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  • CategoryAdventure, Mod
  • Updated2023-05-28
  • Requires Android7.0 and up
  • Mobile TestingSecurity (offline)
  • Current Version2.3.8
  • DeveloperEditor's Choice, tinyBuild,
  • Get it onGoogle Play

Hello Neighbor Description

This is a game about Tricky Neighbors. In the Hello Neighbor game, you are the resident who has just moved here. When you excitedly packed the house, ready to start their own new life, but found a very strange thing - your neighbor is simply a pervert.

Free Download Hello Neighbor Mobile Gameplay: ACT 1 - ACT 2 - ACT 3 (Android,IOS)

In fact, when you first came here, you should have noticed strangeness. Look around the house, look at your neighbor to the house?

Seventy-eight floors high ah, but this is the same as the closed-tetris play the same shape is how children? This is how good the mechanics of the architect to design this no beauty but is not collapsed house ah. House windmills can be understood as wind power, but what is the "rail" of the same track outside the house? Whose house will have a small train ah.

Even more strange is that when you are ready to visit your neighbor, his reaction was surprisingly intense. He did not even allow you to get near his house. Once you find that you are approaching, he will rush over like a madman and teach you fiercely. His appearance is horrible.

After a few days of dark observation, you found something weirder. So many days, in addition to your fierce neighbor neighbors, you have not seen the house there are other people's activities. But you have clearly heard the voice of women and children came out of the house, and seems to be crying? Oh dear, what is he doing? Domestic violence performer? Pervert Killer? Or terrorist?

To see such a strange situation, you as the protagonist of this game, like many protagonists in the film and television drama, games and literary works, decided to come forward, ready to reveal the true face of this perverted neighbor to see his house in the end Hidden any secret.

After the game is launched you want to hide and seek in the neighbor's house with him, to explore the house without his discovery, to find the way to enter the final "mystery room", uncover the secrets behind the neighbors.

Although his opponent has only one neighbor, he is very alert when patrolling inside and outside the room and will quickly move with a little movement. When the neighbors come in close proximity, they will have special effect and picture performance. At this point, the game is very Good, very oppressive. And you need to make reasonable use of the items in your room to make forward strategies such as hunting in cabinets or bed neighbors to avoid neighbors or picking up something to break a window or switching off a gate, The neighbors are drawn to other places, or use the sound to seduce the neighbors, let him step on his own set of trap shelves. A large part of the game can interact with items, plates, bottles, trash or something.

However, I have no choice but to say that although the neighbors looked like a pervert, it seems that as a "just moved to break the gate, smashing people windows, secretly sneak into someone else's home, rummaging over, messing with things at home" Eligibility to say the neighbor is perverted ......

As the exploration unfolds, the entire room appears to be getting weaker and quieter. The first is the size of the room, starting last year, the game gradually released four test versions, with each update, the neighbors' houses open to explore more and more content, but according to the panorama of the house speculation, The content of the test version of the proportion should be only a small part.

Another amazing but at the same time making the game even more appealing is what the game shows. As you continue to explore, the contents of the room is not so much weird as it is better to describe it as weird. If you feel like piles of dummies do not show any problems then what do you think when you see cemeteries and sharks in this room ...

What is my neighbor who is a cemetery in the room to raise a shark?

These are some of the current test version of the content, with the test version of the update, the game is simple content is gradually rich. The contents of each beta are abrupt end, but it has buried the author carefully designed foreshadowing imaginative. For example, you can hear the sound of women and children coming from the room outside an inaccessible room, or you can find a pentagram circle similar to the devil's devil in a mysterious room. There is another Candle-lit staircase leading to the ground ...

The design and hint of the content made the game a lot of players' attention from the very outset of the announcement and many interesting things were uncovered from inside and outside the game. For example, everyone is the most curious, we built a house with such a huge and varied, and abnormal behavior of the neighbors in the end what is it?

The identity of the neighbors is just one of the holes digged by the game writer, and there are many more puzzling things in the beta. For example, roller coaster tracks and trains that are not yet explored, and amusement places in many amusement parks in the room seem to have something to do with the blind little child. This will certainly be related to the puzzle in the process of the game, but what is the role of the promotion of the story?

In the end my neighbor is a pervert or a devil?

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  1. Nina

    Good game, I just want to say that it is more difficult to find out by yourself, but the plot and level design are still great!

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