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  • CategoryCasual, Mod
  • Updated2024-06-19
  • Requires Android4.1 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (offline)
  • Current Version11.5.1
  • DeveloperEditor's Choice, ELECTRONIC ARTS,
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Plants vs Zombies 2 Description

Plants vs Zombies2 well inherited the fine tradition of the past, the game's main mode is still an adventure level, that is, the majority of players are familiar with the five-line offensive and defensive mode, the basic mode of play in this mode is exactly the same as before, players need to collect sunlight Planting plants on the ground to prevent the invasion of zombies, eliminating the sad reminder of zombies eating your brain. Simple game concepts and user-friendly teaching make it easy for new players to understand the "Plants vs Zombies" for the first time. -

Although there are not many breakthroughs in how adventure levels are played, this does not mean that the model is immutable. PopCap has greatly improved its software production capabilities after it has been developed by various platforms. Compared with the previous game, the optimization of the game has done very well, even in the "old machine" will not feel any significant delay. The plants are also not moving, but add a lot of dynamic effects, such as the familiar pea shooter in the attack will muster the cheek and then spit out the bullets, the new plant cabbage will be looked around with provocative eyes, this Changes in detail not only give the old players a fresh feeling, but also as a swap, so that players waiting for the enemy offensive not so boring.

However, the biggest change in the adventure mode lies in the tombstone. Although the tombstone appeared in the past, these obstructions can only be destroyed by the specific plants. In this scenario, any plant attack can damage the tombstone and destroy the tombstone a few times. However, this setting has also somewhat weakened pea shooter, an attacker that can not penetrate the barrier of old plants - if there is a zombie and pea shooter in the middle of a tombstone, then the zombie before crossing the tombstone, the pea shooter only Can attack the tombstone, but can not cause damage to the zombies, relatively speaking, the new plant parabolic attack is much more beneficial, you can directly attack the zombie across the tombstone, and the price is 100 sunshine. I believe in most cases, players will give priority to choose it, right? However, this setting can be understood as PopCap is to encourage everyone to try more new plants to deal with the enemy, so let's talk about these newly added stuff!

New plants and new enemies are a part of PopCap's big part of this promotion, and in real games these two new features really give players a completely different and pre-emptive experience. Most of the plants that are available for the first game of the game, except potatoes, pea shooters and sunflowers, are brand new - boomerang shooters who can attack up to three targets in a straight line, preferring melee cabbages , You can freeze a zombie's frozen lettuce without any sunlight, and even lightning reeds that can use lightning attack. These new plants not only have the same attacking style as the older generation, but also the tactics the players use to take them Different. Cabbage, for example, has a high frequency of attacks but a single attack range, which is good for breaking tombstones and even working with nuts to make a splash at the front. In contrast, in order to highlight these new plants, PopCap put some of the old plants "into the cold palace," and the classic plants in the previous works require the player to get the process to a certain degree under normal circumstances. If you want to use it in the early stage , Can only choose to buy in advance by way of way.

Compared with the mighty new plant, the thorny new enemy is not so much loved, the game adds some zombies that indirectly hindered the players, such as appearance on the map of Egypt, will absorb the sunshine of the pharaoh zombies, threw Bones summon the witch doctor zombies of the tombstones, both of which, although not really detrimental to the player's plant, are enough to affect the overall situation - when the player goes down then 25 sunshine can plant a strong plant, Absorbed by the enemy, is simply "God annoying!"

In addition to this disruptive zombie, there are some powerful new "DPS" enemies in the game, in which a zombie with a torch is believed to be the guy most unwilling to see, and once the zombie is close to the plant, the plant Charred, even if the potatoes can withstand the zombie attack is also spared, and the torch zombie moving speed is not slow, safer approach is to use frozen lettuce to freeze it, and then kill it from afar To some extent, test the resilience of the player, usually do not easily waste frozen lettuce emergency plant, otherwise in the crisis frozen lettuce is in the CD (cooling time), then you can only waste a kill kill the enemy. what? You say kill also ran out? That can only use human sea tactics to try your luck.

The introduction of magic regarded as the biggest change for the players in the zombie means no longer confined to the plant this way, but can use magic to kill the enemy effortlessly. Magic in the game is divided into plants through the chlorophyll to kill, and the use of gestures directly spike zombie gesture magic, the following for everyone to explain in detail the use of these two new elements and experience:

Chlorophyll: The nirvana through the use of chlorophyll is the most commonly used game player in an enhancement, through the chlorophyll magic can increase a plant's combat effectiveness in a short period of time, the use of properly or even second off the full screen of the enemy, To achieve the effect of war situation reversed. Using chlorophyll magic consumes a green leaf slot that can be stored up to three chlorophyll energies at first by killing the chlorophyll-carrying zombie (the body glows green), and be careful not to let the energy spill Decisively consume an energy bar. It is worth mentioning that in the game to pay 1,000 gold coins can immediately get a green leaf energy, but this price is too high, there is not enough money to start the magic gesture directly clearance, it is recommended that you do not increase the green leaf energy in this way.

