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Kill Shot Bravo APK 12.2 + Mod: unlimited bullets

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  • CategoryAction, Mod
  • Updated2024-04-23
  • Requires Android4.1 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (online)
  • Current Version12.2
  • DeveloperHothead Games,
  • Get it onGoogle Play

Kill Shot Bravo Description

"Kill Shot Bravo," a sniper-friendly game, is no stranger to players who like to shoot a hand-held game. With the addition of fixed-point shooting, it feels less difficult for the game as a whole, and also matches the nature of the sniper itself .

Since the game itself is of the fixed-point type of shooting, then the rules of play will naturally be different from traditional free-fire shooting or the more popular bunker shots in mobile games. As a sniper, players need to use the hands of the sniper gun to kill the target, open and magnify the sight of aiming, and then press the shooting keys to complete everything, it can be said that the overall operation makes it only take a few seconds to quickly understanding.

However, simple and easy to understand operation will inevitably make people feel the lack of skills in the game place, fun to play is not strong enough. Fortunately, in the game, players can improve the post-clearance evaluation (get extra monetary reward) in additional ways such as headshots and explosions, and the wobbly targeting of firearms can be controlled by completing these conditions , Which is considered a bit of a challenge for the game.

Although fixed-point shooting appears more monotonous, but this made a lot of game modes for the players to choose the challenge, if you want to all have to spend a lot of time challenge.

First in the game called CAMPAIGN mode is the main mode for this, whether it is to enhance the level or make money to transform the firearms, players are in this mode. Point into the game player will find it divided into four kinds of play, the most important is called PRIMARY game mode is the core of the game, allowing players to quickly complete the level and then upgrade the level, as the rules are the most basic with a sniper gun Get rid of a specific goal, for novice players is extremely easy to use a gameplay.

The bottom of the BLACK-OPS can be regarded as an enhanced version of PRIMARY, the target more clear, but the relative players need to face more Zabing. In the use of sniper gun loaded with a small amount of time filling a small weapon under the premise of how to avoid the miscellaneous soldiers interference quickly eliminate the target is the game mode to give players the challenge.

Although the name of the game with the "sniper" word, but the player can use the gun not only a sniper gun, but you want to use other firearms, then you have to be in a specific level or specify the mode of Caixing, for example BREACH and ASSAULT These two modes. The former belongs to the definition of a shotgun, while the latter is a gun, although the play is still a fixed-point shooting, the rules are still not too much difference between the two modes described earlier, but after all, other firearms, the details of the operation will naturally be different. This is arguably an extra gameplay option for players who do not like the open shots.

And like many shooting hand tour, this as addition to the traditional single mode, also joined the popular PVP mode. However, in this PVP mode, players have to do things and single mode PRIMARY play little difference, but the map size from a fixed range into a 360-degree all-round experience, inevitably lack of freshness. However, in such a large range to find out the enemy is not easy, but also have to continuously move the perspective so that the enemy system to respond to each other to detect the position, playing it touches more than the single mode to be very exciting.-aPkaward.cOM

In addition to many games are very common monotonous daily reward, in this also became a challenge mission. Only the players accepted the day's mission level and completed, will receive the appropriate reward. More limited activities waiting for players to participate. These game modes are more monotonous fixed-point shooting to add a lot of fun.

However, it is not entirely a good thing that game modes are rich. Since most modes require guns to reach a certain level to allow players to play games, if they do not reach the required level they will have to spend extra to continue playing. And this guns to upgrade where not only one or two, the conditions are also different, the player's funds have great requirements. In the case of small funds game player either directly to the money to buy the game currency, or hard to brush the same level to earn the least amount of money, I feel more tiring.

In general, "Kill Shot Bravo" can only be said to behave fairly well in the same type of shooting games that play the same way. Although the game's screen performance and firearms modeling are doing well, but after all, there is no obvious breakthrough in fixed-point shooting, the game mode while rich but also a lot of restrictions, play less happy. However, the overall level for the length of the game is relatively short, only one or two seconds off can be completed, if used as a casual look to the shooting game, then "Kill Shot Bravo" is worth the player to try of.

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4 Reviews “Kill Shot Bravo

  1. Ilham

    Tolong tambahkan versi terbaru

    1. apkaward

      Update game 12.1

  2. Pazzanine

    Can this include infinite money?

    1. apkaward

      unlimited bullets

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