Jade Empire: Special Edition Remastered

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  • CategoryMod, Role Playing
  • Updated2022-08-15
  • Requires Android4.4 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (offline)
  • Current Version1.0.0-143255
  • DeveloperAspyr Media,
  • Get it onGoogle Play

Jade Empire: Special Edition Remastered Description

It is quite appropriate to paraphrase the world of Jade Empire: Special Edition. The Great Lakes, one day no wind and waves, vertical is calm, the same magnificent waves, after the waves pushed the waves, rolling endless. The same is true on the rivers and lakes, how many people claim fame and fortune, law of the jungle. Sophisticated Tim wave, after another, and what day without? Up and down the ruling and opposition parties, the evil party dominated the government, the prevailing style of corruption prevail; inside and outside the siege, thieves rampant, ghosts rage on the world. In this ancient country, it is now a crisis. Have said that the world is a hero, the wheel of history has come to a new moment, a new chapter will be written by a new hero. Sun Li after years of tireless tireless education, and self-improvement diligently. Wen Zhiwu martial arts are all accomplished achievements of the protagonist is about to enter the arena this is the right place to become a savior or the devil, "game" own public ......

Believe that this ancient Chinese martial arts, fantasy and monster culture as the background of the original game works will bring players a whole new feeling.

The "Jade Empire: Special Edition" screen has made the player feel very seductive. Spell school moves to display their gorgeous dazzling self-evident, and Tianling town of simple folk, the streets of the Empire City, Lianhua Fort eerie, magnificent palace, etc. also gave a deep left impression. Bridge water, spend all the moon, Cui Ting pavilion ... good mountain water, panoramic view.

Although the scene broadened vision, the architecture depicts detail. But the connection between each other because LOADING too long and affected its fluency. And the scene of the landscape and decoration, etc. are not rich enough, the same scene for the players to explore the place is not much, some of the main line and the task of substituting a bit to give people the feeling of continuous wandering back and forth in the same scene. The game's perspective is equally unsatisfactory, and the high frequency of blind spots in the battle is really annoying. The game's character set is also very controversial. Some players think more realistic, try to figure out pretty good;

During the game, the production team well integrated the modern music elements into the background music of the national musical instrument. Suddenly, the production team became excited and heated. Sometimes, as the Galaxy fell nine days, it was crisp with fresh breeze , With ups and downs, intoxicated to describe is more appropriate. And all kinds of shout, roar and other sound well integrated into the moves, with the action capture technology in place. Greatly satisfy the player's visual and auditory enjoyment.

Like BioWare's previous games, multiple characters were provided at the start of the game for players to choose from, allowing players the freedom to assign initial points of abilities to their preferences, but unable to edit the characters' costumes and looks. A total of 6 initial characters, if the player purchased a limited version of the words, but also get an additional role, therefore, a total of 4 men and 3 women should be a total of seven roles, as follows:

Although several types of roles, and hands-on is not the same, but the process of its development and development of the story is indeed completely free to play by the players, the so-called roads through Rome, through the game in the process of forest all kinds of events Superposition and ability to deploy points, the player can achieve the purpose of transformation, which on the one hand reflects the degree of freedom of the game, but also limits the reproducibility of the game. This is because, among the different characters, in addition to the appearance, there is no difference between the basic attributes and the dialogue skills. In the three basic attributes, the physical influence the character's vitality, the spiritual power corresponds to the gas and the intelligence is the index of concentration , All of which can be bred through the distribution of the day after tomorrow.

The skills in the game are mainly divided into martial art faction, weapons sent, spells, illusion, assistant, and several other categories, as follows:

Wushu School: Thousands of knives, tiger jump type, phantom hit, white magic, drunk fist

Weapons to send: Venus cane, Zen stick, sword (Godsend auspicious, Dragon Sword), knife (Dragon Eye, sobbing half moon knife), double ax, mirager, local material (brick, stool, ...)

Spells Department: Ice Dust, tragic flames, stone robbery, big storm

Transmutation Department: toad blame, horse monster, emerald magic, red devil

Auxiliary Department: Heaven wave, sucking Star Dafa, wind Xiao Longyin, fans soul, lost track boxing

Different faction skills in addition to functional differences, but also a direct impact on the game battle system in a special attack system, that is, the game original harmonic attack, which is because the harmonic attacks are started and completed by the part To form together, the lack of a link will not be able to successfully display a powerful, involving a wide range of harmonic attacks. There are many ways to start the move, such as ice and dust, rock robbery, big storms, waves of heaven, fan soul palm, fan zongquan, covering a variety of different types of skills, while the completion of the part by the martial arts. First in the start-up phase so that the enemy is locked in an abnormal state, within the specified time to launch the right termination technology can complete the entire harmonic attack.

The factors that influence the plot's charm, intuition, intimidation and other factors are determined by the combination of basic attributes. Through the interaction and exchange with the NPC, to accept different branch tasks, plot development will change, the main line, branch organic combination of the structure from "Star Wars: Warrior of the Old Republic," only in the realization of the form according to the game Specific requirements have been simplified and adjusted Bale, the same changes there are plots, dialogue and props systems, combat systems, and so on, truly specific issues specific analysis, rather than copying the original works. At the same time, it should be pointed out that although there are differences in the ways of the game, the ways of the fist and the illusion, the dialogue is also very rich. The custom of the customs of the people in all parts of the country is very elegant. However, Lord, almost no branch, so the whole game a bit out of steam, which is more regrettable.-ApkawaRd.Com

Mentioned earlier, the game's fighting is immediate, so the player's ability to operate and respond to the higher requirements; equipment, due to a lot of simplification, players only need to be based on the specific circumstances of the appropriate amulet precious stones can be To some extent, the ability to increase or decrease; follow the system part, feel the game's AI still needs to be improved, because the followers are fighting and good ability to not fully play, often require the player's containment and screening in order to better To use its ability to assist, or just exhausted Bale.

Jade Empire: Special Edition feels good, but the part of the routine that feels tricky is cumbersome, gaudy, and partly overly monotonous, lacking in change. But refreshing and judging is good. Although many aspects are not yet mature, such as perspective and hidden elements of the performance is not ideal, etc., but "Jade Empire: Special Edition" is still a decent quality of action role-playing games, Chinese menu, dialogue, the background of martial arts culture And so on the game also adds to the attractiveness of Chinese players a lot, we have no reason to miss this work.

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