Due to the green leaf energy is not a lot, in the off also 2 to 5, so it is best to avoid waste, chlorophyll used in the blade. First, in terms of increased plants, plants such as cabbage, which reinforce even a few seconds out of the body, are not a priority - unless you can waste 150 sunshine very decisively to plan a cabbage on the enemy Central, in this case the proceeds are good. Suggest that you give priority to soybean shooter, its kill can cover the entire screen, although the attack power is inferior to other plants, but can cause a comprehensive attack on the enemy, very effective in the early period, but late game players please give priority to such a wide range of attacks The increase of plants.

After the choice of plants to increase the rate, let us look at the timing of the increase, there are two situations should give priority to the use of chlorophyll:

1. There can zombie spike plants, but the current lack of effective stop means players, please do not hesitate to use chlorophyll decisively kill the enemy;

2. When the enemy is attacking aggressively, there will be some "death squads" that rush into the plants in the sandstorm. At this time, we need to concentrate on killing these zombies. Otherwise, it will be easy for a large number of captors to cause a total collapse.

Gesture magic: the new gesture Magic As the name implies, requires the player to complete the magic by gestures to launch, which greatly improves the human-computer interaction. There are three kinds of magic gestures, these three kinds of magic will kill a zombie kill ability, and almost no CD, can be described as the ultimate zombie shaking the world to kill Zhao, gorgeous. However, the cost of using these magic is also very "gorgeous", requiring players to pay a certain amount of money to launch, the price is 800,1200,1000, this "high price" for the honest ordinary players is bound to be unusable Occasionally use the emergency it. The following describes the use of three kinds of magic:

1. Scissors hand: By starting with two fingers closed, you can pinch the zombie head, the disadvantage is that you need to rely on two fingers to start, slightly cumbersome, not much practical.

2. anti-gravity: zombie thrown out by paddling the screen, the most simple and crude magic, but also in the moment the ultimate big kill, the disadvantage is the highest price, you need 1200 ocean.

3. Lightning transmission: by tapping the screen to cause electric shock attack zombies, electric shocks will spread to the nearby zombies, the disadvantage is the launch speed is relatively slow, it is difficult to destroy the enemy within the specified time.

In the story, the game is no longer using the pre-process of the linear process, but to allow players to move freely on the map, in addition to the main line there are many branches, these sub-level points need to get the game player key / star to enter, successfully passed There are some extra rewards for branch levels, as well as a variety of upgrades, such as more card slots, initial sun and carts, in addition to brand new plants, which can be readily viewed on the map.

Speaking of stars, we can understand that the system for the evaluation, there will be a task in each main line level, when the player successfully completed the task you can get the star award, usually each has three stars, that is, three tasks for Players challenge the stars as a necessity to the next world and also to powerful new plants. Easy customs clearance may be very easy, but each pass to get three stars have a certain degree of difficulty, especially some of the tasks of the game requires the player can not lose a plant - the more terrible is that self-destruction of boiled potatoes and frozen lettuce Plants of the same type are also considered as lost plants, which requires the player to be unable to use them for such tasks, and such plants are often cheaper and to a lesser extent impaired the player's ability to contain the enemy, Equal to encourage players to use a lot of paid magic to deal with the enemy.

The sub-level mostly in the form of mini-mode, I believe that played a generation of players must be impressed with the mini mode, and even some players think mini mode more attractive than the adventure mode. So for this mini mode will not let you down. The game greatly enhance the mini-game playability, in addition to retaining a generation of mini-mode, there are such as protection of plants, neurasthenia, cannon zombie and other games, if this still can not let you enjoy, a map of all After the main level is completed, you can challenge the hidden level, hidden level equivalent to the previous challenge mode, but more difficult, I hope difficult players do not miss it.

To be honest, this is my most impressive place is that the game's purchase is too "rich", there are money, strong plants, there are a variety of increase cap function, put it bluntly, as long as you are willing Spending money, you do not even need to plant a plant will be able to abuse all the enemy slag, which to some extent, affected the playability of the game. However, in general, the game adds a lot of exciting new elements for the players under the premise of inheriting the generation of the mantle, which is not easy to play and the transformative performance is not low. It even has the tendency of surpassing one generation. What are you waiting for? Quickly installation a to join the ranks against the zombies it!

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