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  • CategoryAction, Mod, Play
  • Updated2021-02-28
  • Requires Android2.3 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (offline)
  • Current Version1.1.5
  • DeveloperGameloft,
  • Get it onGoogle Play

Wild Blood Description

This is a complex built in secret valley, dating back to the era of buildings, like the Khmer kingdom thawed into the original jungle, surrounded by towering ancient wood wrapped around, only a ray of sky through the sky, uncertain. Some towers and columns have collapsed, mottled walls tell the vicissitudes of life, and the towering ancient statues staggered together. Exposure to this hall, actually did not feel the slightest ruins, but more to highlight the solemn and sacred here.

Eight knights full of armor, divided into two ends, the quiet around the quiet surprisingly, time seems to have solidified, and suddenly! An order, the knights of both camps or sword ax, or bow and arrow, swarmed to catch on the fight, this heat seems to want to light the air, the blood boiling.

Each person can carry three kinds of weapons, namely a sword, an ax and a bow. Each type of weapon can be chosen from two types of fire, ice and electricity, which are quite simple and obvious compared to most similar games. Weapons are very Personality, with reasonable or even not less important than the personal skills of slaughtering. Swords orthodox heavy, double ax fast dazzling, bows and arrows is the only long-range attack, but slow side effects, once the most troublesome weapons.

Compared to the familiar shooting game, cold weapon fighting "closer", faster and more exciting, giving a very strong sense of freshness, but can not deny that the control is very difficult, from the balance of the battle to the picture perspective , Are great challenges, such as their name and background, "Wild Blood" the courage commendable, though not perfect solution to all problems, such as personal sensitivity when the battle angle conversion lack of difficulty once beaten off, especially archer, However, the thrill of a powerful cut to kill, gorgeous big move of the impact of the storm has been sufficient to achieve "a free fight for the players space," the primary goal, I believe will make a lot of "madman" never bored.

Compared to many students in the market pull the so-called role-playing masterpiece, "Wild Blood" this pure action to the game has a very reliable background story. The game's protagonist is even the most familiar of Chinese players King Arthur's chief round table knight - Lancelot, interception of the most aphrodisiac scene in the era of King Arthur, from an unlucky love, a blend of royal, sexual, betrayal , The fantastic story of many dramatic elements of the war. King Arthur found his queen and Lancelot actually ... ... put it nice is that love affair, to put it bluntly is adultery, in fact, "Palace lover" in Europe in the Middle Ages is very common, in most cases we are full of insincerity However, King Arthur, the prideful "King of kings", who gave his buckle to the buckle of the "Green Hat," still could not afford to face it. The Dark Witch Mohanna took advantage of the opportunity to open the door of hell with a view to punishing him. The release of countless evil spirits, leading to the European continent of life, a hair out of hand and out of control. Although this war end was not personally initiated by Lancelot, but because of him, as the most powerful knight in the history of European medieval mythology, Lancelot must personally seal the gates of Hell to deal with Maugna, and even To face the "rival" Arthur's duel!

What really amazes me is that, contrary to the ruggedness of the name, it's a bit of a "niche" game, where the pursuit of detail is even more impressive than the blindly display of technology. As far as the picture is concerned, limited by the size and function, the 3D scene of a mobile phone / tablet can not be done in a single scene and the elements of a screen can not be too complicated. Therefore, vendors who challenge 3D masterpieces often end up in two situations: Too stingy, lack of playability, that is, blindly piling, indulgent. "Endless Sword" type "step by step" is considered a coincidence, once many people speculated that "Wild Blood" is the "Endless Cut," the cloned version, it really is a worthless cottage goods, but also It is to give up the actual performance of our concerns, this is a 100% fake Baohuan free viewing angle 3D action game, reflected in the level of way, each level map is not large format, the design is very clever, the edge of Architecture, mountains and other elements are very "high", making the whole scene very deep sense of visual pressure is extremely strong; route design is also very delicate, each scene has open areas, there are long roadway, there are multiple doors connected, each off Are divided into several sections of the process, each battle was sealed in a part of the region, the next battle another area, the scene turns open, the player may pass the same area several times but in different directions, different perspectives, the enemy is different , Combined with the two, in the mind to create a much greater than the actual illusion, which is indeed the performance of the superficial skill is difficult to do.

