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  • CategoryAdventure, Mod, Play
  • Updated2023-05-19
  • Requires Android4.0.3 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (offline)
  • Current Version1.05.1.440
  • DeveloperWB,
  • Get it onGoogle Play
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LEGO The Lord of the Rings Description

The devil king Sorong casting the Lord of the Rings have enslaved the power of the world, the entire Middle East since the birth of the Lord of the Rings will be caught in the dark domination of Sorong, the bravery of the coalition forces although defeated Sauron, but the Lord of the Rings But can not be destroyed, years later, the Lord of the Rings tossing and falling into the hands of the Hobbit Frodo, and he also took the task of destroying the Lord of the Rings to save the world. The game is based on the original novels and movies adapted to retain a large number of authentic movie scenes to join the Lego blocks unique spoof plot, the player will be in the Lego building magic world to re-experience the destruction of the Lord of the Rings a long journey The

The game screen is still inherited LEGO series of humorous style, in the form of 3D to be expressed, the whole game world all built with Lego blocks, the original degree of reduction is very high, and compared to other works of the same family (such as the assassin has just reviewed In addition to the eternal LEGO modeling, the role of texture processing is very delicate, the details of the action is also a lot of things, The expression is very natural, a large number of Lego games are unique exaggerated expression also contains, giving the feeling of easy funny, although in the overall area is still full of obvious jagged traces, but also for the Lego building blocks unique characteristics The

In the music performance, the shock will be the scene, the magnificent scenes of the magnificent melody and small fresh and naughty soft accompaniment cleverly combined together, intertwined a Tiehan tenderness of the concerto; and in terms of sound, a large number of interspersed with the original film Dubbing and epic monologue, so that players seem to be in danger of the fantasy journey, into a strong sense of the broken pieces of plastic issued by the sound of the sound is also very fit LEGO building blocks material, very interesting.

In the game operability, the mobile platform for the particularity of the two operating modes set to choose from, that is, with the control and virtual control, the player can switch in the menu bar at will, very convenient; with the operation for the whole Touch control, the player does not need to focus on moving and fighting above, such as fighting, in this operation only need to click on the need to attack the role of the system will carry out their own combos attack; more convenient and convenient way to touch Let the player better experience the story of the game to promote the issuer to this model to achieve a smooth game concept (the mode for the system default operation), but in a special BOSS war and some specific scene environment, the operation It is not so convenient (with the nature of the strokes often do not need the player needs the action to cause the role of death).

Virtual control is RPG game in the more common mode of operation, that is, virtual key operation; in this mode, the role of the movement, attack, props and other pickup players need to personally, the disadvantage is that the process of fighting a large number of enemy siege, and combat Feeling is not strong, but for the vast majority of players, this mode of operation has long been used handy, so will be more familiar with any need to select the button can also be completed in the first time; two models have advantages and disadvantages, See the developers for different habits of the players to make a more sincere restructuring, where the assassin suggested that everyone according to different needs at any time to switch the mode of operation, so as to achieve the most perfect control of the game experience.

The game content is also unusually rich, from the establishment of the Guardian League to the fierce battle of the holy helmet valley and then to the last moment of the destruction of the Lord of the Rings, the game with Lego building style of its high degree of reversion of the interpretation of the out, though Based on the fluency of the game on a lot of changes to the plot, but with LEGO unique exploration, humor, exaggeration and other elements of the perfect fill, and the film plot of the integration done very well.

But for the Lego style of the game, the story of the story is only a very part of the story, a large number of exploration and achievement elements of the game is the real core charm, the operation is no exception; with the advance of the game, the players need to use different The role of special skills to trigger the corresponding organs to collect hidden elements; and the characters to the collection is also unusually large, with the new characters kept ing, the optional special ability will be more and more, the game's resistance to play And therefore increased.

Because the game exists in a large number of puzzle elements, the player may need to use a particular role in the role of ing some of the organs, and then switch to another role to lift the remaining organs; at the same time there are many people in the game to help pull together Switch the existence of such a large organ; and some of the early scenes of the puzzle organs, but need players in the game later to obtain a new role, the right to use the new clothing, to crack, so the players on the map can also choose to break before Of the level of free mode, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of the perfect collection props (late also can get the devil Sauron Oh).

LEGO The Lord of the Rings with its unique Lego building style to build a grand scene of the epic magic world, some people full of memories of the plot is also constantly in the game to reproduce, together with the relaxed and humble Lego style exaggeration So that the player's adventure of the whole process of joy, a large number of puzzle collection elements, although the high degree of difficulty, there is a unique achievement charm, magnificent open scene, rich entertainment and playability to make this as a RPG masterpiece, Worthy of the players to experience some of the thin.

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