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  • CategoryMod, Simulation
  • Updated2023-11-02
  • Requires Android4.0 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (offline)
  • Current Version1.6.2b1000
  • Developer11 bit studios, Editor's Choice,
  • Get it onGoogle Play

This War of Mine Description

Humanity is the most complex thing in this world, it has two sides of light and dark.While facing the ruthless war you choose to survive or morals? -

Human nature is the most complex thing in this world, with its two sides of light and darkness. Bit StudPhone, a game developer from Poland, took advantage of this to create a War of Mine, a horizontal war game that challenges the bottom line. The gameplay took place in the 1992-1995 Bosnian War, where players played not well-equipped soldiers but innocent refugees who were subjected to merciless fire. If you want to survive this war, you will need to make every attempt to find all available resources in this shattered city.

The game comes from life, the system settings close to the real, the game started in a dilapidated house, the player to help the three survivors survive in this war. Although the house is dilapidated, as a sanctuary, there are some things that are needed to start the game, select one of the three characters, and click on the palmprint icon in the house to dig out some useful things. These props can be used to make some daily necessities, in view of the material shortage, and the game does not have to start saving the progress of the set, so that I step by step every step of the way, for fear of doing something wrong.

The system of living in the game is very close to reality, with the passage of time, survivors will have living needs such as sleeping, eating and drinking. The survivors are not short-tempered, and if they do not give them food in time, or sleep and rest, they will lose their temper and run away from home. Even, they also appear mood swings, each time after the robbery, murder, the character will have a mood of depression in the negative emotions, but also only by drinking to worry about to solve the psychological problems. So realistic set, naturally easier for players to put themselves into the game.

The role of different strengths and different choices, the game, the role of choice is very important. During the day the survivors can only stay in the house activities, the evening is the highlight of the game. Whenever night comes, the player can sneak into the city to search for supplies, this time, a reasonable choice to go out a role, will seriously affect the amount of income. For example, Katia, a female reporter, is good at bargaining and can always buy a large amount of merchandise at a low price. Boris, though walking slowly, has more blood and resilience, coupled with a large backpack of 17, making him a hit Candidate Almost all the unique characteristics of each role, it is easy to see that developers under a lot of effort here, the use of different combinations of roles, the game's play or difficulty are very different, for the game's playability plus points less.

There are many areas in the city, each night can only choose one of the exploration, but the map is also very caring, there is something in each area there is a text description.

Survival above morals, or rather die than the heart, when entering the city, players have to make difficult choices again and again. There are many ways to get supplies in cities, exchange them equally with traders, or sneak into other people's homes and steal supplies. This is a more peaceful choice. Of course, this is not met at any time, and when it does not have enough to do, it may be necessary to consider the use of violence. Robbery, arson, murder and captivity, in real life, we are regarded as acts of great evil, to the point of oppression, how would you choose?

One of the players at the forum described what happened to him: he walked into the room and saw two defenseless seniors, but he was almost starving, and in order to survive, he had to choose all the supplies Took away, but when he left, the two old men still did not make any response, look indifferent. After the incident, he blamed what he did in the end, and whenever he remembered it, he would have been annoyed a long time ago. It follows that the game is a virtual one, but sad emotions actually come true in our hearts.

Not alive is not a victory, choice may be more than one, the player in the game to do everything, will be recorded by the system, to help survivors survive until the 45th day, the system will be based on the status of each survivor to make an end Sentence. At the same time will also players in this period of time, all done by way of narrative reappear in front of the player. This summary looks like the player is silent about the fault they have committed, but also gives the player a chance to rethink the wrong behavior, at the time, can only do so?

Every choice of player in the game is subject to moral torture. If you want to survive, you have to resort to any means, or you may starve to death. If you want to help other survivors, you have to pay for materials that are scarcely needed. Then the result is likely to help others and you die. Or companion. My good, but less than angels, I am guilty, but not the devil, everything is just to survive.

Black and white images, telling the merciless war, if only simply from the game point of view, all the games in the game around the "survival" and set, from daily living, daily necessities and tools, material collection, Personnel with the various systems interlocking, indispensable. The main colors of the game screen only black and white, but it is so true that the tragic scene of the war years.

Although this game does not give the player much fun in the gameplay, searching for supplies blindly takes up most of the game, especially as the latter part of the game becomes more and more repetitive. However, the story of the game set to allow players to deeply trapped in them, and even themselves as a survivor, people can be described as love and hate it. Not only does this "War of Mine" impact players' minds, it reminds us of the indifference and numbness of the war when we were slamming the slaughter of the game. It warned the world with a pale picture: no matter how intense the war is, , There will always be more bleak figure in the ruins play a bloody scenery, helplessly watching the fall of life.

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14 Reviews “This War of Mine

  1. Whatever

    Simplesmente não funciona.

    1. apkaward

      Obrigado, atualizado 1.6.2b951. DLC desbloqueado, o teste de reprodução funciona bem.

  2. Louyie

    Why not working?

    1. apkaward

      Thanks, updated 1.6.2b951. Unlocked DLC, play test works fine.

  3. Louyie

    Why i run the then black screen and back screen why

    1. apkaward

      Thanks, updated 1.6.2b951. Unlocked DLC, play test works fine.

  4. Lamak77

    It crashes after i click survive

    1. apkaward

      Thanks, updated 1.6.2b951. Unlocked DLC, play test works fine.

  5. Dsxlei69

    The game is not even launching just a plain black screen

    1. apkaward

      Thanks, updated 1.6.2b951. Unlocked DLC, play test works fine.

  6. Tomzky

    Hi, can u pls tell the differences between the 1st (unlocked DLC) and the 2nd (unlocked dlc,little ones)?? If i want the complete games (with all dlc included) do i need to download and install both files too??

    1. apkaward

      Thanks, updated 1.6.2b951. Unlocked DLC, play test works fine.

  7. fff

    Could you update version 1.5.10, please?

    1. apkaward

      Thanks, update 1.5.10b

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