However, due to the proper use of shots in the game, the lack of detail in the screen does not affect the experience of too many games, and the after-episode drama makes the audience feel as if watching an old movie. -

Music has always been "Grand Theft Auto" series was the most sought after elements of fans, "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" completely transplanted in the original distinctive radio system, including ROCK, POP, HIP HOP, etc. Such as diversified style of the song, any vehicle driving in the game will be able to listen to a variety of radio music, but also as the actual radio stations are generally free to listen to favorite channels, feel more comfortable. The story of the game is full of voice dialogue, vividly presents a large number of different characters, and ubiquitous American slang, rap foul language is a kind of feeling in the past United States.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas inherits the former high degree of freedom of the game system, the entire game presents an open play, players can control their own life, experience the real world can not feel the pleasure. Sounds a little crazy, but that's where the glamor of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is. The game covers the area of ​​San Francisco and Los Angeles, California, players can choose to follow the main line to do the task, or free action. Transport is still the main play point of the game, after all, too many cities, the player can not always walk. Vehicles are as big as trucks and bicycles, but they all require crime. If you look for excitement, then stand in the block, then you may have a police car to follow when you're in a hurry. If you like leisure, then steal a car, slowly appreciate the roadside scenery.

Inherited the series has always been the tradition, "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" is a downright black game, mainly about the early 90s of last century, the protagonist of CJ resumed to San Andreas, to help his brother Sweet revive Grove Street to help, all the way to drink Bloodsheds, sweeping enemies, and eventually defeated the enemy gangster corruption police Tenpenny CRASH criminal group led by the American gangster.

"GTA: SA" uses a highly-flexible linear mission system. There are no restrictions on the common activities of gangs in San Andreas, an overhead evil city. It can choose to rob and drug trafficking to expand the gang forces, Can also be delivered by delivery, pick up money to earn money, is the storm to solve all violence, or settle down to fulfill their tasks, depending on the player's preferences decided to play can be described as ever-changing.

In addition, "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" there are a wide range of transport, players are free to travel modes of transport including bicycles, sports cars, yachts and more, and even F16 fighters! Of course, all kinds of vehicles in the game were obtained by robbery or theft, which requires the same variety of weapon props in the game, ranging from baseball bats to Desert Hawks and heavy arms such as the RPG-7 rocket launcher and flamethrower. Players on the crime even more powerful, invincible, and even the Flying Tigers super firepower confrontation, very enjoyable.

Violence is the confrontation of wisdom, fun play is not absurd.

Rockstar has extensive UI adjustments for the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas mobile that make the game more touch-friendly. However, as a more complex heavy game, "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" mobile version takes more time to adapt to the operation. Compared to the entity handle, the virtual joystick in the game has no friendly control over the direction and can easily crash or crash during the execution of the task. At the same time it is difficult to select the target in the indoor battle, the lens switch is not enough timely, often leads to the protagonist in the air fist, make the game more difficult in disguise.

Violence is a collision of physical strength.

For the majority of players, on the mobile platform to experience the authentic GTA series has been an unlucky thing, "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" mobile version of the release just make up for this shortcoming. Although the game in the picture, the operation there is still a slight lack of, but it inherited the series of excellent sandbox design, free play, enough to make it a rare mobile phone masterpiece. As Shakespeare said in his literary work "Hamlet," there are a thousand Hamlet for a thousand readers, "and" Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas "can achieve this level in the game, bringing each player a The same "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas".

Gang violence, not our world, the game let us experience a different life, why not.

Advantages and Disadvantages At the same time the author is most impressed with this mobile version of "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas", but also with the original game like flawless, open story, multi-tasking, high degree of freedom architecture, plus Picture optimization, "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" undoubtedly deserved the title of the best in the series of hand-travel. Players can use it to nostalgic past the beautiful game time, new players can enter it through the "Grand Theft Auto" series of sacred halls.