The game a total of seven scenes, each with distinctive characteristics, from the lush countryside to the solemn forest cloth palace, snowy frozen years, will not make people have the same feeling. The reflection of the building on the water, such as waves flowing, beautiful picture, a screenshot of about 3,4 M, twice the size of most similar games, in this case, the stability is quite good, The new iPad for the test machine , The majority of the process is off, the stand-alone version of the week finished, played a number of battle field, there is no card machine, flashback phenomenon, but the body a little hot, worthy of praise.

If the game is a bit surprising to me, is the use of "minimalism", a no complicated design of weapons and equipment systems, the two did not engage in a huge skill tree, the value is very simple, weapons on the attack crit (attack ) Speed, armor on the value of life physical (action) speed, you want to upgrade the properties, directly to buy gold coins, blue bottle of blood flowers, gold coins to buy, the resurrection after death, spend gold coins are OK. There are naturally within the purchase, personal judgment of the internal purchase is "black" standard is: First of all, there is no money can only be used to buy or not to play or have a low probability of things; followed by not spending at least once through the plot, and Do not be forced to waste too much time to brush. In this regard, "Wild Blood" set simple, gold coins can be purchased can be brushed brush, in addition to two sets of outside (who have been hunting demons installed, has not yet been tested in detail the impact of the offensive and defensive forces, it seems mainly to enhance or visual effects ) Nor too much equipment, the pro-test do not spend money deliberately brush the case of wearing a week to reach ordinary difficulty can be reached, but after a couple of hours a little harder. Estimated that in addition to buy suits, the player needs to spend the most money is the resurgence of the original full of it.

Game standard cut kill flow, but not without brain cool, occasionally interspersed with some difficult not difficult to adjust the atmosphere of the puzzle, such as cut (or shoot) to make the crystal discoloration and seal the same in order to it, and sometimes more than one; open far After the roadway close door wrench, there are time limits, due to recover, the late dark nail surface with the spit fire statue on the wall very annoying, but the basic process will not cause much retardation. There are also a number of gold chest in each level, which contains much more money than bottles and jars and ordinary chest. There are locks on them. You must the puzzles similar to "Huarong Road" before getting "Difficulties" Difficulty there are time limits, but the hardest about the initial level of Huarong Road, purely for fun, we can rest assured.

Although extremely minimalist weapons system has given quite a variety of changes in the game, not just multiplayer mode, single clearance is the same, the upper right corner can quickly switch, according to the different characteristics of the enemy, the battlefield of different environments using different weapons , Skills, the effect will vary widely, whether it is multiplayer or single, are important to play. The developers still have not hesitated, and even designed some of the barriers in the ballista, allowing players in the hack gap can also cool a "beach landing," thought of exhausted.

Taking into account the flat-panel perspective conversion inevitably there is not enough flexibility, "Wild Blood" designed assistive attack system, the protagonist will automatically attack its nearest enemy, after the rush can also slightly adjust the angle to the enemy spurs, though still not up To completely intelligent, accuracy is also OK, after upgrading the power of weapons up, there will be good use of chopping effect, very gorgeous. However, in the past, after all, can not completely solve the problem of perspective, the action is too hot when the "camera" may not be fast enough with the time, sometimes the view will be pulled too close, stand-alone situation is the impact of perception at most, multiplayer mode once It is not necessarily a disadvantage, but the main difficulty of the game is also where I think there is room for improvement, as well as improving the space, including the outcome of the story can be more exciting , Multiplayer modes and maps can be richer, but heard this work is entirely developed by the domestic team, all aspects of the performance has been enough color, if there is no trace of shortcomings, it is really Guards.

In a word comment, "Wild Blood" grand without losing the meticulous, wild without losing the sophisticated, although the action game Xin Ding, but everywhere reveals the mature style of factory accumulation, it is worth a try!

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